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RankCallYearCtyCategoryScoreQSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
17001LA6SK2019LASA HIGH ALL144 2.2  
17002KA9FOX2015W9SA HIGH ALL144  
17003K3PH2010W3SA HIGH ALL144   
17004KM6I2009W6SA HIGH ALL144 0.1  
17005NP4G2015KP4SA HIGH ALL143 0.2 
17006KM9M2012W9SA HIGH ALL143 0.4 
17007AB3CV2014W3SA HIGH ALL140  
17008KR7RR2012W7SA HIGH ALL140 0.8 
17009UA0ZAZ2006RA0SA HIGH ALL140   
17010JA2HYD2019JA2SA HIGH ALL135 0.4 
17011SP6RLK2016SPSA HIGH ALL135 0.3  
17012SP5IT2013SPSA HIGH ALL135 0.6 
17013DB1WT2016DLSA HIGH ALL132 1.1 
17014HB9ODK2015HBSA HIGH ALL130 0.1 
17015RV3FT2015UA-3SA HIGH ALL130 1.0 
17016SN6T2011SPSA HIGH ALL130 SP6T
17017BD1WYL2009BYSA HIGH ALL128 0.5  
17018N7SJM2019W7SA HIGH ALL121 1.6 
17019K7AWB2014W7SA HIGH ALL120 0.2 
17020RU9F2016UA-9SA HIGH ALL112 2.6 
17021WB2AIV2018W2SA HIGH ALL110 1.7 
17022N7DXT2016W7SA HIGH ALL110 0.3 
17023DJ1XT2015DLSA HIGH ALL105 0.1  
17024DG2UA2009DLSA HIGH ALL100 99 24 57 5.3  
17025K9QLC2008W9SA HIGH ALL100 43 22 23 2.7  
17026OK1FJD2012OKSA HIGH ALL99 0.2 
17027JR9GMS2019JA9SA HIGH ALL96 0.9 
17028LY2BVB2019LYSA HIGH ALL96 0.1 
17029JP1QDH2008JA1SA HIGH ALL96 0.1  
17030RN3GM2006UA-3SA HIGH ALL96   
17031WO7V2014W7SA HIGH ALL88 0.2 
17032N4BAY2018W4SA HIGH ALL84 0.7 
17033LU6QI2016LUSA HIGH ALL80 0.2 
17034UA6G2011UA-6SA HIGH ALL80 0.2 
17035EA3XL2016EASA HIGH ALL78 0.1 
17036UN5J2011UNSA HIGH ALL72  
17037BH1BSH2009BYSA HIGH ALL72 0.4  
17038W4VIC2009W4SA HIGH ALL70 0.1  
17039IZ1KGK2015ISA HIGH ALL64 1.4 
17040TR0A2013TRSA HIGH ALL64 0.1F4EIH
17041NJ1F/22009W2SA HIGH ALL60 0.2  
17042JI3KXB2008JA3SA HIGH ALL55 0.6  
17043DK7AC2018DLSA HIGH ALL54 0.1 
17044JA5FBZ2018JA5SA HIGH ALL54  
17045YB0DJ2018YBSA HIGH ALL54 1.0 
17046WA8A2016W8SA HIGH ALL54  
17047KB4FB2015W4SA HIGH ALL54 0.8 
17048KE1J2014W1SA HIGH ALL54  
17049UN7LZ2012UNSA HIGH ALL54 0.5 
17050IW3SAR2008ISA HIGH ALL54   
17051RX3RZ2007UA-3SA HIGH ALL54 0.1  
17052RU4AO2006UA-4SA HIGH ALL50 20 10 15   
17053DL1KID2019DLSA HIGH ALL48 0.5 
17054K1KI1992W1SA HIGH ALL48   
17055WE2W/12015W1SA HIGH ALL45  
17056R7FK2012UA-6SA HIGH ALL45 0.5 
17057R4RA2011UA-4SA HIGH ALL45 0.1 
17058RV9CX2015RA9SA HIGH ALL42 0.5 
17059G6VMR2014GSA HIGH ALL42 0.4 
17060N0BK2008W0SA HIGH ALL42 0.1  
17061NT2DR2017W3SA HIGH ALL36 0.3 
17062RK9CR2017RA9SA HIGH ALL36  
17063N8AGU2014W8SA HIGH ALL36 0.1 
17064N0MK2013W0SA HIGH ALL36 0.8 
17065F1UOD2018FSA HIGH ALL32 19 15 17 5.9 
17066RU6B2018UA-6SA HIGH ALL30  
17067EA3XL2018EASA HIGH ALL24  
17068YB9BCS2018YBSA HIGH ALL24 19 2.7 
17069OZ7IB2015OZSA HIGH ALL24 1.6 
17070BH1CXR2014BYSA HIGH ALL24 0.4 
17071HB9ODK2014HBSA HIGH ALL24  
17072N5MX2011W5SA HIGH ALL24  
17073SP5DIR2011SPSA HIGH ALL24  
17074K7AWB2010W7SA HIGH ALL24   
17075K8LJK/72009W7SA HIGH ALL24   
17076SP2UUU2008SPSA HIGH ALL24 0.4  
17077W7SLS2019W7SA HIGH ALL20 0.1 
17078K0EZW2016W0SA HIGH ALL20 0.5 
17079N0MK2017W0SA HIGH ALL16  
17080RW0AR2016RA0SA HIGH ALL16   
17081BG1RUH2009BYSA HIGH ALL16   
17082W7SLS2018W7SA HIGH ALL15 0.1 
17083UR5UCJ2011URSA HIGH ALL15 0.1 
17084N4CNZ2016W4SA HIGH ALL13 10 10 1.2  
17085WF4U/72015W7SA HIGH ALL12 1.3 
17086K5VIP/42013W4SA HIGH ALL12 K5VIP
17087K3YG2012W3SA HIGH ALL12 0.2  
17088OH2BN2011OHSA HIGH ALL12  
170895W1SA20185WSA HIGH ALL 
17090NP3D/22010W2SA HIGH ALL  

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