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341 results found
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#CallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
1CN8JXCN1959SO HIGH ALL1,156,2321,27794214  
27G1A3X1959SO HIGH ALL716,2201,39056117  
34X4KK4X1959SO HIGH ALL664,64479189202  
4UB5WFUR1959SO HIGH ALL574,48890890226  
5G3FPQG1959SO HIGH ALL507,55266296215  
6W3GRFW31959SO HIGH ALL388,010489106216  
7JA1VXJA11959SO HIGH ALL383,73266176118  
8UB5FJUR1959SO HIGH ALL374,54081781226  
9PA0REPA1959SO HIGH ALL337,41050991235  
10OK1XQOKOM1959SO HIGH ALL337,33453777225  
11W8JINW81959SO HIGH ALL326,400387115205  
12PA0TAUPA1959SO HIGH ALL320,22955082191  
13W2AGWW21959SO HIGH ALL315,90043275185  
14IT1TAIIT91959SO HIGH ALL311,89868070159  
15G2DCG1959SO HIGH ALL299,57450677190  
16ZS6IWZS1959SO HIGH ALL265,5445965696  
17OE1RZOE1959SO HIGH ALL265,25643292192  
18OK1MGOKOM1959SO HIGH ALL263,26653980198  
19G4CPG1959SO HIGH ALL260,01056376194  
20ST2ARST1959SO HIGH ALL253,35651056116  
21DL7AADL1959SO HIGH ALL250,02038194176  
22ZL1AJUZL1959SO HIGH ALL249,55050172103  
23W2EQSW21959SO HIGH ALL234,90034796174  
24K2DCAW21959SO HIGH ALL227,46031990165  
25W7VYW71959SO HIGH ALL227,44837988128  
26PY1ADAPY1959SO HIGH ALL224,3465485485  
27W6TTW61959SO HIGH ALL223,88036097135  
28VK2GWVK1959SO HIGH ALL223,0275216289  
29K4KXVW41959SO HIGH ALL217,800315101163  
30K6VTQW61959SO HIGH ALL212,670315100155  
31ZS2HIZS1959SO HIGH ALL210,8605545377  
32PY2AJKPY1959SO HIGH ALL208,8455335184  
33KL7CDFKL1959SO HIGH ALL208,2248095391  
34PA0LOUPA1959SO HIGH ALL201,70840873161  
35W2GUMW21959SO HIGH ALL200,12830687149  
36FA9UO7X1959SO HIGH ALL195,16843345107  
37OD5LXOD1959SO HIGH ALL194,99641151113  
38W2JVUW21959SO HIGH ALL193,90830779147  
39W6IBDW61959SO HIGH ALL192,88531896135  
40DJ3KRDL1959SO HIGH ALL185,97642574172  
41W9HUZW91959SO HIGH ALL181,304261100162  
42SM5CCESM1959SO HIGH ALL178,94050465165  
43UR2AOES1959SO HIGH ALL178,48855454147  
44TI2CAHTI1959SO HIGH ALL178,0801,0365783  
45W3MFJW31959SO HIGH ALL176,12027684150  
46GW3JIGW1959SO HIGH ALL175,40651953134  
47DL7DFDL1959SO HIGH ALL171,68432579172  
48KX6COV71959SO HIGH ALL170,2055344560  
49W9IRHW91959SO HIGH ALL165,00028499151  
50W8EVW81959SO HIGH ALL159,35425788146  
51OK2NNOKOM1959SO HIGH ALL151,0445453560  
52EL4AEL1959SO HIGH ALL148,8306053250  
53ZE8JGZ21959SO HIGH ALL143,0705124055  
54W9ERUW91959SO HIGH ALL141,38223986137  
55VK9XKP2/p1959SO HIGH ALL140,6243845779  
56VU2RMVU1959SO HIGH ALL139,56830269107  
57XZ2THXZ1959SO HIGH ALL137,1003646189  
58W4AZKW41959SO HIGH ALL136,10423877137  
59KH6CJJKH61959SO HIGH ALL135,7204654757  
60ZL1MQZL1959SO HIGH ALL132,1924455151  
61W2BOKW21959SO HIGH ALL131,35025759126  
62W6UFW61959SO HIGH ALL128,8002836397  
63UO5AAER1959SO HIGH ALL127,17651745123  
645A3TR5A1959SO HIGH ALL125,7103323793  
65FQ8AFTN1959SO HIGH ALL125,1784603756  
66CN8DJCN1959SO HIGH ALL124,7403803872  
67LU5DDFLU1959SO HIGH ALL123,2164224656  
68GM3EOJGM1959SO HIGH ALL122,06129259124  
69OH0NCOH01959SO HIGH ALL119,12541350125  
70DJ4DNDL1959SO HIGH ALL114,66029960122  
71W3KAW31959SO HIGH ALL114,00317553106  
72LU5AQLU1959SO HIGH ALL113,8274164061  
73UQ2ASYL1959SO HIGH ALL109,44045644148  
74ZL2AWJZL1959SO HIGH ALL109,2303454961  
75EA4GAEA1959SO HIGH ALL108,07246639119  
76OA4FAOA1959SO HIGH ALL100,9284123647  
77JA7ADJA71959SO HIGH ALL91,8003274258  
78OH2LAOH1959SO HIGH ALL89,20027753147  
79W1FZW11959SO HIGH ALL87,79218066111  
80K0BITW01959SO HIGH ALL87,0421966994  
81F3ATF1959SO HIGH ALL85,8053014784  
82DL9KRPDL1959SO HIGH ALL84,7742495191  
83CR7IZC91959SO HIGH ALL84,6722983959  
84SV0WISV1959SO HIGH ALL84,2244942983  
85OK3OMOKOM1959SO HIGH ALL83,91640041107  
86W8RQW81959SO HIGH ALL83,22416679123  
87W3ZAOW31959SO HIGH ALL83,12418265116  
88TF3ABTF1959SO HIGH ALL82,3903613077  
89YU3OVYU1959SO HIGH ALL81,38928051100  
90OH8PXOH1959SO HIGH ALL81,3403144395  
91VK2PVVK1959SO HIGH ALL79,2542394673  
92ON4LXON1959SO HIGH ALL79,0502405694  
93DJ2HCDL1959SO HIGH ALL78,48620467145  
94DL3JJDL1959SO HIGH ALL78,1502065892  
95KG1AQOX1959SO HIGH ALL75,8706313357  
96W5BRRW51959SO HIGH ALL75,32818775101  
97K2BZTW21959SO HIGH ALL75,0461825899  
98W6BYHW61959SO HIGH ALL69,3841796285  
99W3DBXW31959SO HIGH ALL67,69416354127  
100OK2QROKOM1959SO HIGH ALL67,21040638105  
341 results found
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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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