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#CallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
1W4VZQW41956SO HIGH 20M143,8503713899  
2K6EWLW61956SO HIGH 20M132,2053523899  
3W7VYW71956SO HIGH 20M126,7523003799  
4W2AIWW21956SO HIGH 20M126,0803473692  
5W6TSWW61956SO HIGH 20M125,8403513496  
6LU7ASLU1956SO HIGH 20M119,3253693378  
7W8NBKW81956SO HIGH 20M115,3543043899  
8W2UFTW21956SO HIGH 20M110,1482893797  
9W6TZDW61956SO HIGH 20M94,6052863386  
10W1HZW11956SO HIGH 20M86,85822937100  
11ET2RHET1956SO HIGH 20M81,6063232760  
12DL1EEDL1956SO HIGH 20M75,9003373179  
13W2HMJW21956SO HIGH 20M74,8832463376  
14DL4IIDL1956SO HIGH 20M68,4603052976  
15W8BRAW81956SO HIGH 20M66,9121803799  
16F9MSF1956SO HIGH 20M66,0303452964  
17W7GBWW71956SO HIGH 20M65,7802053877  
18K2GMOW21956SO HIGH 20M61,4902003278  
19VK3AMRVK1956SO HIGH 20M61,4103092544  
20W1QJRW11956SO HIGH 20M57,8732123170  
21K6EIVW61956SO HIGH 20M56,2101903575  
22W8BTIW81956SO HIGH 20M54,4051683582  
23JA8AAJA81956SO HIGH 20M52,0202752741  
24LU5AQLU1956SO HIGH 20M51,3923192341  
25K9CLOW91956SO HIGH 20M51,0641913668  
26W6ALQW61956SO HIGH 20M49,2761863265  
27VK7UWVK1956SO HIGH 20M47,7503231832  
284S7WP4S1956SO HIGH 20M47,4322182750  
29W9IUW91956SO HIGH 20M46,2691773265  
30SM4BECSM1956SO HIGH 20M45,3602972547  
31VP9CYVP91956SO HIGH 20M44,7484992343  
32W6FWO/6W61956SO HIGH 20M42,2921423772  
33VK2AIRVK1956SO HIGH 20M42,2452092843  
34W5DGVW51956SO HIGH 20M42,1201603470  
35JA6ADJA61956SO HIGH 20M41,4202012947  
36W9VINW91956SO HIGH 20M41,2501383674  
37PZ1APPZ1956SO HIGH 20M40,7042901632  
38W2ABMW21956SO HIGH 20M39,0061483168  
39W7GXAW71956SO HIGH 20M38,7521273775  
40W6NNVW61956SO HIGH 20M34,6681203572  
41PY4AOPY1956SO HIGH 20M34,6451892441  
42PA0ULAPA1956SO HIGH 20M34,2762032656  
43VE6NXVE61956SO HIGH 20M32,1231183160  
44JA1AAJA11956SO HIGH 20M31,5361592844  
45OH2XXOH1956SO HIGH 20M30,4951612669  
46VK7CHVK1956SO HIGH 20M30,4482421727  
474S7MR4S1956SO HIGH 20M29,9461692240  
48TF3KATF1956SO HIGH 20M29,7002721332  
49K6CEFW61956SO HIGH 20M28,9171193150  
50W5BZTW51956SO HIGH 20M28,5301183258  
51K2BSMW21956SO HIGH 20M28,2031312653  
52YO3FTYO1956SO HIGH 20M27,2022252344  
53SM5AHKSM1956SO HIGH 20M26,8802342658  
54W0DUW01956SO HIGH 20M24,4241033254  
55W6TMXW61956SO HIGH 20M24,0161282947  
56FB8ZZFT5Z1956SO HIGH 20M23,1001812024  
57VK3CXVK1956SO HIGH 20M23,0771721829  
58JA9AAJA91956SO HIGH 20M22,9601212644  
59OE5BWOE1956SO HIGH 20M22,6081772151  
60CO8DLCM1956SO HIGH 20M22,1681942444  
61SM5IZSM1956SO HIGH 20M21,952982969  
62W7ACW71956SO HIGH 20M20,244913153  
63KL7BUZKL1956SO HIGH 20M20,1851781837  
64ZS6AJQZS1956SO HIGH 20M19,9671661922  
65SM5CCESM1956SO HIGH 20M19,880982951  
66OH1TIOH1956SO HIGH 20M19,4221702355  
67PA0ZLPA1956SO HIGH 20M18,5461602345  
68W6YYW61956SO HIGH 20M17,680962939  
69W7QONW71956SO HIGH 20M15,194832546  
70W8MQRW81956SO HIGH 20M15,120872644  
71JA1DOJA11956SO HIGH 20M14,740962332  
72SM3ACPSM1956SO HIGH 20M14,6951392350  
73SP8AGSP1956SO HIGH 20M14,4182011440  
74OE3RKOE1956SO HIGH 20M14,3002241139  
75W0ZKEW01956SO HIGH 20M14,280862644  
76TI2ABTI1956SO HIGH 20M14,1011332138  
77SM7MSSM1956SO HIGH 20M13,783962552  
78SM3ATYSM1956SO HIGH 20M13,3821291939  
79VS2EF9M21956SO HIGH 20M13,3381172018  
80SP4KAISP1956SO HIGH 20M13,0001751735  
81CX2AMCX1956SO HIGH 20M12,9601301323  
82W8KPLW81956SO HIGH 20M12,870673147  
83ZL4CKZL1956SO HIGH 20M12,5101411317  
84PA0LOUPA1956SO HIGH 20M11,6481251541  
85W2JTW21956SO HIGH 20M11,529612835  
86W4NBVW41956SO HIGH 20M11,440812530  
87OH9PFOH1956SO HIGH 20M11,3761301335  
88W6BILW61956SO HIGH 20M11,360582744  
89OH6QZOH1956SO HIGH 20M11,285912041  
90LA7ZLA1956SO HIGH 20M11,2801161941  
91UA3BJUA-31956SO HIGH 20M10,9711761536  
92JA1ASJA11956SO HIGH 20M10,906861721  
93SM5TLSM1956SO HIGH 20M10,8081002234  
94W3MDOW31956SO HIGH 20M10,488542247  
95VK1ALRVK1956SO HIGH 20M10,4401201514  
96SM5AHLSM1956SO HIGH 20M10,304992044  
97DM3KCHDL1956SO HIGH 20M10,020921644  
98YA1AMYA1956SO HIGH 20M9,953951621  
99W9PCFW91956SO HIGH 20M9,676602237  
100W9ROUW91956SO HIGH 20M9,548562339  
203 results found
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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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