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#CallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
1UA9DNUA91961SO HIGH 20M274,4128153490  
2ZS2HIZS1961SO HIGH 20M219,0346423583  
3KH6DLFKH61961SO HIGH 20M205,8167283569  
4KA2JLJA21961SO HIGH 20M194,0986393671  
5PY4ODPY1961SO HIGH 20M188,4685123691  
64X4FA4X1961SO HIGH 20M173,8555672980  
7HK1AAFHK1961SO HIGH 20M150,7286103053  
8W1BIHW11961SO HIGH 20M142,3744143686  
9K2IEGW21961SO HIGH 20M134,92834036108  
10G4CPG1961SO HIGH 20M131,1455023372  
11ZS6IFZS1961SO HIGH 20M122,9443793380  
12W3JTCW31961SO HIGH 20M117,6523063599  
13UC2AAEU1961SO HIGH 20M107,4485213685  
14VK3AHIVK1961SO HIGH 20M97,1523683157  
15K2UVUW21961SO HIGH 20M95,6342703690  
16JA2JWJA21961SO HIGH 20M92,9884013054  
17W1GYEW11961SO HIGH 20M87,8402563486  
18W6EPZW61961SO HIGH 20M85,9102493487  
19W7VYW71961SO HIGH 20M85,2842883370  
20W6GHMW61961SO HIGH 20M80,7042693371  
21W2LPEW21961SO HIGH 20M78,4302473278  
22VU2NRVU1961SO HIGH 20M76,4002903169  
23W9IUW91961SO HIGH 20M71,3902403080  
24DL4DZDL1961SO HIGH 20M67,6803732654  
25VU2AJVU1961SO HIGH 20M63,9843093155  
26EI5AJEI1961SO HIGH 20M59,7084301742  
27W7PGSW71961SO HIGH 20M59,0732032968  
28W9IRHW91961SO HIGH 20M57,8732263071  
29VE2NVVE21961SO HIGH 20M57,1202093171  
30W3DAOW31961SO HIGH 20M55,4381963472  
31JA1BLCJA11961SO HIGH 20M54,6002703147  
32KZ5LCKZ51961SO HIGH 20M54,0384202557  
33K1MLIW11961SO HIGH 20M52,7881773571  
34ZL2AWJZL1961SO HIGH 20M52,5602253159  
35UA4PAUA-41961SO HIGH 20M52,2242582670  
36W2PCJW21961SO HIGH 20M48,9701393385  
37PA0LOUPA1961SO HIGH 20M47,0902432057  
38W6AFIW61961SO HIGH 20M47,0051972956  
39K6LEBW61961SO HIGH 20M45,2991673067  
40ZL4LBZL1961SO HIGH 20M44,4002232351  
41LA6VCLA1961SO HIGH 20M42,7503611733  
42EP2AEEP1961SO HIGH 20M40,5841952650  
43UR2AOES1961SO HIGH 20M39,6922991949  
44KH6BCXKH61961SO HIGH 20M39,1232642439  
45K2EACW21961SO HIGH 20M38,8961612860  
46SP4JFSP1961SO HIGH 20M38,7863052759  
47K0DQIW01961SO HIGH 20M38,4561622860  
48GM3JDRGM1961SO HIGH 20M37,7373641944  
49UB5MZUR1961SO HIGH 20M37,4102902265  
50W8SAW81961SO HIGH 20M36,8601673065  
51VU2CKVU1961SO HIGH 20M35,1132032647  
52W6CYIW61961SO HIGH 20M33,4181462453  
53SP8HTSP1961SO HIGH 20M33,2882632449  
54ZS7M3DA1961SO HIGH 20M33,0401722545  
555N2RDG5N1961SO HIGH 20M32,7932381932  
56W5KCW51961SO HIGH 20M32,6431373162  
57XZ2THXZ1961SO HIGH 20M31,4911742954  
58K2ECLW21961SO HIGH 20M31,4281352259  
59DJ2REDL1961SO HIGH 20M30,9002362352  
60K2QHLW21961SO HIGH 20M30,8741272957  
61OK1BMWOKOM1961SO HIGH 20M29,8962112252  
62JA1AAJA11961SO HIGH 20M29,4502202030  
63UA3TZUA-31961SO HIGH 20M29,2502522154  
64UA0SBUA01961SO HIGH 20M28,5942171840  
65ZE4JSZ21961SO HIGH 20M27,8502072129  
66OK3IROKOM1961SO HIGH 20M27,8052112756  
67VK2APKVK1961SO HIGH 20M27,8051372756  
68K6PDAW61961SO HIGH 20M27,6431442255  
69ZS5AMZS1961SO HIGH 20M27,1421192953  
70JA5FQJA51961SO HIGH 20M26,4481732532  
71SP9CSSP1961SO HIGH 20M25,8402002456  
72DM3XPNDL1961SO HIGH 20M25,7922961747  
73W5BOSW51961SO HIGH 20M25,3981252855  
74W1EJT/KL7KL1961SO HIGH 20M24,8321372044  
75JA2DNJA21961SO HIGH 20M23,3121412537  
76DL1GLDL1961SO HIGH 20M23,2291122861  
77K9UHHW91961SO HIGH 20M22,4361052653  
78DL7DFDL1961SO HIGH 20M22,1401372458  
79LA7JFLA1961SO HIGH 20M21,7502121534  
80YV5AKYV1961SO HIGH 20M21,5251781625  
81OH3TQOH1961SO HIGH 20M20,9521582250  
82JA5AIJA51961SO HIGH 20M20,9151592027  
83HM4AQHL1961SO HIGH 20M20,6452251720  
84SM5ARQ/9Q59Q1961SO HIGH 20M20,3741252338  
85VK5JSVK1961SO HIGH 20M19,3801232139  
86W3ZQW31961SO HIGH 20M19,116872734  
875R8AD5R1961SO HIGH 20M18,7861142438  
88G2AJBG1961SO HIGH 20M18,3042021339  
89JA3CUKJA31961SO HIGH 20M17,6211152839  
90SM5CZQSM1961SO HIGH 20M17,3042391442  
91OH2POOH1961SO HIGH 20M16,8482031737  
92VE2BVVE21961SO HIGH 20M16,354912648  
93K7MVRW71961SO HIGH 20M16,2001172034  
94UA9OBUA91961SO HIGH 20M15,6801211739  
95JA1MJJA11961SO HIGH 20M15,5611411821  
96W5PMW51961SO HIGH 20M15,504792741  
97UA1NAUA-31961SO HIGH 20M15,2351511540  
98YO9IAYO1961SO HIGH 20M14,1601641545  
99K1PNNW11961SO HIGH 20M13,668722147  
100TF2WGATF1961SO HIGH 20M13,6311521231  
214 results found
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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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