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#CallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
1J35XJ32019SO LOW 80M266,7301,157228021.5 
2EA8/OK5DEA82019SO LOW 80M144,320585157323.9OK1DTP
3Z37YZ32019SO LOW 80M139,2211,260167733.7Z33C
4OZ4UNOZ2019SO LOW 80M130,3401,111168233.2 
5SN8TSP2019SO LOW 80M (C)124,660844209515.6SP8BVN
6OM3ZWAOM2019SO LOW 80M116,7541,090157226.8 
7NP4AWKP42019SO LOW 80M116,194668136914.0 
8CO2JDCM2019SO LOW 80M105,506728155623.9 
9DL6KWNDL2019SO LOW 80M105,374832167822.7 
10OK1DJSOK2019SO LOW 80M90,168788188427.1 
119A2KI9A2019SO LOW 80M89,838792167730.5 
12DL9ZPDL2019SO LOW 80M86,360798147140.0 
13OK2HBROK2019SO LOW 80M82,725944146126.8 
14UN7LDRUN2019SO LOW 80M81,396510135018.3 
15YU5TYT2019SO LOW 80M80,919833126930.9 
16SP4AWESP2019SO LOW 80M (C)76,014656198424.7 
17HA8WYHA2019SO LOW 80M59,334578196819.0 
18DM3CWDL2019SO LOW 80M51,936373148215.7 
19S57XS52019SO LOW 80M48,216495136917.9 
20OM3ZUOM2019SO LOW 80M46,989672135627.1 
21M2UG2019SO LOW 80M46,842527136116.4M0DHP
22S53OQS52019SO LOW 80M42,804443157212.3 
23EA2BDEA2019SO LOW 80M41,08235613699.7 
24YO5AXFYO2019SO LOW 80M (C)40,810525115922.5 
25OM6TXOM2019SO LOW 80M38,976533105422.7 
26K9UIYW92019SO LOW 80M38,634191247025.0 
27UY7RRUR2019SO LOW 80M38,160467116112.8 
28EA3DNEA2019SO LOW 80M37,855329135410.0 
29E76WOE72019SO LOW 80M34,64840113588.8 
30SP4DEUSP2019SO LOW 80M34,255479115422.7 
31GM0WEDGM2019SO LOW 80M (C)31,304511104611.9 
32LA3RKLA2019SO LOW 80M28,08030915659.4 
33EU1AIEU2019SO LOW 80M27,31841312465.1 
34CT1AOZCT2019SO LOW 80M26,979269135614.2 
35HA0GKHA2019SO LOW 80M (C)26,53641995318.5 
36UR8GXUR2019SO LOW 80M (C)26,520363115711.2 
37SM7ZDISM2019SO LOW 80M25,694395114724.0 
38DF3OLDL2019SO LOW 80M (C)25,482377105216.4 
39YV8ADYV2019SO LOW 80M25,37015614456.6 
40LY2OMLY2019SO LOW 80M21,830385104911.0 
41JF3BFSJA32019SO LOW 80M21,204179243314.1 
42SF6WSM2019SO LOW 80M (C)20,4333978418.3SM6EWB
43UT2EFUR2019SO LOW 80M18,79231794519.8 
44G6NG2019SO LOW 80M18,66628495214.6G0GDU
45OK1APYOK2019SO LOW 80M18,120299114920.4 
46IV3UHLI2019SO LOW 80M18,02034094413.2 
47UR5KEDUR2019SO LOW 80M17,457224125710.9 
48RA3UAGUA-32019SO LOW 80M17,32825994812.1 
49JR0BQDJA02019SO LOW 80M16,271140213215.4 
50YO4TLYO2019SO LOW 80M14,5703016415.5 
51VE3ADQVE32019SO LOW 80M (C)14,256129173716.0 
52YU1RMYT2019SO LOW 80M13,8722528438.9 
53JA1SKEJA12019SO LOW 80M11,53610321358.7 
549M4DXX9M22019SO LOW 80M11,25613219376.9JE1SCJ
55N4OOW42019SO LOW 80M11,1849213355.3 
56YO2CEQYO2019SO LOW 80M10,4001878427.2 
57N8VWW82019SO LOW 80M9,1167115385.0 
58JI7VNJJA72019SO LOW 80M (C)9,1149822277.5 
59UY3AWUR2019SO LOW 80M6,5361477367.2 
60OK1LOOK2019SO LOW 80M (C)6,2041118392.6 
61DU3LADU2019SO LOW 80M5,3768211136.0 
62IZ1DXSI2019SO LOW 80M5,244989373.9 
63PA3DTRPA2019SO LOW 80M4,387947343.6 
64RK3DKUA-32019SO LOW 80M4,017967324.5 
65UA0SDXUA02019SO LOW 80M3,6405013226.7 
66DO8KASDL2019SO LOW 80M (R)3,159579302.7 
67N8FYLW82019SO LOW 80M (C)2,880419212.2 
68G3UVRG2019SO LOW 80M2,816568362.4 
69YO3BAYO2019SO LOW 80M (C)2,590657283.1 
70HA5CQZHA2019SO LOW 80M (C)2,520826241.9 
71LA2WRALA2019SO LOW 80M2,240666266.5 
72N7VPNW72019SO LOW 80M2,0723513156.0 
73LY2SQLY2019SO LOW 80M1,922775263.0 
74IK2LOLI2019SO LOW 80M1,836506282.4 
75JH2GZYJA22019SO LOW 80M1,7922616163.5 
76RX3AAAUA-32019SO LOW 80M1,7682410165.8 
77SP8PDESP2019SO LOW 80M1,728815223.0SP8D
78BI4SDTBY2019SO LOW 80M1,5125212169.8 
79SM6NJKSM2019SO LOW 80M1,034483193.5 
80OZ6KSOZ2019SO LOW 80M902394186.2 
81JF2WXSJA22019SO LOW 80M704169133.8 
82VE4JBBVE42019SO LOW 80M704369138.3 
83JA6GPRJA62019SO LOW 80M2107460.9 
84BG6SNJBY2019SO LOW 80M14315652.5 
85E20WXAHS2019SO LOW 80M307551.7 
86JF0IUNJA02019SO LOW 80M21110.1 
87OZ2JIOZ2019SO LOW 80M (C) 2110.1 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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