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#CallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
1YV3AGTYV1985SO HIGH 160M147,5885912163 
2HB9AMOHB1985SO HIGH 160M95,2017401766 
3LZ2CJLZ1985SO HIGH 160M81,9006192071LZ2SC
4UA9KAAUA91985SO HIGH 160M65,0463471856 
5G4OBKG1985SO HIGH 160M63,4115111455 
6RA9AKMUA91985SO HIGH 160M63,2914411338 
7YO3KWJYO1985SO HIGH 160M61,4666871261 
8DK8NGDL1985SO HIGH 160M56,4165091864 
9UG6GAWEK1985SO HIGH 160M55,4403271647 
10YV1OBYV1985SO HIGH 160M51,0423651235 
11K5URW51985SO HIGH 160M47,0052192560 
12YU7BWYU1985SO HIGH 160M46,2095271459 
13CT1AOZCT1985SO HIGH 160M43,4164081242 
14IY4FGMI1985SO HIGH 160M43,3625781056I4IKW
15UA9AOUA91985SO HIGH 160M43,2643041042 
16YU4YAYU1985SO HIGH 160M35,8403781357 
17VE3MFAVE31985SO HIGH 160M33,2763401532 
18OK1KPUOKOM1985SO HIGH 160M32,4483141660 
19RT5UYUR1985SO HIGH 160M30,9563551358 
20LZ1TRLZ1985SO HIGH 160M30,1533701752 
21OK2DFWOKOM1985SO HIGH 160M29,160467951 
22I2UBII1985SO HIGH 160M29,0404091248 
23G3XWZG1985SO HIGH 160M28,3052521239 
24UB5ZALUR1985SO HIGH 160M28,2883321351 
25YO4KCAYO1985SO HIGH 160M26,3004301040 
26UD0DC4J1985SO HIGH 160M24,576190840 
27AA1K/3W31985SO HIGH 160M24,1201661651 
28KH6CCKH61985SO HIGH 160M23,7462571516 
29N4PNW41985SO HIGH 160M21,6081142053 
30UW9SWUA91985SO HIGH 160M20,916246834 
31OH6NGOH1985SO HIGH 160M19,981319944 
32N9MMW91985SO HIGH 160M19,9661191948N9NC
33RT4UAUR1985SO HIGH 160M19,8832921148 
34UA9AJXUA91985SO HIGH 160M19,0171531239 
35UC2AADEU1985SO HIGH 160M17,7552591142 
36DK3KDDL1985SO HIGH 160M17,5232371247 
37UB5DAXUR1985SO HIGH 160M16,933296744 
38UL7ECHUN1985SO HIGH 160M16,926160933 
39SP5ADSP1985SO HIGH 160M16,800325741 
40VE3INQVE31985SO HIGH 160M16,4282181225 
41UA9FNRUA91985SO HIGH 160M16,080152832 
42SP5INQSP1985SO HIGH 160M16,0082171147 
43Y37XJDM1985SO HIGH 160M16,008343739 
44N4SUW41985SO HIGH 160M15,8401041545 
45VE3OMEVE31985SO HIGH 160M15,717242922 
46N0XAW01985SO HIGH 160M15,5041161833AB0X
47OL8COSOKOM1985SO HIGH 160M15,271259847 
48UB5WCQUR1985SO HIGH 160M14,798270841 
49OK3CWQOKOM1985SO HIGH 160M14,456239844 
50KX6DSV71985SO HIGH 160M14,2461501618 
51N4TXW41985SO HIGH 160M13,8471211942 
52UC2WAZEU1985SO HIGH 160M13,671218841 
53RA6AOSUA-61985SO HIGH 160M13,4882001038 
54OL8CQPOKOM1985SO HIGH 160M12,852242744 
55UA2ECUA21985SO HIGH 160M12,555248639 
56SP5GHSP1985SO HIGH 160M12,336217741 
57SP9DHSP1985SO HIGH 160M12,330208944 
58VK6HDVK1985SO HIGH 160M12,330971926 
59G3XTTG1985SO HIGH 160M12,1001431144 
60UC2WOEU1985SO HIGH 160M11,968225638 
61OK1JDXOKOM1985SO HIGH 160M11,421232938 
62W8UVZW81985SO HIGH 160M11,058801839 
63OL0CRGOKOM1985SO HIGH 160M10,890230738 
64SP8GDBSP1985SO HIGH 160M10,665237738 
65UM8MMEX1985SO HIGH 160M10,640137728 
66DF0THWDL1985SO HIGH 160M10,6081601042DF4WP
67I1BASI1985SO HIGH 160M10,293218740 
68UA4CLVUA-41985SO HIGH 160M9,912184834 
69UW3QRUA-31985SO HIGH 160M9,912131950 
70OH1MAOH1985SO HIGH 160M9,8001541237 
71UF6VBC4L1985SO HIGH 160M9,706156716 
72OL7BLOOKOM1985SO HIGH 160M9,635220635 
73JF1NZWJA11985SO HIGH 160M9,594951920 
74KG4WW41985SO HIGH 160M9,412801636 
75RP2BILLY1985SO HIGH 160M9,087223633 
76G3BDQG1985SO HIGH 160M8,8921211245 
77UA4NFVUA-41985SO HIGH 160M8,843156829 
78K6DDOW61985SO HIGH 160M8,534861321 
79UO5OJMER1985SO HIGH 160M8,190182633 
80UQ2GMBYL1985SO HIGH 160M8,034176732 
81N8EAW81985SO HIGH 160M7,785771431 
82OK2PLAOKOM1985SO HIGH 160M7,544165735 
83RL7LCTUN1985SO HIGH 160M7,448115721 
84UR2RUES1985SO HIGH 160M7,448180731 
85K6SEW61985SO HIGH 160M7,320881317 
86XE2AAMXE1985SO HIGH 160M6,992181811N5AF
87KG7DW71985SO HIGH 160M6,8151181217 
88UV9WRUA91985SO HIGH 160M6,75787722 
89VE7CCVE71985SO HIGH 160M6,402141913 
90AI7BW71985SO HIGH 160M6,3241191318 
91JE1SPYJA11985SO HIGH 160M6,210801514 
92UW3GLUA-31985SO HIGH 160M5,966105731 
93UQ2GNLYL1985SO HIGH 160M5,950152629 
94UW6OEUA-61985SO HIGH 160M5,883129737 
95JT0APEJT1985SO HIGH 160M5,8801241223 
96OK2PLROKOM1985SO HIGH 160M5,781140734 
97UH8EAPEZ1985SO HIGH 160M5,32088820 
98JT0ECJT1985SO HIGH 160M5,3041051321 
99UA3YBJUA-31985SO HIGH 160M4,47279835 
100UV3QNOUA-31985SO HIGH 160M4,315107629 
150 results found
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Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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