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#CallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
1LZ1KDPLZ1984SO HIGH 160M78,0886561769 
2LZ2CJLZ1984SO HIGH 160M60,8445681666 
3HB9AMOHB1984SO HIGH 160M60,6806601460 
44X4NJ4X1984SO HIGH 160M48,1143111254 
5YV3AGTYV1984SO HIGH 160M47,6792801543 
6YV1OBYV1984SO HIGH 160M45,5843501133 
7I3JSSI1984SO HIGH 160M37,3864811057 
8YU7AJHYU1984SO HIGH 160M37,1204601351YU7QDT
9RA9AKMUA91984SO HIGH 160M35,7512621041 
10UA9CDTUA91984SO HIGH 160M35,5002801040 
11UG6GAWEK1984SO HIGH 160M35,4752681045 
12PA3BFMPA1984SO HIGH 160M35,0704251258 
13DL2SAXDL1984SO HIGH 160M30,1504001255 
14UB5ZALUR1984SO HIGH 160M30,0303901353 
15F6BWOF1984SO HIGH 160M28,2464281147 
16UA9KAAUA91984SO HIGH 160M28,1282401137 
17YU4YAYU1984SO HIGH 160M28,0503521155 
18K5URW51984SO HIGH 160M28,0321661756 
19LA7JOLA1984SO HIGH 160M27,3283891153 
20SP1ADMSP1984SO HIGH 160M23,606380949 
21OK1MGOKOM1984SO HIGH 160M22,4643081054 
22G3XWZ/AG1984SO HIGH 160M22,034215838 
23DK8NGDL1984SO HIGH 160M20,6462921151 
24OH3JROH1984SO HIGH 160M20,3552981049 
25RT5UYUR1984SO HIGH 160M19,7032831051 
26UA9CBOUA91984SO HIGH 160M19,6001531040 
27K1ZMW11984SO HIGH 160M19,3231351443 
28UB5WFUR1984SO HIGH 160M19,278331945 
29EA6ETEA61984SO HIGH 160M18,4832721150 
30UA6BJFUA-61984SO HIGH 160M18,1832641146 
31OK2BWMOKOM1984SO HIGH 160M18,073319844 
32YU3EFYU1984SO HIGH 160M17,8203021045 
33UA3PFNUA-31984SO HIGH 160M17,7482501048 
34DJ6QTDL1984SO HIGH 160M17,4002871048 
35OK3CWQOKOM1984SO HIGH 160M16,956296747 
36OK1DFFOKOM1984SO HIGH 160M16,8842711354 
37UB5IPJUR1984SO HIGH 160M16,576246947 
38OK1DFPOKOM1984SO HIGH 160M15,510273850 
39UA3LEOUA-31984SO HIGH 160M15,450258941 
40PA0PFWPA1984SO HIGH 160M15,249287942 
41DL8AAIDL1984SO HIGH 160M14,208261840 
42Y39XODM1984SO HIGH 160M14,208295741 
43IS0FPHIS1984SO HIGH 160M13,754287739 
44RA1ASKUA-11984SO HIGH 160M13,502298835 
45OK1DRUOKOM1984SO HIGH 160M12,336249840 
46OL8COZOKOM1984SO HIGH 160M12,258212747 
47UQ2GKMYL1984SO HIGH 160M12,150227936 
48VE3OMEVE31984SO HIGH 160M12,056280814 
49UD6DKW4J1984SO HIGH 160M11,766117829 
50OK2BPUOKOM1984SO HIGH 160M11,550215743 
51RA3DXUA-31984SO HIGH 160M11,388181943 
52SP3IBSSP1984SO HIGH 160M11,352253736 
53UB5LCVUR1984SO HIGH 160M11,086208739 
54Y22TODM1984SO HIGH 160M10,906264635 
55RB5DCUR1984SO HIGH 160M10,578242736 
56VE3MFAVE31984SO HIGH 160M10,420251812 
57OL1BIPOKOM1984SO HIGH 160M10,101160631 
58UB5MNRUR1984SO HIGH 160M10,086246833 
59UB5WCQUR1984SO HIGH 160M9,768246829 
60SP5GHSP1984SO HIGH 160M9,724170745 
61UA3TBMUA-31984SO HIGH 160M9,632169835 
62N4SUW41984SO HIGH 160M9,6041101630 
63OL0COBOKOM1984SO HIGH 160M9,292200739 
64ZB2EOZB1984SO HIGH 160M9,108172937 
65XN3INQVE31984SO HIGH 160M8,712245711 
66UT5UBWUR1984SO HIGH 160M8,619134942 
67G3ZRHG1984SO HIGH 160M8,325175738 
68RB5AQUR1984SO HIGH 160M8,208213731 
69W1CFW11984SO HIGH 160M7,9171561128N1EE
70J40AASV1984SO HIGH 160M7,889144742 
71N9NBW91984SO HIGH 160M7,728791630 
72UB5IUAUR1984SO HIGH 160M7,558163831 
73K6SEW61984SO HIGH 160M7,5001501218 
74W6RWW61984SO HIGH 160M7,4881501117 
75OK3CZMOKOM1984SO HIGH 160M6,97580525 
76AA1K/3W31984SO HIGH 160M6,512611331 
77OL9CPNOKOM1984SO HIGH 160M6,493138736 
78K1MMW11984SO HIGH 160M6,345561431 
79JA7NIJA71984SO HIGH 160M6,264711719 
80KG4WW41984SO HIGH 160M5,966761527 
81OK3BRKOKOM1984SO HIGH 160M5,715103836 
82OK1ATPOKOM1984SO HIGH 160M5,520116741 
83AA7AW71984SO HIGH 160M5,152701315 
84SP9AOASP1984SO HIGH 160M5,109126633 
85OK3CXSOKOM1984SO HIGH 160M4,992131633 
86K4UEEW41984SO HIGH 160M4,864751525 
87OL9CPGOKOM1984SO HIGH 160M4,773135730 
88VE7BSVE71984SO HIGH 160M4,68814297 
89DK5OSDL1984SO HIGH 160M4,681131526 
90N4INW41984SO HIGH 160M4,592671425 
91OL7BLOOKOM1984SO HIGH 160M4,587146429 
92OK1FZMOKOM1984SO HIGH 160M4,524117831 
93UA9SHOUA91984SO HIGH 160M4,38060822 
94LA4LNLA1984SO HIGH 160M4,288130626 
95UQ2GNLYL1984SO HIGH 160M4,239150621 
96Y37XJDM1984SO HIGH 160M4,032109531 
97OL1BIROKOM1984SO HIGH 160M3,740110429 
98OK2PGTOKOM1984SO HIGH 160M3,570104530 
99OK1AIJOKOM1984SO HIGH 160M3,535101629 
100VK6HDVK1984SO HIGH 160M3,335461118 
132 results found
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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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