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#CallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
101DO4HZDL2019SO QRP 80M5,29212953711.7 
102SP4GFGSP1990SO QRP 80M5,2171311325 
103HA6VAHA2012SO QRP 80M5,1501717438.4 
104DO4HZDL2017SO QRP 80M5,1361069397.4 
105OL4WOK2020SO QRP 80M5,08816352717.7OK1IF
106ES8SWES2004SO QRP 80M4,750132731 
107IK7XNFI2014SO QRP 80M4,3431127368.0 
108F8CEDF2004SO QRP 80M4,294127533 
109R2FIUA22018SO QRP 80M4,2841325298.4 
110OZ6OMOZ2018SO QRP 80M4,230987383.8 
111SQ2DYFSP2004SO QRP 80M4,200120535 
112OK1AIJOKOM1983SO QRP 80M4,147148425 
113E77ZZE72016SO QRP 80M4,141987343.0 
114OK2DKW/POKOM1979SO QRP 80M4,125129429 
115PA0AWHPA2023SO QRP 80M4,0921264297.6 
116UB5AEDUR1987SO QRP 80M4,060112530 
117OL4WOK2017SO QRP 80M3,9901075334.7OK1IF
118VE1SKYVE12010SO QRP 80M3,9711127124.0 
119SP3JSP1999SO QRP 80M3,960122429SP3NGB
120OK1DRQOKOM1992SO QRP 80M3,960119429 
121OM7KWOM2018SO QRP 80M3,9391086337.1 
122RA4FWAUA-42015SO QRP 80M3,9367110315.8 
123SP3NGBSP1994SO QRP 80M3,906124427 
124DO4HZDL2015SO QRP 80M3,8809763411.5 
125Y24SBDM1987SO QRP 80M3,87699632 
126GW7APPGW2018SO QRP 80M (C)3,840779313.2 
127OK1AIJOKOM1985SO QRP 80M3,680120428 
128UL7TXUN1989SO QRP 80M3,600461026 
129UT4UBZUR2021SO QRP 80M3,569747362.6 
130AA1KW11978SO QRP 80M3,430441124 
131Y28UNDM1987SO QRP 80M3,38495630 
132OK1AIJOK1998SO QRP 80M3,33088532 
1339A4AA9A2014SO QRP 80M3,2341035287.2 
134SM3CCTSM2005SO QRP 80M3,07897632SM5CCT
135OK1AIJOKOM1986SO QRP 80M3,078115423 
136SQ8MFBSP2016SO QRP 80M3,003945289.1 
137OK1AIJOKOM1984SO QRP 80M2,958106425 
138Y22ANDM1986SO QRP 80M2,808105423 
139UA9UHNUA92008SO QRP 80M2,7883912221.4 
140EA1TIEA2015SO QRP 80M2,660676324.0 
141HF40CUFSP2018SO QRP 80M2,618965294.0 
142IZ5OVPI2017SO QRP 80M2,562667352.7 
143Y24SBDM1986SO QRP 80M2,51182427 
144Z30WZ32017SO QRP 80M2,508538303.7 
145OL4WOK2016SO QRP 80M2,430844264.8 
146UT5UPNUR2008SO QRP 80M2,324776222.7 
147SP4EDWSP1997SO QRP 80M2,22058532 
148OH7FFOH2003SO QRP 80M2,16063525 
149OK1MNVOKOM1981SO QRP 80M2,04666427 
150DO4HZDL2012SO QRP 80M2,016714283.1 
151UT5UUVUR2016SO QRP 80M (C)1,980635256.0 
152PA0AWHPA2022SO QRP 80M1,972724257.5 
153T91ATCE72001SO QRP 80M1,96078523T95DTC
154PA0AWHPA2015SO QRP 80M1,9047632513.0 
155UN9LCVUN1994SO QRP 80M1,89628717 
156N3YDW32009SO QRP 80M1,8602611191.2 
157UA3MEVUA-31992SO QRP 80M1,81569528 
158SP4GFGSP1986SO QRP 80M1,72865423 
159G4CWHG2004SO QRP 80M1,71164425 
160UV1IWUR2020SO QRP 80M (C)1,701605223.1 
161M5BG2020SO QRP 80M1,696544284.6G3WVG
162OK1MNVOKOM1984SO QRP 80M1,68080420 
1639A4AA9A2012SO QRP 80M1,664694222.8 
164SQ5ABGSP1999SO QRP 80M1,62053525 
165SP2FAPSP1995SO QRP 80M1,59051426 
166OH4JTOH2013SO QRP 80M1,581506257.4 
167DO3KTMDL2018SO QRP 80M1,568555274.9 
168JF2MBFJA22008SO QRP 80M1,5602810140.6 
169DL/SP2YRYDL2016SO QRP 80M (C)1,518637264.6 
170IZ5OVPI2019SO QRP 80M1,500665255.3 
171HA1WDHA2016SO QRP 80M1,425594213.2 
172DO3SHDL2008SO QRP 80M1,410624262.9 
173PA0AWHPA2018SO QRP 80M (C)1,368624203.7 
174EA1TIEA2013SO QRP 80M1,269505225.6 
175IZ5OVPI2021SO QRP 80M (C)1,260505231.3 
176US1UUUR2020SO QRP 80M1,248565195.3 
177ES6RFCES2000SO QRP 80M1,24252522 
178OK1DCPOKOM1982SO QRP 80M1,21157320 
179UA3TTUA-32004SO QRP 80M1,16648616 
180HA6VAHA2007SO QRP 80M1,147764274.1 
181HA5BAHA2009SO QRP 80M1,134594232.0 
182SP5NHVSP1985SO QRP 80M1,12550421 
183IZ7SIAI2012SO QRP 80M1,036486221.8 
184OM7SMOM2009SO QRP 80M986415241.4 
185VY1BBVE81993SO QRP 80M9604288 
186SP5EWXSP2008SO QRP 80M918395221.2 
187OK1MNVOKOM1980SO QRP 80M90344219 
188TI1WTI2004SO QRP 80M90223715N0KE
189OK2SLLOKOM1986SO QRP 80M90243418 
190OH3BUOH2003SO QRP 80M85138320 
191SN0ESP2021SO QRP 80M825344215.0SO8OO 
192M5ADFG2004SO QRP 80M81636420 
193WA2ASQW21996SO QRP 80M81623710 
194Y49RFDM1986SO QRP 80M79240319 
195SP5FKWSP1980SO QRP 80M76826519 
196SP2JGKSP1993SO QRP 80M74835319 
197VY2MGY/3VE31998SO QRP 80M7327742 
198IK7TAII2014SO QRP 80M728276200.5 
199OK1IWNOK1999SO QRP 80M71462529 
200EC4AAEA2015SO QRP 80M (C)703313165.8 
280 results found
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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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