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RankCallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
7401JE2XLQJA21979SO HIGH 15M26412  wallpaper
7402OK2BADOKOM1979SO HIGH 15M26010  wallpaper
7403UA0CBLRA01976SO HIGH 15M260 wallpaper
7404W1PLJW11971SO HIGH 15M26011   
7405ZS6YXZS1954SO HIGH 15M260        
7406K5UYFW51960SO HIGH 15M252  
7407JA7ISRJA71978SO HIGH 15M25010  wallpaper
7408OZ8EOZ1983SO HIGH 15M24627  wallpaper
7409Y38ZGDM1984SO HIGH 15M243 wallpaper
7410OH3NROH1975SO HIGH 15M24310   
7411SM4WQSM1970SO HIGH 15M24211   
7412JA0GZJA01982SO HIGH 15M24010  wallpaper
7413N6CDAW61979SO HIGH 15M24040  wallpaper
7414UA9LACRA91975SO HIGH 15M24028   
7415W0CARW02020SO HIGH 15M (C)23816 10 1.7 wallpaper
7416UA0WGRA02015SO HIGH 15M (C)2380.7 wallpaper
7417JA9FBJA91963SO HIGH 15M234  
7418DL4CZDL1954SO HIGH 15M231        
7419JK2CKBJA21986SO HIGH 15M22412  wallpaper
7420OK2BJROKOM1976SO HIGH 15M22410  wallpaper
7421KZ5WZKZ51952SO HIGH 15M224    
7422JR1CBCJA11978SO HIGH 15M221 wallpaper
7423YV5DEGYV1970SO HIGH 15M21613   
7424W0GOEW01954SO HIGH 15M210        
7425W4CEBW41954SO HIGH 15M210        
7426JA9XWRJA91983SO HIGH 15M20913  wallpaper
7427OH6GEOH1981SO HIGH 15M20010  wallpaper
7428W3UHNW31955SO HIGH 15M198  
7429OH5RZOH1983SO HIGH 15M19612  wallpaper
7430US4IRTUR2011SO HIGH 15M19511 0.5 wallpaper
7431JE1NRXJA11981SO HIGH 15M192 wallpaper
7432UR2RIYES1983SO HIGH 15M18912  wallpaper
7433JA9FBJA91967SO HIGH 15M187  
7434SM1DJISM1981SO HIGH 15M18611  wallpaper
7435JI1JCNJA11987SO HIGH 15M18012  wallpaper
7436DM5YVLDM1975SO HIGH 15M18015 13   
7437KN2MBXW21958SO HIGH 15M180  
7438OH3PFOH1976SO HIGH 15M168 wallpaper
7439JA9XBWJA91985SO HIGH 15M165 wallpaper
7440UT5FGUR1964SO HIGH 15M15313   
7441JA0HCJA01997SO HIGH 15M15010  wallpaper
7442K6JGNW61957SO HIGH 15M150  
7443JA0FVUJA02016SO HIGH 15M1440.3  
7444JO7GVCJA72016SO HIGH 15M1440.7 wallpaper
7445WF6B/7W72012SO HIGH 15M14422 1.2 wallpaper
7446JA6BFIJA61978SO HIGH 15M144 wallpaper
7447W7MHW71975SO HIGH 15M144  
7448UA3NDUA-31968SO HIGH 15M14416   
7449W3MDOW31954SO HIGH 15M144        
7450ZL1HYZL1952SO HIGH 15M144    
7451OH2RDOH1966SO HIGH 15M143  
7452UK4FAAUA-41975SO HIGH 15M14010   
7453W9WWJW91955SO HIGH 15M140  
7454JA1XRHJA11968SO HIGH 15M135  
7455JA6YAFJA61965SO HIGH 15M132  
7456KN6JIVW61955SO HIGH 15M13015   
7457SM2DPBSM1964SO HIGH 15M128  
7458OM2BJROKOM1968SO HIGH 15M12614   
7459F8HOF1961SO HIGH 15M12614   
7460OH2BWMOH1980SO HIGH 15M12015 10  wallpaper
7461JE1WIHJA11978SO HIGH 15M120 wallpaper
7462K8AEBW81958SO HIGH 15M120  
7463KN7AHKW71957SO HIGH 15M120  
7464W2EYZW21952SO HIGH 15M120    
7465OK3CEGOKOM1970SO HIGH 15M11818 13 14   
7466OH2EFOH1969SO HIGH 15M114  
7467JA9UUJA91962SO HIGH 15M110  
7468KN6LJUW61958SO HIGH 15M11011   
7469OH3XCOH1965SO HIGH 15M99  
7470OZ3LIOZ1963SO HIGH 15M9612   
7471SP3AOTSP1990SO HIGH 15M91 wallpaper
7472SM6DJI/1SM1979SO HIGH 15M90 wallpaper
7473OH1VPOH1975SO HIGH 15M90  
7474WN0GTJW01973SO HIGH 15M90  
7475LA9ZVLA1984SO HIGH 15M8411  wallpaper
7476OK2ABUOKOM1975SO HIGH 15M84  
7477UB5TQUR1964SO HIGH 15M84  
7478JE8KKX/2JA21990SO HIGH 15M80 wallpaper
7479JK1LRHJA11978SO HIGH 15M80 wallpaper
7480VE3ADMVE31952SO HIGH 15M80    
7481W5VRIW51952SO HIGH 15M80    
7482W6FAYW61952SO HIGH 15M80    
7483K4APNW41957SO HIGH 15M77  
7484PA3EJWPA1987SO HIGH 15M72 wallpaper
7485JA4ZUJA41974SO HIGH 15M72  
7486SP2GLSP1969SO HIGH 15M72  
7487W2JBW21963SO HIGH 15M66  
7488OH2RDOH1968SO HIGH 15M64  
7489DF2RGDL1983SO HIGH 15M63 wallpaper
7490ON4CEON1963SO HIGH 15M63  
7491JA6AKVJA61977SO HIGH 15M6010  wallpaper
7492KH6BZMKH61970SO HIGH 15M60  
7493XE1PJXE1954SO HIGH 15M56        
7494JO3EVMJA32011SO HIGH 15M540.2 wallpaper
7495JR7ASUJA71980SO HIGH 15M54 wallpaper
7496JA6YVFJA61976SO HIGH 15M52 wallpaper
7497JA7MGHJA71977SO HIGH 15M48 wallpaper
7498WA8EASW81969SO HIGH 15M48  
7499UX3ITUR2016SO HIGH 15M450.5 wallpaper
7500JE4QJPJA41985SO HIGH 15M42 wallpaper
7532 results found
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