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RankCallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
2401DC1DBDL2008SO LOW 40M34220 15 0.8 wallpaper
2402YO3GSMYO2004SO LOW 40M34219 14  wallpaper
2403YC1EJLYB2020SO LOW 40M34118 2.3 wallpaper
2404YG3FBVYB2018SO LOW 40M34013 1.3 wallpaper
2405YD1OKUYB2021SO LOW 40M33810 2.4 wallpaper
2406YU4BBZYT2019SO LOW 40M (C)33620 15 4.0 wallpaper
2407RK3DHUUA-32018SO LOW 40M33617 1.4  
2408YF3CXBYB2018SO LOW 40M33616 2.3 wallpaper
24099W2JE9M22017SO LOW 40M33612 2.7 wallpaper
2410YG3DGPYB2017SO LOW 40M (R)33610 1.2 wallpaper
2411SQ5NPXSP2009SO LOW 40M33016 10 1.0 wallpaper
2412K7JKMW72019SO LOW 40M32512 1.4 wallpaper
2413YG3BUPYB2018SO LOW 40M (C)32522 4.2 wallpaper
2414BH4AYGBY2017SO LOW 40M32413 10 1.4 wallpaper
2415OK5ETOK2020SO LOW 40M32323 13 0.9 wallpaper
2416EA5UVEA2016SO LOW 40M32320 14 3.0 wallpaper
2417YD1BFBYB2013SO LOW 40M32218 11 12 6.1 wallpaper
2418UT3EKUR2021SO LOW 40M32014 13 1.8 wallpaper
2419YD7ICFYB2021SO LOW 40M32018 2.6 wallpaper
2420SP2HSASP2019SO LOW 40M (C)32018 16 1.2 wallpaper
2421YD1DDOYB2021SO LOW 40M (C)31913 2.5 wallpaper
2422YD8MACVYB2020SO LOW 40M (R)30849 7.6 wallpaper
2423VK2FHQQVK2018SO LOW 40M30820 5.9 wallpaper
2424YG9WCAYB2020SO LOW 40M30621 10 4.7  
2425UA9SMURA92010SO LOW 40M304 wallpaper
2426EA7HEEA2000SO LOW 40M30413 12  wallpaper
2427VL3QVK2021SO LOW 40M30014 2.9 wallpaper
2428YD7JLIYB2019SO LOW 40M30034 10 6.3 wallpaper
24299W6AMC9M62018SO LOW 40M30027 5.1 wallpaper
2430W3ELWW32016SO LOW 40M30016 1.2 wallpaper
2431YG3CNUYB2016SO LOW 40M (R)30013 2.6 wallpaper
2432YC8VDTYB2014SO LOW 40M30013 11 2.1 wallpaper
2433YC1NXRYB2020SO LOW 40M29014 1.6 wallpaper
2434YD2KENYB2021SO LOW 40M (C)28921 10 4.9 wallpaper
2435YD1LRGYB2018SO LOW 40M28921 10 3.2 wallpaper
2436ES1IPES2005SO LOW 40M28915 13  wallpaper
2437YG2ABP/1YB2021SO LOW 40M (C)28814 3.6YG2ABP/1wallpaper
2438YC1DGRYB2020SO LOW 40M28810 2.3 wallpaper
2439YD7AADYB2020SO LOW 40M28839 10 9.4 wallpaper
2440ZP6SKYZP2019SO LOW 40M28827 3.1 wallpaper
2441DL3LQMDL2018SO LOW 40M (C)28819 14 0.6 wallpaper
2442YD3DXGYB2018SO LOW 40M28839 5.9 wallpaper
2443JH1RDUJA12017SO LOW 40M (C)28811 1.5 wallpaper
2444N2ALE/6W61994SO LOW 40M28810  wallpaper
2445DW7PGODU2018SO LOW 40M (C)28516 10 3.5  
2446JG1LMTJA12009SO LOW 40M28010 0.4 wallpaper
2447JA1EEGJA12003SO LOW 40M279 wallpaper
2448TC4ATA2017SO LOW 40M2750.2TA4CSwallpaper
2449HA7JIVHA2018SO LOW 40M27321 10 4.5 wallpaper
2450VK5UEVK2006SO LOW 40M27310 1.5 wallpaper
2451NR8UW82012SO LOW 40M27214 0.8 wallpaper
2452YC1CARYB2020SO LOW 40M (C)27014 3.3 wallpaper
2453YD6IOVYB2019SO LOW 40M (R)27027 3.6 wallpaper
2454AA9LW92017SO LOW 40M26620 10 1.6  
2455YD1GJLYB2017SO LOW 40M26621 11 6.3 wallpaper
2456YD4SMKYB2021SO LOW 40M26113 2.7 wallpaper
2457YB1DUUYB2019SO LOW 40M26026 5.2 wallpaper
2458K2GGW22017SO LOW 40M25612 10 2.0  
2459OK2SWDOK2020SO LOW 40M25515 13 2.0 wallpaper
2460VK6ATSVK2018SO LOW 40M25511 1.8 wallpaper
2461YC7WHEYB2020SO LOW 40M25341 8.8 wallpaper
2462YC8BJK/9YB2020SO LOW 40M2530.5  
2463YC7NKYB2020SO LOW 40M25217 4.3 wallpaper
2464WF7BSRW72018SO LOW 40M (C)2520.8 wallpaper
2465YG3DGOYB2016SO LOW 40M (R)25217 4.1 wallpaper
2466JH1RDUJA12011SO LOW 40M25213 0.3 wallpaper
2467E20WXAHS2005SO LOW 40M25256 12 16  wallpaper
2468CE4USWCE1995SO LOW 40M25231  wallpaper
2469YD2CRJYB2020SO LOW 40M (R)25011 0.8 wallpaper
2470YD0ACHYB2019SO LOW 40M (R)25028 3.4 wallpaper
2471YD0AQNYB2021SO LOW 40M (R)24713 3.3 wallpaper
2472YD3RDWYB2020SO LOW 40M (R)24720 2.6 wallpaper
24739W2VCK9M22019SO LOW 40M (R)24742 12 6.3 wallpaper
2474JH1RDUJA12021SO LOW 40M (C)2430.4 wallpaper
2475ZL2AUBZL2020SO LOW 40M2431.5 wallpaper
2476M3YCMG2019SO LOW 40M24017 12 1.6 wallpaper
2477IZ3GKII2010SO LOW 40M24012 10 0.5 wallpaper
2478SQ5NPXSP2019SO LOW 40M (C)23816 13 1.1 wallpaper
2479YY5CJRYV2019SO LOW 40M23810 2.3 wallpaper
2480YD7VGBYB2018SO LOW 40M23859 10 10.7 wallpaper
2481LZ7VLZ2017SO LOW 40M23810 0.3LZ3GH 
2482YD1DWDYB2016SO LOW 40M23812 2.8 wallpaper
2483PY2NIPY1992SO LOW 40M23812  wallpaper
2484US0YAUR2019SO LOW 40M2340.8 wallpaper
2485JA6FHFJA62018SO LOW 40M2341.7 wallpaper
2486YC7UVBYB2019SO LOW 40M (R)23179 13 12.4 wallpaper
2487YC9BFQYB2021SO LOW 40M23020 2.0 wallpaper
2488DW2FCRDU2020SO LOW 40M23015 3.6 wallpaper
2489KE0LW92018SO LOW 40M (C)2280.3 wallpaper
2490IW3GNSI2015SO LOW 40M (C)22820 15 3.5  
2491JA7YCQJA72008SO LOW 40M2250.3JO7UEBwallpaper
2492LA7USALA2013SO LOW 40M22412 1.3 wallpaper
2493YD9BXMYB2021SO LOW 40M2211.6 wallpaper
2494HC1HNHC2020SO LOW 40M22116 5.1 wallpaper
2495YC2AUPYB2021SO LOW 40M22057 4.6 wallpaper
2496YC1DGGYB2020SO LOW 40M21731 3.6 wallpaper
2497JF2WXSJA22021SO LOW 40M2161.5 wallpaper
2498YC7LKUYB2020SO LOW 40M21612 3.8 wallpaper
24992I0WMNGI2019SO LOW 40M (R)21618 4.0 wallpaper
2500YD7UVBYB2018SO LOW 40M21666 11 13 15.8 wallpaper
2927 results found
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