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RankCallYearCtyCategoryScoreQSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
10001W5VUE1957W5SO HIGH 20M  
10002OH2BN2019OHSO HIGH 20M0.1 
10003RK9Q2019RA9SO HIGH 20M0.1RW9QA
10004PY7BEL2018PYSO HIGH 20M ©0.6 
10005VE7WGJ2017VE7SO HIGH 20M ©0.8 
10006W6FB2016W6SO HIGH 20M 
10007JA4BXU2010JA4SO HIGH 20M  
10008VK5JDS2010VKSO HIGH 20M  
10009RU4CO2006UA-4SO HIGH 20M  
10010JA1BE2000JA1SO HIGH 20M  
10011JA4AQR/31976JA3SO HIGH 20M  
10012PY2BFJ1976PYSO HIGH 20M  
10013JR1YYO1974JA1SO HIGH 20M  
10014JA1BWA1963JA1SO HIGH 20M  
10015JA3CUK1961JA3SO HIGH 20M  
10016VR3X1959T32SO HIGH 20M  
10017TA1CH2016TA1SO HIGH 20M0.2 
10018SM6CPO2001SMSO HIGH 20M  
10019KC0UUT2019W0SO HIGH 20M0.1 
10020JI1KLL2016JA1SO HIGH 20M0.2 
10021NG7Z2010W7SO HIGH 20M  
10022W5OV2008W5SO HIGH 20M  
10023UP2BAZ1976LYSO HIGH 20M  
10024WA1LAI1972W1SO HIGH 20M  
10025VO6EP1949VEOSO HIGH 20M    
10026W6PVV1949W6SO HIGH 20M        
10027JF2IWL2017JA2SO HIGH 20M 
10028DJ2EH1987DLSO HIGH 20M  
10029KL7AAB1949KLSO HIGH 20M        

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and/or are not eligible for awards.

© Indicates Classic Overlay entry (view Classic scores)
® Indicates Rookie Overlay entry (view Rookie scores)

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