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RankCallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
1K3LRW32013MULTI-MULTI37,402,56014,180 201 798 48.0K3LR N2NC N5UM KB8VAO K3LA W2RQ AD1C ...wallpaper
2K3LRW32011MULTI-MULTI36,033,54013,306 202 818 48.0K3LR N2NC N5UM W3TX W2RQ W5OV K3LA ...wallpaper
3K3LRW32012MULTI-MULTI33,378,41313,393 199 762 48.0K3LR N2NC N5UM KB8VAO W5OV W2RQ K3LA ...wallpaper
4K3LRW32014MULTI-MULTI31,965,22012,549 195 790 48.0K3LR DL1QQ K1AR K3LA K3UA LU7DW N2IC ...wallpaper
5K3LRW32015MULTI-MULTI31,602,91512,458 195 786 48.0K3LR N2NC N5UM W3CDG W2RQ WM2H W5OV ...wallpaper
6K3LRW32021MULTI-MULTI27,941,27012,337 183 706 48.0N2NC N5UM K3LR N9RV W2RQ K3LA N2NT ...wallpaper
7W3LPLW32011MULTI-MULTI27,753,12210,880 200 771 48.0NI1N N1SZ WX3B W3IDT W3LPL K3MIM K3RA ...wallpaper
8W3LPLW32012MULTI-MULTI27,194,49611,094 197 741 48.0K1HTV NI1N N1SZ WX3B W3LPL K3MM K3RA ...wallpaper
9W3LPLW32013MULTI-MULTI26,603,80810,518 198 746 48.0W3LPL KU1CW K1DQV K1HTV N1SZ WA3AER ...wallpaper
10K3LRW31999MULTI-MULTI25,709,66410,011 193 799 K3LR N3RA K0RF ND8L K8GL K9VV W8JV ...wallpaper
11WE3CW32013MULTI-MULTI25,100,3799,883 194 733 48.0WE3C NN3Q N3RD KQ3V KQ3F KF3B K3TEJwallpaper
12W3LPLW32015MULTI-MULTI23,637,5709,852 187 726 48.0K1DQV NI1N N1SZ K3AJ WX3B N3HEE W3IDT ...wallpaper
13K3LRW32010MULTI-MULTI21,247,3829,143 190 717 48.0K3LR N2NC N5UM W3TX K8GL W2RQ ...wallpaper
14W3LPLW31999MULTI-MULTI21,168,6598,512 191 786 W3LPL K1HTV K1RA K1RZ W2GG ND3F W3KX ...wallpaper
15K3LRW32000MULTI-MULTI20,008,1908,260 192 778 K3LR K3UA N3RA K0RF K8GL N9RV W2RQ ...wallpaper
16WE3CW32011MULTI-MULTI19,909,7288,341 191 685 46.0WE3C NN3Q KQ3V KQ3F K3CTwallpaper
17W3LPLW32001MULTI-MULTI19,627,6488,197 188 756 K1HTV AI3M UA6AN WF3J WR3Z ND3F W2GG ...wallpaper
18W3LPLW32004MULTI-MULTI19,574,1008,256 186 770 W3LPL K1RZ ND3A ND3F AI3M NK3R K3RA ...wallpaper
19K3LRW32009MULTI-MULTI19,419,9729,033 172 686 48.0K3LR N2NC N2NT K6AW W3TX W2RQ K8GL ...wallpaper
20WE3CW32015MULTI-MULTI19,324,0628,202 184 714 48.0W3EA WA3LRO KQ3V K3PP K9RS NN3Q K3CT ...wallpaper
21K3LRW32017MULTI-MULTI19,187,9469,500 174 648 48.0AA4WJ K1AR K3LA K3UA K3LR KL9A LU7DW ...wallpaper
22K3LRW32004MULTI-TWO18,382,9507,638 187 731 K3LR N2NC N5NJ N4HY K1AR WM5R K3UA ...wallpaper
23W3LPLW32000MULTI-MULTI18,194,3367,652 198 760 W3LPL DL6LAU K1HTV W2GG ND3A ND3F ...wallpaper
24W3LPLW32010MULTI-MULTI17,824,6538,148 184 683 48.0W3LPL PB2T K1DQV K1HTV NI1N WA1T ND3A ...wallpaper
25W3LPLW32002MULTI-MULTI17,683,0447,491 188 760 W3LPL K1HTV K1RA K1RZ W2GG AI3M K3MM ...wallpaper
26WE3CW32014MULTI-MULTI17,468,5877,774 177 676 48.0KQ3F KF3B N3RD K3CT W8FJ K3TEJ NN3Q ...wallpaper
27K3LRW32007MULTI-MULTI16,925,7278,344 169 664 48.0K3LR N2NC K8CX W9ZRX N9RV W2RQ KI4MTU ...wallpaper
28W3LPLW31990MULTI-MULTI16,517,2146,577 179 703 W3LPL WI2T ND3A KC3EK W3EKT N3GB ...wallpaper
29K3LRW32005MULTI-MULTI16,283,8487,920 172 640 K3LR N2NC K5GO W9ZRX K8GL W2RQ W8JV ...wallpaper
30W3LPLW31992MULTI-MULTI16,233,9526,073 183 776 W3LPL KH2F ND3A W3EKT KC3EK N3GB K3NA ...wallpaper
31K3LRW32008MULTI-MULTI16,096,8508,052 161 630 48.0K3LR N2NC N2NL W3TX K8GL W2RQ KI4MTU ...wallpaper
32W3LPLW31988MULTI-MULTI16,092,9516,477 180 681 W3LPL F6IIR K1DQV KC8C KF3P N3GB N8II ...wallpaper
33K3LRW31998MULTI-MULTI15,428,1176,652 192 761 K3LR N3RA W3GH ND8L K8GL K9VV K5TR ...wallpaper
34W3LPLW32009MULTI-MULTI15,060,2657,544 160 643 47.8K1DQV K1HTV NI1N ND3A WX3B W3IDT N3KS ...wallpaper
35W3LPLW31989MULTI-MULTI15,026,9706,061 172 706 W3LPK KA1GD KC3EK W3EKT W3EMH N3GB ...wallpaper
36K3LRW32006MULTI-MULTI14,957,7127,257 170 666 48.0K3LR N2NC K8CX W9ZRX K8GL W2RQ KI4MTU ...wallpaper
37W3LPLW32003MULTI-MULTI14,897,5846,894 177 694 W3LPL K1HTV K1RA K1RZ AI3M K3MM NK3R ...wallpaper
38W3LPLW31993MULTI-MULTI14,740,4726,092 176 735 W3LPL KA1GD KH2F WR3E KC3EK W3EKT ...wallpaper
39W3LPLW32017MULTI-MULTI14,193,2457,468 156 599 48.0W3LPL N1SZ K3AJ WX3B AB3CV N3HEE ...wallpaper
40W3LPLW32008MULTI-MULTI14,155,7647,070 160 622 48.0W3LPL K1DQV NI1N ND3A WX3B W3IDT N3KS ...wallpaper
41K3LRW31992MULTI-MULTI14,120,0885,820 178 710 K3LR WR3G N3BJ NI8L WM3I K8CX WR3D ...wallpaper
42W3LPLW31998MULTI-MULTI13,990,9925,949 179 733 W3LPL K1HTV K1RA K1RZ W2GG ND3F N3GB ...wallpaper
43K3LRW32018MULTI-MULTI13,970,3647,389 169 617 48.0N2NC N5UM AA4WJ K3LR KL9A W2RQ K3LA ...wallpaper
44K3LRW31997MULTI-MULTI13,866,2046,298 176 700 K3LR N3RA K3UA K8GL K8CX N9RV KB3AFT ...wallpaper
45N3RSW31999MULTI-MULTI13,823,6415,903 174 697 N3RS N3RD N2SR N3ZSwallpaper
46N3RSW32004MULTI-TWO13,533,8485,805 174 692 N3RD N3ED N2SR N3NA WA3LRO W8FJ N3RSwallpaper
47WE3CW32009MULTI-TWO12,985,3346,316 153 616 48.0WE3C N3RD NN3Q KQ3V KQ3F K3CTwallpaper
48W3LPLW32005MULTI-MULTI12,884,1206,294 171 670 W3LPL K1HTV NI1N ND3A AI3M K3MM NK3R ...wallpaper
49K3LRW32016MULTI-MULTI12,657,7816,809 179 638 48.0K3LR N2NC N5UM K3LA W2RQ W5OV N3SD ...wallpaper
50W3LPLW32007MULTI-MULTI12,533,2906,568 159 635 47.8W3LPL K1HTV ND3A W3IDT AI3M K3MIM ...wallpaper
51W3LPLW31997MULTI-MULTI12,525,2185,793 173 720 W3LPL K1HTV K1RA K1RZ WM2H ND3A ND3F ...wallpaper
52W3LPLW31991MULTI-MULTI12,409,5924,954 181 703 W3LPL K1DQV KA1GD WI2T ND3A KC3EK ...wallpaper
53NN3WW32013MULTI-ONE HIGH11,980,0034,996 188 669 48.0NN3W K4ZW KE3X N3HBX NH7C @N3HBXwallpaper
54WX3BW32014MULTI-MULTI11,947,9986,787 146 528 38.8WX3B K3WI AC6WI K3AJ WA3AER W3IDT ...wallpaper
55N3RSW32000MULTI-MULTI11,891,9965,379 180 679 N3RS N3RD N3ED N2SR N3AD K3WU N3ZSwallpaper
56NN3WW32011SA HIGH ALL11,828,2364,921 185 683 44.7@N3HBXwallpaper
57W3LPLW32021MULTI-TWO11,708,6315,601 162 611 48.0W3LPL W3IDT K3MM N3QE K3RA WR3Z KD4Dwallpaper
58W3LPLW32019MULTI-MULTI11,688,7506,286 150 600 48.0W3LPL N1SZ W2GG K3AJ K3LU K3MM N3QE ...wallpaper
59W3LPLW32006MULTI-MULTI11,663,8725,842 167 669 48.0W3LPL K1HTV NI1N K1RZ ND3A N3CA W3IDT ...wallpaper
60K3LRW32019MULTI-MULTI11,630,4326,590 153 599 48.0N2NC K3LR WM2H N9RV W2RQ K3LA N2NT ...wallpaper
61W3LPLW32018MULTI-MULTI11,474,4906,169 159 586 48.0W3LPL DL1QQ N1SZ W2GG K3AJ N3HEE ...wallpaper
62N3RSW32002MULTI-TWO11,461,0725,137 172 696 N3RD N3ED N3RS N2SR W8FJ WA3LROwallpaper
63K3LRW31995MULTI-MULTI11,370,0575,399 163 610 K3LR N3BJ KG8GO N0BSH WA8YVR WD8IXE ...wallpaper
64W3PPW31999MULTI-MULTI11,287,6725,485 171 665 W3PP AA1K N3KW NW3Y N6ZO N3HUV KD3UC ...wallpaper
65WE3CW32008MULTI-TWO11,075,9155,531 153 592 47.2WE3C KQ3V NN3Q K3CT KQ3F W2GDwallpaper
66N3RSW32003MULTI-TWO11,054,9015,276 165 638 KQ3F KF3B N3RD N3ED WA3LRO N3RSwallpaper
67WE3CW32010MULTI-TWO10,991,0445,077 181 618 47.0K3CT KQ3V NN3Q WE3C KF3Bwallpaper
68K3LRW31993MULTI-MULTI10,383,8404,478 162 684 K3LR K8CX WR3G W9RE NG8D WA8YVR NA8V ...wallpaper
69K3LRW31996MULTI-MULTI10,332,6185,015 156 622 K3LR N3RA N3BJ N9RV K8GL KG8GO N9HZQ ...wallpaper
70WX3BW32021MULTI-MULTI10,232,7505,819 150 521 46.2WX3B N3SB N3FZ WR3R W4IPC N8IVN ...wallpaper
71N3RSW32005MULTI-TWO10,158,0165,148 157 595 N3NA N3RD N3RS W8FJ WA3LRO K9RS N2SRwallpaper
72W3LPLW31996MULTI-MULTI10,113,1784,766 159 635 W3LPL K1HTV K1RZ N3AHA ND3F N3KTV ...wallpaper
73W3LPLW31995MULTI-MULTI9,638,2164,769 154 609 W3LPL K1RZ WR3E KC3EK ND3F KZ3H N3KTV ...wallpaper
74WE3CW32016MULTI-MULTI9,571,1945,518 165 606 48.0K2CYE K9RS NY3B N3RD W8FJ NN3Q WA3LRO ...wallpaper
75W3LPLW31987MULTI-MULTI9,529,9684,221 167 624 W3LPL AI3M K1DQV K3DI K3RA K0FVF ...wallpaper
76N3RSW32010MULTI-TWO9,490,1924,912 167 557 45.4N3RS N3RD N2SR NA3D W3CFwallpaper
77W3PPW32001MULTI-MULTI9,308,0004,543 163 637  wallpaper
78W3LPLW31994MULTI-MULTI9,106,0244,242 160 664 W3LPL KA1GD K1RZ WR3E W3EKT N3GB KZ3H ...wallpaper
79N3RSW32001MULTI-ONE HIGH9,090,5293,993 169 664  wallpaper
80W3PPW32000MULTI-MULTI9,030,5284,548 173 631 W3PP AA1K NW3Y N6ZO N3HUV K3FT N3KW ...wallpaper
81W3LPLW31982MULTI-MULTI8,806,9953,854 173 628 W3LPL W3ABC W3MR K3DI K3RA K4PQL ...wallpaper
82WE3CW32007MULTI-TWO8,799,5054,600 144 571 46.4WE3C NN3Q KQ3V NM3E N3FTIwallpaper
83W3LPLW32016MULTI-MULTI8,693,6435,128 161 588 48.0W3LPL K1DQV N1SZ K3AJ N3HEE N3QE N4QQ ...wallpaper
84W3WJDW31978MULTI-MULTI8,460,6054,292 158 545 W3WJD K2BU K3VW W3RJ W3XU WA3LROwallpaper
85WX3BW32011MULTI-MULTI8,195,6074,206 159 562 42.4WX3B N8IVN KB3CS ND3D N3VOP NH7C N3TD ...wallpaper
86W3LPLW31985MULTI-MULTI8,164,5483,977 160 564 W3LPL AI3M KA1GD K1RZ K3DI KF3P KM3T ...wallpaper
87W3LPLW32020MULTI-ONE HIGH8,068,0904,619 145 502 48.0W3LPL N1SZ W3IDT K3MM N3QE K3RA WR3Z ...wallpaper
88N3ADW32004MULTI-MULTI7,920,0164,170 158 596 N3AD N3DXX K3ZV K3IPKwallpaper
89N3RSW32014MULTI-ONE HIGH7,891,4783,877 162 571 47.9WA3LRO N3RSwallpaper
90N3RSW31990MULTI-ONE HIGH7,752,1683,366 167 637 N3RS N3RD NW3B NZ3Owallpaper
91K3WWW32013SA HIGH ALL7,727,5663,855 169 553 44.8 wallpaper
92W3PPW31998MULTI-MULTI7,712,2953,958 163 632 W3PP AA1K NW3Y N6ZO KE3ZR NX3A K3FT ...wallpaper
93W3LPLW31986MULTI-MULTI7,531,6803,800 158 552 W3LPL AI3M F6IIR K1DOV K3DI K3RT KC8C ...wallpaper
94WE3CW32004MULTI-TWO7,527,5553,738 167 638 WE3C KQ3V N3FTI W3SZ NM3Ewallpaper
95K3WWW32014SA HIGH ALL7,426,8123,963 152 526 44.5 wallpaper
96KY3NW31992MULTI-MULTI7,301,6083,266 158 630 KY3N N3ADL WB3FIZ WB3HAZ WB3LFZ NK3LIwallpaper
97K3WWW32012SA HIGH ALL7,274,1903,790 163 542 42.7 wallpaper
98W3LPLW31981MULTI-MULTI7,260,7083,455 159 573 W3LPL N2FB K3PI AI3M K3NA KF3P K3RA ...wallpaper
99K3CRW32014SO HIGH ALL7,222,1474,277 143 450 44.2LZ4AXwallpaper
100NE3FW31990MULTI-MULTI7,087,9603,554 154 558 NE3F KS3F W3AP KY3N NZ3G NK3Z NT3Vwallpaper
6465 results found
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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
TB-Wires (T): tribander for 10-20m and single-element wire antennas for 40-80m
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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