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782 results found
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#CallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
701N9TFW92016SA LOW 80M1,1882610125.5 
702RD1A/MMMMEU2023SA LOW 80M1,1523072518.7 
703YT0IYT2015SA LOW 80M1,104525182.3 
704SM6IQDSM2015SA LOW 80M1,08831792.0 
705YF8HYVYB2020SA LOW 80M1,05027695.4 
706JN1RQVJA12012SA LOW 80M1,032168160.1 
707W8AKSW82019SA LOW 80M924158141.9 
708F1UVNF2017SA LOW 80M900454212.9 
709NJ0FW02013SA LOW 80M814175171.2 
710JF1RYUJA12018SA LOW 80M760249112.3 
711JR4VEVJA42013SA LOW 80M70418881.3 
712W1MIW12021SA LOW 80M682168140.6 
713DO4DXADL2011SA LOW 80M675255205.3 
714E71AVWE72013SA LOW 80M638344181.8E75MM
715JL3LSFJA32018SA LOW 80M629154133.4 
716JA0DOWJA02023SA LOW 80M61218894.1 
717IK4RVGI2021SA LOW 80M600234201.6 
718AF8CW82020SA LOW 80M560168124.9 
7194A7LXE2023SA LOW 80M54621771.3XE1L 
720RL3AWUA-32018SA LOW 80M546129123.1 
721UA3AAJUA-32015SA LOW 80M532184156.7 
722EA1NEEA2016SA LOW 80M512145111.1 
723IU3MIKI2020SA LOW 80M (R)504208107.9 
724BA2BIBY2016SA LOW 80M49539781.4 
725UT2ABUR2013SA LOW 80M46818111514.2 
726EC7KWEA2020SA LOW 80M450236198.6 
727PA1BKPA2020SA LOW 80M440243170.9 
728OE1XTUOE2018SA LOW 80M440205150.9OE1VMC
729KT0PW72022SA LOW 80M43419868.8 
730LX1EALX2016SA LOW 80M42010691.0  
731OH6XAOH2017SA LOW 80M400286192.2 
732EI3CTBEI2017SA LOW 80M289233142.6 
733CX2CCCX2015SA LOW 80M289147102.7 
734DS2GOOHL2015SA LOW 80M28818752.2 
735K5CAOW62018SA LOW 80M2648471.3 
736RA0WKDUA02018SA LOW 80M24326456.2 
737BI3NTCBY2019SA LOW 80M19615682.8 
738LX8MLX2016SA LOW 80M196104100.6LX1ER
739E20NGFHS2020SA LOW 80M19510672.4 
740BD4UJBY2022SA LOW 80M19225664.9 
741YC1CWKYB2017SA LOW 80M19284411.4 
742BG4TRNBY2015SA LOW 80M17619563.1 
743R8AEZUA92021SA LOW 80M16823436.8 
744JP3WELJA32023SA LOW 80M1507554.7JG1EIQ
745CE1EWCE2021SA LOW 80M1406550.4 
746KT8DW82020SA LOW 80M13011581.7 
747BI4VIPBY2020SA LOW 80M12825443.6 
748UA9UXUA92021SA LOW 80M1175451.6  
749W6IHG/4W42014SA LOW 80M1006460.6 
750NR1KW22022SA LOW 80M (Y)907460.2 
751JR1BFZ/2JA22018SA LOW 80M906540.2 
752JP1LRTJA12016SA LOW 80M905330.4 
753YC2NDXYB2016SA LOW 80M808551.4 
754KD6WKYW62017SA LOW 80M7710430.9 
755JH5HDAJA52022SA LOW 80M7210447.0 
756SO5MKSP2018SA LOW 80M (R)729261.6 
757OH6EOGOH2015SA LOW 80M637361.6  
758NU4MW42023SA LOW 80M60156144.5 
759VE2ZQVE22023SA LOW 80M5213110.4 
760N2WPTW22023SA LOW 80M483330.1 
761K5CAOW62020SA LOW 80M423331.3 
762KY6AAW92017SA LOW 80M4020538.3 
763JR4VEVJA42015SA LOW 80M363220.3 
764HG8WHA2021SA LOW 80M32136100.7HA8ZO 
765BV5OQBV2017SA LOW 80M3211222.0 
766YC1BIQYB2016SA LOW 80M30323 
767G4AYUG2019SA LOW 80M283130.1 
768JA0GSGJA02013SA LOW 80M243220.7 
769BG8PMBY2022SA LOW 80M206231.6 
770K5CAOW62019SA LOW 80M202220.1 
771EA5TDEA2014SA LOW 80M93120.2  
772SM6PPSSM2023SA LOW 80M61110.1 
773RN3QNUA-32022SA LOW 80M61110.1  
774RA0ANOUA02020SA LOW 80M61110.1 
775RV6ASUUA-62020SA LOW 80M61110.1 
776UA9FBCUA-92020SA LOW 80M61110.1  
777XQ1FMCE2019SA LOW 80M63331.0 
778M0SHMG2017SA LOW 80M67240.6 
779K2BBW22013SA LOW 80M6111 
780SM5YRASM2023SA LOW 80M21110.1 
781HB9EHJHB2020SA LOW 80M21110.1 
782SP5SRSP2020SA LOW 80M21110.1 
782 results found
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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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