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256313 results found
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#CallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
237601JH9VJWJA92002SO LOW 40M154868 
237602JG1LMTJA12023SO LOW ALL15411771.2 
237603KA0TPW72023SO LOW ALL15411771.7 
237604KF6JSW62021SO LOW ALL (C)1547560.8 
237605JA1GFDJA12020SO LOW ALL15417771.3 
237606W5TJSW52020SO LOW ALL (C)1541111112.0 
237607OM0WTOM2019SO LOW ALL15411590.7 
237608YO5IAYO2019SO LOW ALL15411591.6 
237609K7JSGW72018SO LOW ALL (C)15410861.7 
237610LA7USALA2018SO LOW ALL15411591.9 
237611YO9DFYO2018SO LOW ALL1549681.2 
237612DO4HMSDL2017SO LOW ALL154255173.4 
237613XE1SVTXE2016SO LOW ALL15414430.4  
237614RV3DHCUA-32013SO LOW ALL1547770.9  
237615W3RLSW32010SO LOW ALL1548770.2 
237616OH6GFIOH2009SO LOW ALL1549770.3 
237617JA5NSRJA52022SO QRP 10M1546560.2 
237618RA0JEPUA02007SO QRP 20M15425340.8 
237619UB1AHIUA-12018SO QRP 40M (C)15414381.1 
237620WA2LULW22015SA LOW 10M1536361.6 
237621DO5JSADL2016SA LOW ALL (R)1536012395.7 
237622EE2EEA2021MULTI-ONE LOW153117101.4EA2ESE EA2EQX
237623LA9MLA1970SO HIGH ALL1531727  
237624JM3HYLJA32006SO LOW 15M153656 
237625VK2HAOVK2020SO LOW 40M (R)15310542.7 
237626JA4AVOJA42011SO LOW 40M15311450.5 
237627W2CODW22020SO LOW ALL15312981.7 
237628OE5JKL/POE2018SO LOW ALL153117100.7 
237629W4EBAW42011SO LOW ALL1536360.3 
237630VE7EKSVE71986SO QRP 10M153745 
237631RT9IUA92013SA LOW ALL152109101.2 
237632UL7TACUN1976SO HIGH 80M1521335 
237633K8ALHW82021SO HIGH ALL152128112.8 
237634G0JTNG2005SO HIGH ALL1521344 
237635BH8SBYBY2021SO LOW 20M1527440.9 
237636VA3TTZVE32021SO LOW 20M15212441.9 
237637PD3EDAPA2018SO LOW 20M1527441.2 
237638VE3PYJVE32018SO LOW 40M15220223.9 
237639YC3LSBYB2017SO LOW 40M1529350.8 
237640JH1RDUJA12007SO LOW 40M1527440.1 
237641JI4HKAJA41997SO LOW 40M152744 
237642JH1GTUJA12021SO LOW ALL1529531.5 
237643YG3DPHYB2018SO LOW ALL152228117.2 
237644JI7FKUJA72010SO LOW ALL1529118 
237645KC7WDLW72009SO LOW ALL15211440.7 
237646PV2DPY2023SO QRP 15M1529440.5PY2AD
237647TA3ELTA2019SA HIGH 20M1505550.5 
237648JK1WSHJA12022SA HIGH ALL1507641.3 
237649SV3AQTSV2022SA HIGH ALL1505550.6 
237650KI6SCTW62018SA LOW 20M1509550.9 
237651YG3EZNYB2017SA LOW 40M (R)1505551.1 
237652BA5ABBY2023SA LOW ALL1505550.9 
237653WB2RIS/4W42015SA LOW ALL1505550.2 
237654UP8GUN2013SA LOW ALL1505551.4 
237655IZ0LHLI2011SA LOW ALL150555 
237656BA6QHBY2013SA QRP ALL1505551.7 
237657JP1IHDJA11983SO HIGH 15M150555 
237658JP1TYXJA11983SO HIGH 15M150555 
237659F6CXJF2013SO HIGH 160M150164111.5 
237660YV5AMPYV1963SO HIGH 20M150555  
237661JF2LTHJA21988SO HIGH 40M150846 
237662W7JLUW71953SO HIGH 40M150     
237663OH5XOOH1972SO HIGH 80M150555  
237664SM5CXMSM1965SO HIGH 80M1501337  
237665WA9LJKW92018SO HIGH ALL1509782.0 
237666RA3UTUA-32015SO HIGH ALL1505550.3 
237667US5ETVUR2013SO HIGH ALL1505550.8 
237668KB1VFUW12012SO HIGH ALL1505550.5 
2376694L8A4L2003SO HIGH ALL150555 
237670OH3TYOH1979SO HIGH ALL150555 
237671YV5AIPYV1960SO HIGH ALL150555  
237672PU5SVEPY2022SO LOW 10M15011550.7 
237673PU7EYLPY2018SO LOW 10M (R)15024462.8 
237674LU8DCFLU2017SO LOW 10M (R)15010781.2  
237675UA1AAFUA-12013SO LOW 10M1506551.5 
237676SP6JOESP2008SO LOW 10M1501037 
237677UR5ZRLUR2008SO LOW 10M15028281.7 
237678AB8OJW82002SO LOW 10M150646 
237679BD4TZYBY2023SO LOW 15M (R)15019463.8 
237680KI5NQCW52022SO LOW 15M15016873.0 
237681UR6AJUR2013SO LOW 15M1505550.2  
237682BH4RTDBY2011SO LOW 15M15010460.4 
237683JA1LBZJA11994SO LOW 15M150755 
237684N8FYLW82021SO LOW 20M (C)1507551.0 
237685K4WRXW42018SO LOW 20M (R)1508462.3 
237686IZ2CSXI2008SO LOW 20M150175100.3 
237687AD7BNW72007SO LOW 20M15010640.3 
237688VK7DWVK2019SO LOW 40M1509551.9 
237689YC1MRFYB2019SO LOW 40M15014694.4 
237690YG3DZUYB2019SO LOW 40M (C)1505551.5 
237691PS8ABPY2022SO LOW ALL1505551.1 
237692MM7DMWGM2021SO LOW ALL (R)150125101.9 
237693SP4HXVSP2020SO LOW ALL15016694.2 
237694JI1VDMJA12018SO LOW ALL15012782.5 
237695JO4GMSJA42016SO LOW ALL (R)15011551.5 
237696IZ5JMXI2011SO LOW ALL150555 
237697DK3RADL2010SO LOW ALL150555 
237698SP1HJKSP2004SO LOW ALL150555 
237699N4QX/1W12002SO LOW ALL150646 
237700JQ1AWCJA12001SO QRP 10M150937 
256313 results found
  Page 2377 of 2564  

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Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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