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#CallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
237801YG3EOYYB2020SO LOW 40M (C)1449351.9 
237802HA9GKLHA2018SO LOW 40M14410572.9  
237803JA2PFOJA22018SO LOW 40M1448540.2 
237804KD6GWHW62018SO LOW 40M14412440.9 
237805KI6WXSW62018SO LOW 40M1447541.1 
237806UA6HFIUA-62017SO LOW 40M1449480.7 
237807YG3EQRYB2017SO LOW 40M (R)1446450.8 
237808JF2FIUJA22015SO LOW 40M1446540.5 
237809YO9IOFYO2014SO LOW 40M144135111.0 
237810KN3NW32020SO LOW 80M (R)14418542.1 
237811JH2GZYJA22019SO LOW 80M1446660.2 
237812LB4ZILA2019SO LOW 80M (R)14412391.3 
237813YB6DEYB2018SO LOW 80M14410660.9 
237814PV8BRPY2014SO LOW 80M1447572.2 
237815PU2VJJPY1995SO LOW 80M1441945 
237816JH0MUCJA02023SO LOW ALL1447661.2 
237817KD6FTRW42023SO LOW ALL (C)1447351.4 
237818OE3KDCOE2023SO LOW ALL14410480.2 
237819W6ROW62023SO LOW ALL1449361.2AI6LY
237820SP9EXESP2022SO LOW ALL14410661.2 
237821AD8WAW82021SO LOW ALL (C)1447570.4 
237822IU3OURI2021SO LOW ALL1449791.0 
2378232E1DFSG2020SO LOW ALL14412482.5 
237824HL2ASZHL2020SO LOW ALL14410661.1 
237825KI7AUHW72020SO LOW ALL14417542.6 
237826PE5TTPA2020SO LOW ALL144116100.6 
237827K7YLW72019SO LOW ALL14412882.2 
237828JR1USUJA12018SO LOW ALL1446660.9 
237829YO3FGOYO2017SO LOW ALL1446440.1  
237830EA5AMKEA2015SO LOW ALL144128101.9 
237831DJ7IKDL2014SO LOW ALL1446660.2 
237832N7QMTW72014SO LOW ALL1448660.7 
237833PA3DTRPA2013SO LOW ALL1448751.3 
237834BG2VEYBY2011SO LOW ALL1446360.1 
237835M5ALGG2011SO LOW ALL14412480.5 
237836KG0AL/7W72009SO LOW ALL14410990.2 
237837ES4RDES2007SO LOW ALL1446360.4 
237838KC9KIOW92007SO LOW ALL1447540.2 
237839N0SCKW02007SO LOW ALL1447570.1 
237840OH6GFIOH2007SO LOW ALL144117110.8 
237841KF0XVW01993SO LOW ALL144635 
237842F4EYQF2023SO QRP 10M14410480.6 
237843PU2TRXPY2018SO QRP 10M14425662.2 
237844JA4DQXJA42017SO QRP 10M1449361.0  
237845VE7EKSVE71993SO QRP 10M144833 
237846K3TW/4W42011SO QRP 160M14412360.3 
237847SQ1NXOSP2020SO QRP 20M14412481.6  
237848M0IKOG2017SO QRP 20M14412361.0 
237849UA1ATNUA-12000SO QRP 40M1441139 
237850E77CVE72015SO QRP 80M14415390.7 
237851SM/OZ4PATSM2021SO QRP ALL144136101.3 
237852N6ANW62020SO QRP ALL (C)1446661.0 
237853VU3SIOVU2017SO QRP ALL (C)1447660.5 
237854OH2BNOH2012SA HIGH 20M1439470.2 
237855BD7DXBY2019SA HIGH 80M14312560.8 
237856NP4GKP42015SA HIGH ALL1436650.2 
237857KM9MW92012SA HIGH ALL1436650.4 
237858HB9EHJHB2020SA LOW 10M1437561.1 
237859PU7ASPPY2020SA LOW 10M14312560.8 
237860IU2LUGI2019SA LOW 40M143113101.9 
237861JF6RIMJA62016SA LOW 80M1437761.7 
237862JJ1ONKJA12023SA LOW ALL1437561.9 
237863BG7NPQBY2018SA LOW ALL14313671.4 
237864PY7ACPY2017SA LOW ALL1437650.8 
237865DK2FWDL2014SA LOW ALL1437670.8 
237866R0AFFUA02015SA QRP 40M (R)1438561.4 
237867K6MOW61988SO HIGH 160M143965 
237868LU1HGNLU1984SO HIGH 160M1431747 
237869SP3SZSP1977SO HIGH 20M1431147 
237870UA6ARXUA-61983SO HIGH 40M1431149 
237871UO5OLVER1985SO HIGH 80M1431938 
237872W6BDXW62018SO HIGH ALL1437561.5 
237873FB8BC5R1954SO HIGH ALL143     
237874PU1WZYPY2018SO LOW 10M14330565.5 
237875KD8HHGW82011SO LOW 10M1437560.3 
237876EA4DKSEA2001SO LOW 15M143867 
237877JE1SPYJA12020SO LOW 160M (C)14343657.6 
237878HG1VNHA2013SO LOW 160M14311490.6 
2378792E0LYBG2021SO LOW 20M1439471.1 
237880BG8BXMBY2020SO LOW 20M14321562.1 
237881EA3QCEA2017SO LOW 20M1439471.1  
237882DL1STVDL2013SO LOW 20M143113101.2 
237883TA1ATRTA12012SO LOW 80M14313380.7 
237884BG6TPWBY2023SO LOW ALL14312671.6 
237885IZ0DZZI2023SO LOW ALL (R)14311671.0 
237886IZ1MHYI2020SO LOW ALL1437561.7 
237887K0DVTW02020SO LOW ALL14310672.8 
237888KA0WJCW02020SO LOW ALL1438671.5 
237889KJ7GCMW72020SO LOW ALL (R)14316853.2 
237890K4MEW42019SO LOW ALL (C)1436560.2 
237891KW0MSPW02019SO LOW ALL (R)1437670.5 
237892W4FEB/1W12016SO LOW ALL (R)1437560.8 
237893PY2PZNPY2013SO LOW ALL (R)14312673.3 
237894AB8YKW82011SO LOW ALL14311650.6 
237895KD8FDKW82010SO LOW ALL1438650.2 
237896VE6DJTVE62009SO LOW ALL1436650.2 
237897WA2ARTW22008SO LOW ALL1438670.3 
237898LY3GLY2020SO QRP 20M14311471.0  
237899ON6EBON2021SO QRP 40M143162112.0  
237900M0ZJQG2017SO QRP 40M143162116.2 
256313 results found
  Page 2379 of 2564  

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Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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