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RankCallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
2501PY2TIPY1999SO LOW 40M21612  wallpaper
2502YG1AEQYB2021SO LOW 40M (R)21012 2.0 wallpaper
2503YD1JXUYB2020SO LOW 40M21035 4.2 wallpaper
2504S50BHS52018SO LOW 40M21017 10 2.1 wallpaper
2505SQ9ZAYSP2017SO LOW 40M21012 11 0.6 wallpaper
2506RA4LOUA-42014SO LOW 40M21012 0.5  
2507YB7KNVYB2008SO LOW 40M2100.3 wallpaper
2508OK2BYHOK2004SO LOW 40M21017 15  wallpaper
2509YD1FZMYB2016SO LOW 40M (R)20933 7.7 wallpaper
2510YB8ZQPYB2014SO LOW 40M20916 12 2.9YC8ROPwallpaper
2511YB3PSWYB2021SO LOW 40M20879 6.3 wallpaper
2512BV5OQBV2020SO LOW 40M20812 2.5 wallpaper
2513EA5/RV2AEA2020SO LOW 40M (C)20814 0.4 wallpaper
2514YD0TRRYB2020SO LOW 40M20871 4.6 wallpaper
2515YG3DEAYB2017SO LOW 40M20410 1.2 wallpaper
2516OK1CDSOK2014SO LOW 40M (C)2041.2 wallpaper
2517YD0SRAYB2021SO LOW 40M2003.0 wallpaper
2518YD0EGAYB2018SO LOW 40M19833 4.9 wallpaper
2519CG5AADVE52017SO LOW 40M19820 1.2VE5AAD 
2520KR7RLW72012SO LOW 40M19616 0.7 wallpaper
2521DL0MLUDL2002SO LOW 40M19616 12  wallpaper
2522YD3BQOYB2021SO LOW 40M19523 6.5 wallpaper
2523LU4VSDLU2020SO LOW 40M (C)19518 7.8 wallpaper
25249W6AJA9M62018SO LOW 40M19511 0.7 wallpaper
2525IU4BUQI2018SO LOW 40M1952.5 wallpaper
2526YO3GWYO2010SO LOW 40M19513 12 0.7 wallpaper
2527YC7WHEYB2021SO LOW 40M19218 1.6 wallpaper
2528DV7RARDU2020SO LOW 40M19235 2.6 wallpaper
2529M6NTVG2018SO LOW 40M19212 1.6 wallpaper
2530YC2PSTYB2021SO LOW 40M19010 1.0 wallpaper
2531UB8CMFRA92020SO LOW 40M (R)18916 2.9 wallpaper
2532JA0VHIJA02008SO LOW 40M189 wallpaper
2533YD7AACYB2020SO LOW 40M18616 5.0 wallpaper
2534YG9RHTYB2012SO LOW 40M18411 1.0 wallpaper
2535DK4RMDL2021SO LOW 40M1820.3 wallpaper
2536YD3CYOYB2021SO LOW 40M18010 1.8 wallpaper
2537K9AWMW92016SO LOW 40M1801.1 wallpaper
2538N6LBW72019SO LOW 40M (C)1761.2 wallpaper
2539IK3UMTI2008SO LOW 40M1760.1 wallpaper
25405H3EE5H2018SO LOW 40M1710.4 wallpaper
2541YD2CABYB2017SO LOW 40M (R)1711.8 wallpaper
2542YD7MHZYB2017SO LOW 40M (R)1710.9  
2543KD2JIPW22019SO LOW 40M1701.3 wallpaper
2544IU8GTBI2020SO LOW 40M16814 2.3 wallpaper
2545VE3PYJVE32019SO LOW 40M16814 1.4 wallpaper
2546IZ2CSXI2018SO LOW 40M (C)16812 11 2.4 wallpaper
2547PV8IGPY2010SO LOW 40M1680.2 wallpaper
2548K4WBFW42016SO LOW 40M1651.5 wallpaper
2549WA1TEW12016SO LOW 40M (C)1651.1 wallpaper
2550UA4FXUA-42002SO LOW 40M16516  wallpaper
2551YD1BVKYB2020SO LOW 40M (R)16211 2.6 wallpaper
2552YC1IDBYB2019SO LOW 40M16122 4.7 wallpaper
2553YC3RBIYB2020SO LOW 40M16011 1.8 wallpaper
2554JG4IQC/1JA12019SO LOW 40M1600.4 wallpaper
2555YC1EJLYB2019SO LOW 40M (C)16011 1.2 wallpaper
2556YD6BVVYB2017SO LOW 40M16032 13 9.2 wallpaper
2557YC8VRAYB2016SO LOW 40M (C)16021 12 3.3 wallpaper
2558KK4IQDW42013SO LOW 40M (R)1601.4 wallpaper
2559JL6IPKJA61991SO LOW 40M160 wallpaper
2560KE8EASW82016SO LOW 40M (R)15620 8.7 wallpaper
2561DB1WTDL2013SO LOW 40M1561.3 wallpaper
2562G6FOPG2015SO LOW 40M15416 12 1.2 wallpaper
2563JH9VJWJA92002SO LOW 40M154 wallpaper
2564VK2HAOVK2020SO LOW 40M (R)15310 2.7 wallpaper
2565JA4AVOJA42011SO LOW 40M15311 0.5 wallpaper
2566VE3PYJVE32018SO LOW 40M15220 3.9 wallpaper
2567YC3LSBYB2017SO LOW 40M1520.8 wallpaper
2568JH1RDUJA12007SO LOW 40M1520.1 wallpaper
2569JI4HKAJA41997SO LOW 40M152 wallpaper
2570VK7DWVK2019SO LOW 40M1501.9 wallpaper
2571YC1MRFYB2019SO LOW 40M15014 4.4 wallpaper
2572YG3DZUYB2019SO LOW 40M (C)1501.5 wallpaper
2573YG3DKBYB2017SO LOW 40M14712 12 3.7 wallpaper
2574JA0VFNJA02020SO LOW 40M14410 1.0 wallpaper
2575YC0KBEYB2020SO LOW 40M14415 1.3 wallpaper
2576YD1CXHYB2020SO LOW 40M1440.6 wallpaper
2577YG3EOYYB2020SO LOW 40M (C)1441.9 wallpaper
2578HA9GKLHA2018SO LOW 40M14410 2.9  
2579JA2PFOJA22018SO LOW 40M1440.2 wallpaper
2580KD6GWHW62018SO LOW 40M14412 0.9 wallpaper
2581KI6WXSW62018SO LOW 40M1441.1 wallpaper
2582UA6HFIUA-62017SO LOW 40M1440.7 wallpaper
2583YG3EQRYB2017SO LOW 40M (R)1440.8 wallpaper
2584JF2FIUJA22015SO LOW 40M1440.5 wallpaper
2585YO9IOFYO2014SO LOW 40M14413 11 1.0 wallpaper
2586YC1CUUYB2020SO LOW 40M14015 2.0 wallpaper
2587VK6BECVK2018SO LOW 40M1401.0  
2588YC9SXIYB2018SO LOW 40M1401.4 wallpaper
2589LX7XLX2013SO LOW 40M14010 2.5LX3PRwallpaper
2590DS5TOSHL2020SO LOW 40M1360.2 wallpaper
2591YG3FAPYB2018SO LOW 40M (R)1361.1 wallpaper
2592CM8NMNCM2017SO LOW 40M (R)1360.9 wallpaper
2593KC1FYBW12017SO LOW 40M (R)1351.8  
2594ZP5DNBZP2017SO LOW 40M13319 2.7 wallpaper
2595JR5MTSJA51992SO LOW 40M133 wallpaper
2596IU2DMII2020SO LOW 40M (C)13215 0.8 wallpaper
2597YG3BUPYB2019SO LOW 40M (C)13222 7.2 wallpaper
2598SQ9ALWSP2020SO LOW 40M13011 0.2  
25999V1WO9V2018SO LOW 40M13010 1.0 wallpaper
2600AD5INW02018SO LOW 40M1301.1 wallpaper
2927 results found
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