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#CallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
14L9QQ4L2011SO QRP 80M64,9804258498.3UR9QQ
2KP4KEKP42003SO QRP 80M57,9073991762 
3RW3VZUA-32002SO QRP 80M54,16826340108 
4IK5WGKI2002SO QRP 80M39,8781454582 
5S54AAS52002SO QRP 80M36,6404001367 
6WP4EDDKP42007SO QRP 80M35,454432164112.7 
7OM7DXOM2006SO QRP 80M33,28050385724.3 
8OK2BYWOK2009SO QRP 80M31,463367116215.1 
9YT7TYYT2001SO QRP 80M26,8413891059 
10LZ5TLZ2005SO QRP 80M24,0903241063LZ3RR
11YU1AFPYT2004SO QRP 80M23,1005491149 
12LY7ZLY2003SO QRP 80M21,905302956LY2TA
13US2IZUR2009SO QRP 80M20,72426985810.5 
14OL4WOK2012SO QRP 80M19,48834185012.8 
15OL4WOK2023SO QRP 80M19,22738674423.8OK1IF
16UN4LUN2001SO QRP 80M18,6501641139 
17RU3VDUA-32007SO QRP 80M18,22420811568.9 
18OK6KOK2019SO QRP 80M17,72730784916.4OK5IM
19OL4WOK2018SO QRP 80M17,40029285220.3OK1IF
20ES1CWES2005SO QRP 80M17,3602651151 
21YU1YVYT1996SO QRP 80M17,2622291152 
22F8CEDF2003SO QRP 80M16,9922401049 
23OK6KOK2018SO QRP 80M16,48432064615.9OK5IM
24LZ5TLZ2006SO QRP 80M16,06422285616.1LZ3RR
25SP4GFGSP2003SO QRP 80M15,892265751 
26G4CWHG2009SO QRP 80M15,84825574911.1 
27UB5IRNUR1988SO QRP 80M15,704251745 
28SP2QOTSP2010SO QRP 80M15,34527574812.6 
29S57NROS52002SO QRP 80M15,311259952 
30UA9ATUA92001SO QRP 80M15,1501181040 
31YO4AEQYO1987SO QRP 80M14,9851412061 
32SP4GFGSP1992SO QRP 80M14,960260847 
33UX2MFUR1996SO QRP 80M14,691219950 
34DH8BQADL2005SO QRP 80M14,579257952 
35OL4WOK2011SO QRP 80M13,93926684510.2OK1IF
36OL4WOK2015SO QRP 80M13,87228664219.1OK1IF
37YT0TYT1999SO QRP 80M13,6882111148YU1YV
38E77JE72008SO QRP 80M13,59320110597.6YU2EA
39OL4WOK2009SO QRP 80M13,5092388497.6OK1IF
40UB5EKGUR1984SO QRP 80M13,436241741 
41S59DS52008SO QRP 80M13,39320010497.0 
42KH6LCKH62010SO QRP 80M13,28812719254.9NH6V
43HA6IAMHA2008SO QRP 80M13,2602297539.7 
44OL4WOK2021SO QRP 80M13,24828064215.5OK1IF
45OL4WOK2013SO QRP 80M13,10725474418.3OK1IF
469A9J9A2016SO QRP 80M12,82420294710.89A7ZZ
47SP4GFGSP1999SO QRP 80M12,648231744 
48HA6VAHA2011SO QRP 80M12,586211105211.1 
49SP2QOTSP2009SO QRP 80M12,1682515479.6 
50PA0MIRPA1996SO QRP 80M11,720190848 
51OK1IFOK2002SO QRP 80M11,520243642 
529A3SC9A1992SO QRP 80M11,400217743 
53M3RCVG2008SO QRP 80M11,3952068459.1 
54UB5IRNUR1986SO QRP 80M11,184206840 
55SP4GFGSP1994SO QRP 80M11,050212743 
56G0VDZG2009SO QRP 80M11,0241968458.9 
57OK1IROK2001SO QRP 80M10,914221645 
58OK1IFOK2001SO QRP 80M10,710223744 
59SQ8MFBSP2017SO QRP 80M10,29622094319.1 
60SQ8MFBSP2014SO QRP 80M10,04519974216.7 
61UB5ZHQUR1993SO QRP 80M9,964170845 
62NC6MW61997SO QRP 80M9,8641251422W6REC
63SP4GFGSP1995SO QRP 80M9,630205738 
64SP4GFGSP1989SO QRP 80M9,522187937 
65SQ9OUDSP2012SO QRP 80M9,22224774610.6 
66SP4GFGSP1988SO QRP 80M9,184221635 
67VE3CKRVE31982SO QRP 80M9,180261711 
68EA3CKXEA2005SO QRP 80M9,163152742 
69G4CWHG2007SO QRP 80M9,0652008417.4 
70Y24SBDM1989SO QRP 80M9,048166943 
71SQ8MFBSP2012SO QRP 80M9,00020863910.1 
72HA4XNHA1995SO QRP 80M8,832181642 
73OM3THVOM1993SO QRP 80M8,364206536 
74SP2QOTSP2020SO QRP 80M8,18817973919.4 
75OL4WOK2022SO QRP 80M8,1592025369.8OK1IF
76IZ3IBLI2008SO QRP 80M8,1501666447.9 
77OK1JJFOKOM1987SO QRP 80M7,800209435 
78IZ3IBLI2007SO QRP 80M7,7761627477.0 
79UK3CGAUA-31984SO QRP 80M7,616256428 
80OK1AIJOKOM1982SO QRP 80M7,280183535 
81RU3PEUA-32010SO QRP 80M7,2221478388.6 
82OL4WOK2014SO QRP 80M7,2161646388.6 
83PA0AWHPA2014SO QRP 80M (C)7,17815153211.7 
84OK1AIJOKOM1981SO QRP 80M6,755196530 
85SP4GFGSP1998SO QRP 80M6,713118841 
86SP4GFGSP1997SO QRP 80M6,683156536 
87OK1AIJOKOM1980SO QRP 80M6,624182531 
88CR5MCT2017SO QRP 80M6,57811783813.3CT1HSN
89SQ8MFBSP2011SO QRP 80M6,4861496407.2 
90LY2QNLY2000SO QRP 80M6,390144639 
91SP2QOTSP2008SO QRP 80M6,1641535417.9 
92SP5FKWSP1981SO QRP 80M6,096117543 
93SQ8MFBSP2015SO QRP 80M6,02013963711.8 
94DO4HZDL2020SO QRP 80M (C)5,94514753612.4 
95K3TW/4W42010SO QRP 80M5,9346214291.8 
96SP3JSP2002SO QRP 80M5,754144438SP3NGB
97OK1FJDOK1995SO QRP 80M5,640147634 
98SP4GFGSP1993SO QRP 80M5,624149434 
99SQ8MFBSP2010SO QRP 80M5,3711505367.2 
100SP3JSP1998SO QRP 80M5,320132535SP3NGB
280 results found
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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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