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#CallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
1UP2NK/UF4L1987SO HIGH 160M113,7186131254 
2UG6GAWEK1987SO HIGH 160M103,0164981861 
3HB9AMOHB1987SO HIGH 160M97,0647621969 
4SV1NA/9SV91987SO HIGH 160M77,1838151465 
5CT1AOZCT1987SO HIGH 160M71,3364601559 
6OK1DFP/POKOM1987SO HIGH 160M60,2706071666 
7UV9FMUA91987SO HIGH 160M57,9973551148 
8YO3COYO1987SO HIGH 160M48,6725191563 
9G3XTTG1987SO HIGH 160M47,8084511359 
10UA9FARUA91987SO HIGH 160M40,2842781044 
11UA2FJUA21987SO HIGH 160M37,6354901055 
12RB5BAUR1987SO HIGH 160M35,6424161358 
13OK3CWQOKOM1987SO HIGH 160M33,7964071457 
14UB5ZALUR1987SO HIGH 160M33,5523611458 
15UA9SIJUA91987SO HIGH 160M31,248275834 
16YU3MMYU1987SO HIGH 160M30,0163881057 
17K5URW51987SO HIGH 160M28,6351482657 
18UF6FDR4L1987SO HIGH 160M25,715251829 
19VE3INQVE31987SO HIGH 160M25,6962971628 
20WB9HADW91987SO HIGH 160M24,3821272251 
21UB5SDXUR1987SO HIGH 160M23,7903541352 
22UA9ABUA91987SO HIGH 160M22,755206833 
23KH6CCKH61987SO HIGH 160M22,7243311013 
24DL8NBEDL1987SO HIGH 160M22,504324949 
25SP3GDBSP1987SO HIGH 160M21,816409747 
26RA3DOXUA-31987SO HIGH 160M21,728295947 
27UQ2PZYL1987SO HIGH 160M20,2802691050 
28OK1DROOKOM1987SO HIGH 160M20,1912971051 
29RA6AOSUA-61987SO HIGH 160M19,2092611047 
30OK1MGOKOM1987SO HIGH 160M18,585239954 
31W0ZVW01987SO HIGH 160M18,0541232138 
32K5NA/2W21987SO HIGH 160M17,9401211851 
33IS0FPHIS1987SO HIGH 160M16,587266849 
34UC2WOEU1987SO HIGH 160M15,778269940 
35UA9CBOUA91987SO HIGH 160M15,696165729 
36OK1DRUOKOM1987SO HIGH 160M15,512243848 
37K4TEAW41987SO HIGH 160M13,632922044 
38IS0QDVIS1987SO HIGH 160M12,801238942 
39OL5BPHOKOM1987SO HIGH 160M12,300230743 
40EA7AINEA1987SO HIGH 160M12,0151481134 
41UA3DJGUA-31987SO HIGH 160M11,776193739 
42UR2RMEES1987SO HIGH 160M11,004229735 
43I1XSGI1987SO HIGH 160M10,914206744 
44VE3PNVE31987SO HIGH 160M9,750190818 
45N4SUW41987SO HIGH 160M9,686661939 
46UB5YFZUR1987SO HIGH 160M8,856209635 
47GM3VLBGM1987SO HIGH 160M8,695183740 
48SP5ZASP1987SO HIGH 160M8,569208635 
49WB3AVNW31987SO HIGH 160M8,320751537 
50UC2IIEU1987SO HIGH 160M8,100208729 
51WB9NSZW91987SO HIGH 160M8,094602037 
52UA6ATCUA-61987SO HIGH 160M8,008148935 
53OK1FZMOKOM1987SO HIGH 160M7,905176738 
54UA3ATVUA-31987SO HIGH 160M7,654138835 
55UB5IMRUR1987SO HIGH 160M7,600160832 
56RL7LCVUN1987SO HIGH 160M7,32899923 
57OL7BLOOKOM1987SO HIGH 160M7,172154737 
58SP5GHSP1987SO HIGH 160M7,119641053 
59UQ2PJYL1987SO HIGH 160M6,981150633 
60UO5OBTER1987SO HIGH 160M6,916157632 
61OK2PAZOKOM1987SO HIGH 160M6,61298849 
62RW6PBUA-61987SO HIGH 160M6,588129729 
63K3UAW31987SO HIGH 160M6,144561632 
64Y23KFDM1987SO HIGH 160M5,772159631 
65RA6LWUA-61987SO HIGH 160M5,544119630 
66JR1EBEJA11987SO HIGH 160M5,508711618 
67SP5GRUSP1987SO HIGH 160M5,418107636 
68UY5ZPUR1987SO HIGH 160M5,145127629 
69SP3BGDSP1987SO HIGH 160M4,921135532 
70PY1BVYPY1987SO HIGH 160M4,82492108 
71W4DRW41987SO HIGH 160M4,704451527 
72TE4TTI1987SO HIGH 160M4,60814397TI4SU
73N8EAW81987SO HIGH 160M4,563591326 
74N4UHW41987SO HIGH 160M4,346461526 
75UL7CCAUN1987SO HIGH 160M4,26096614 
76NX0IW01987SO HIGH 160M4,040441525 
77OL7BQCOKOM1987SO HIGH 160M3,842112529 
78RB5UIUR1987SO HIGH 160M3,838185731 
79OK1ATPOKOM1987SO HIGH 160M3,75053941 
80Y23FIDM1987SO HIGH 160M3,680118428 
81UA9WNFUA91987SO HIGH 160M3,63066616 
82W9YYGW91987SO HIGH 160M3,552471423 
83OK3CVIOKOM1987SO HIGH 160M3,396110630 
84KQ9LW91987SO HIGH 160M3,240421422 
85K9MK/5W51987SO HIGH 160M3,196461321 
86UA3DQSUA-31987SO HIGH 160M3,16274628 
87OL8CVUOKOM1987SO HIGH 160M2,970111627 
88K7OXW71987SO HIGH 160M2,800481114 
89F8TQF1987SO HIGH 160M2,26276425 
90NA2MW21987SO HIGH 160M2,156331117 
91OK2BDROKOM1987SO HIGH 160M2,11264527 
92YO3QKYO1987SO HIGH 160M2,10854625 
93OL1BPKOKOM1987SO HIGH 160M2,00170425 
94JA3FYCJA31987SO HIGH 160M1,896361212 
95K7SPW71987SO HIGH 160M1,809311215 
96UQ2GQDYL1987SO HIGH 160M1,75066520 
97OK1DWJOKOM1987SO HIGH 160M1,71634924 
98WB2ULIW21987SO HIGH 160M1,560201016 
99UB5EQGUR1987SO HIGH 160M1,40852616 
100OK1DQTOKOM1987SO HIGH 160M1,24222918 
115 results found
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Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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