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256313 results found
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#CallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
237701IZ7SIAI2013SO QRP 15M1509370.7 
237702HC1/EW1ARHC2003SO QRP 20M150555NP3D
237703IZ1KGYI2019SO QRP ALL (C)15015460.9 
237704WV7TW72007SO QRP ALL15013550.5 
237705KB4WBHW41987SO HIGH 10M1481275 
237706OH1JWOH1977SO HIGH 15M1481378 
237707DL7LZDL2005SO LOW 20M148755 
237708JI7VNJJA72023SA HIGH 40M1477430.6 
237709YG8AHJYB2021SA HIGH 40M147809128.9 
237710SQ6LJVSP2022SA HIGH ALL1477430.8 
237711UL7CTUN1972SO HIGH 10M147734  
237712HK4EBHK1949SO HIGH 10M147     
237713JF1RVBJA11985SO HIGH 15M147743 
237714DL1RODL1965SO HIGH 15M147743  
2377155Z4/LZ4NM5Z2016SO HIGH ALL1471110113.3 
237716OK1KCPOKOM1986SO HIGH ALL147734 
237717K3SVW42019SO LOW 10M1477340.6 
237718PU2STQPY2015SO LOW 10M1477341.4 
237719DK2YLDL2018SO LOW 15M (C)1477250.3 
237720K2MFWW22023SO LOW 20M1477250.3 
237721KG9Z/7W72022SO LOW 40M14710340.4 
237722YG3DKBYB2017SO LOW 40M147129123.7 
237723F5OIJF2020SO LOW ALL1477431.5 
237724DL5BBNDL2017SO LOW ALL1477340.5 
237725ZD8JRZD82013SO LOW ALL1471110111.4OH3JR
237726BD7RDCBY2009SO LOW ALL147188131.1 
237727EA4AZZEA1998SO LOW ALL14710510 
237728N0LERW01998SO LOW ALL1451055 
237729JA1ILAJA12019SA HIGH 40M1448440.6 
237730JE2FJIJA22023SA HIGH ALL1446450.9 
237731DQ5MDL2022SA HIGH ALL1446440.8DK6SP
237732KR7DW72022SA HIGH ALL1447450.2 
237733W6DPMW62021SA HIGH ALL1448571.1 
237734JA6CDCJA62020SA HIGH ALL1448661.8 
237735LA6SKLA2019SA HIGH ALL1446662.2  
237736KA9FOXW92015SA HIGH ALL144735 
237737K3PHW32010SA HIGH ALL144666 
237738KM6IW62009SA HIGH ALL1446440.1 
237739UD0WUA02022SA LOW 20M1446441.8  
237740UY3UAUR2019SA LOW 20M14410330.4 
237741VK4FJVK2018SA LOW 20M1446660.2 
237742BG2ENWBY2023SA LOW ALL14422452.6 
237743ZY2RPY2019SA LOW ALL (R)14433886.9PY2SFA
237744KB2URIW22018SA LOW ALL1446660.4 
237745IZ8GBTI2016SA LOW ALL1446540.5  
237746SQ9JYKSP2014SA LOW ALL144135111.2 
237747YC2YTHYB2012SA QRP 15M1449330.6 
237748SA1ASM2009SO HIGH 10M14410350.3SM1TDE
237749W3GNW31988SO HIGH 10M144644 
237750UL7PENUN1983SO HIGH 10M144644 
237751SR6AYPSP1980SO HIGH 10M144666 
237752OZ5DXOZ1966SO HIGH 10M1441222  
237753SM5CZQSM1962SO HIGH 10M144645  
237754EA7FLUEA1986SO HIGH 15M144635 
237755OZ3FSOZ1985SO HIGH 15M144434 
237756JM1XWPJA11982SO HIGH 15M1441266 
237757W2PUNW21954SO HIGH 15M144     
237758W6EFRW61954SO HIGH 15M144     
237759JH1HDTJA12020SO HIGH 160M1446540.5 
237760RW0ARUA02008SO HIGH 160M1446660.1 
237761IU2IGVI2021SO HIGH 20M144164143.7 
237762W7AUMW72019SO HIGH 20M1448330.2 
237763G4DRSG1985SO HIGH 20M144824 
237764JA3EQCJA31975SO HIGH 20M144833  
237765WA3BTAW31965SO HIGH 20M144645  
237766DM2BELDL1962SO HIGH 20M144857  
237767SM5AGUSM1958SO HIGH 20M1441627  
237768SM4BPJSM1957SO HIGH 20M1441239  
237769W6IAW62022SO HIGH 40M1448330.6 
237770AA4WXW41998SO HIGH 40M144645 
237771OK2LNOKOM1989SO HIGH 80M1441339 
237772SM5CZQSM2018SO HIGH ALL14411881.4 
237773IU0CNII2017SO HIGH ALL14411792.5TED 
237774JA3AVOJA32015SO HIGH ALL1446660.7 
237775SM2MZCSM2011SO HIGH ALL1446350.1 
237776EA7CBEEA1986SO HIGH ALL144636 
237777W4IWBW41948SO HIGH ALL144     
237778IK7ZLWI2020SO LOW 10M14410573.0  
237779PD0FWPA2020SO LOW 10M (R)1446450.9 
237780JA9XATJA92017SO LOW 10M1446440.9 
237781PU9PEDPY2017SO LOW 10M14415452.5 
237782SP5TWASP2010SO LOW 10M144645 
237783UA0WY/0UA02008SO LOW 10M14410451.0 
237784VE2PIJVE22007SO LOW 10M1446450.2 
237785JG4OHXJA42002SO LOW 10M144666 
237786UR5ZEVUR2020SO LOW 15M (C)1446361.2 
237787YB8BYYB2018SO LOW 15M14410661.9 
2377887K4TKBJA12017SO LOW 15M1446440.8 
237789EC4DJYEA1997SO LOW 15M144848 
237790JR3KAHJA31993SO LOW 15M144645 
237791DL2JDSDL1994SO LOW 160M14416212 
237792AA0ZW02020SO LOW 20M14412442.0 
237793AG6JAW62017SO LOW 20M1448330.7 
237794PD1WESPA2017SO LOW 20M (C)144152102.3 
237795TA4ALQTA2016SO LOW 20M (R)1446360.2 
2377968Q7EJ8Q2010SO LOW 20M1446660.1 
237797EA7GZSEA1991SO LOW 20M144848 
237798JA0VFNJA02020SO LOW 40M14410441.0 
237799YC0KBEYB2020SO LOW 40M14415351.3 
237800YD1CXHYB2020SO LOW 40M1446440.6 
256313 results found
  Page 2378 of 2564  

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Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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