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7711 results found
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RankCallQTHYearCategoryScoreQSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
7301JE1UKMJA12007SO LOW ALL1768560.2 
7302JI1BHOJA12022SO LOW ALL1717540.3 
73037L1ILEJA11992SO LOW 15M170855 
7304JA1UOAJA12019SO LOW 40M1709550.7 
73057N3IJTJA12022SA HIGH 10M1697673.5 
7306JA1OLPJA11970SO HIGH ALL168777  
7307JN1DNVJA12018SO LOW 15M1688571.0 
7308JE1TSDJA12009SO LOW 160M1687570.3 
7309JA1BFNJA11993SO LOW 40M1651169 
7310JQ1EPDJA12016SA LOW ALL16212542.4 
7311JA1AVI/1JA12016SO LOW 15M16214542.1 
7312JA1CTZJA12012SO LOW 160M1628540.1 
7313JA9NA/1JA11961SO HIGH 40M1611243  
7314JA1AATJA11989SO HIGH 10M160846 
7315JE1SPYJA11983SO HIGH 160M1601135 
7316JA1SZNJA12016SO HIGH 80M1606460.8  
7317JA1EODJA12016SA HIGH ALL15610492.6 
7318JA1CUWJA11976SO HIGH 160M1561066 
7319JG1DUZJA12017SO HIGH 40M1567671.3 
7320JE1CACJA12014SO QRP 40M (C)1567660.8 
7321JF1GZZJA12022SO LOW 40M (C)1548561.1 
7322JP7DHE/1JA12017SO LOW 40M1546651.4 
7323JH1DJDJA12016SO LOW ALL1549681.4  
73247N3KVNJA12002SO QRP ALL154877 
7325JA1ISAJA12014SO LOW 40M15311450.9 
7326JK1FZRJA12017SA LOW ALL1523918206.4 
7327JA1IZZJA12013SA HIGH 160M1509551.6 
7328JH1HDTJA12021SO HIGH ALL1505550.1 
7329JH1OJVJA12022SO LOW 15M (C)1505550.5 
7330JL1DBIJA11986SO HIGH 10M144944 
7331JA1PPHJA11982SO HIGH 160M144954 
7332JA1AJAJA11961SO HIGH 20M1441544  
7333JI1SHQJA12016SO LOW 20M (C)1446440.3  
7334JA1PKSJA12009SO LOW ALL1447440.3 
7335JH1APKJA12018SA HIGH 160M14310651.2 
7336JP1QDHJA12013SA LOW ALL1406461.0 
7337JE1SPYJA11982SO HIGH 160M1401143 
7338JG1BGTJA12021SO QRP ALL1408431.4 
73397K4MMHJA11997SO LOW ALL136744 
7340JF1UVJJA12018SA HIGH 80M1355450.9 
7341JA1XRHJA11968SO HIGH 15M135932  
7342JH1LKHJA11978SO HIGH 160M135645 
7343JS1WWRJA12020SO LOW 15M1359782.3 
7344JE1WBAJA12020SO LOW 20M1355450.5 
7345JJ1KMFJA12018SO LOW 40M (R)13511322.5 
73467N4CPTJA12016SO HIGH 40M1339430.6  
7347JK1VGNJA12022SO LOW 40M1337430.6 
7348JK1LUYJA12005SO HIGH 20M132965 
7349JP7DHE/1JA12014SO LOW 15M1327661.1 
7350JA1POSJA11994SO LOW 20M132656 
7351JH1OODJA12014SO LOW 10M1305550.8 
7352JA1LKYJA12021SO LOW 15M13012763.0 
7353JA1GZKJA12018SO LOW 15M (C)1306550.3 
7354JE1WBAJA12021SO LOW ALL1305550.6 
7355JA1AATJA11959SO HIGH 10M126742  
7356JP1BPGJA11985SO HIGH 20M126933 
7357JH1OESJA12011SO LOW 10M1266450.2 
7358JA1AVI/1JA12021SO LOW 20M1269331.6 
7359JA1MNJJA12014SO LOW 40M (C)126309125.2 
7360JA1BNWJA12016SO LOW 80M1266540.9 
7361JN1HYUJA12007SO LOW ALL1266430.2 
7362JH1ADRJA11987SO HIGH 10M120646 
7363JE1WIHJA11978SO HIGH 15M120544 
7364JA1XEMJA11996SO HIGH 160M120544 
7365JH1CFVJA12022SO LOW 20M (C)1205350.5 
7366JE1GZBJA12020SO LOW 20M1206550.4 
7367JA1AVI/1JA12019SO LOW 20M12012320.7 
7368JJ1WRUJA12020SO LOW 10M (R)1197341.3 
7369JA1DCLJA11980SO HIGH 10M117545 
7370JA1XPUJA11993SO LOW 10M117545 
7371JP1EHCJA12018SO LOW 15M1175450.6 
7372JS1IFKJA12008SO LOW 15M1175450.2 
7373JR1USUJA12018SO QRP 20M11711542.8 
7374JE1KDMJA11994SO LOW 40M114733 
7375JP1EAAJA12012SA LOW 15M11219971.5  
7376JH1PVJJA12014SO LOW 15M (C)1126250.4 
7377JA1KPFJA12008SO QRP 15M1126340.1 
7378JA1HGYJA11964SO HIGH 10M110755  
73798J1SOUMU/1JA12021SO LOW 40M1108321.0 
7380JG1RRHJA12021SO LOW ALL1107550.4 
7381JG1LPLJA12017SO LOW ALL11010653.2 
7382JR1USUJA12013SO QRP ALL1108461.4 
7383JA1BDIJA11993SO HIGH 20M108624 
7384JA1WWEJA12008SO LOW 10M1086240.2 
7385JA1AIUJA11959SO HIGH 10M105534  
7386JA1SKYJA11997SO LOW 10M105643 
7387JM1IDRJA12015SO LOW 15M1055430.4 
7388JI1XSEJA12020SA LOW 15M1045441.1 
7389JH1WOYJA12021SO LOW ALL10411440.7 
7390JH1DJDJA12017SO LOW ALL1041912142.2  
7391JL1EJOJA11984SO HIGH 40M100555 
7392JI1FDFJA12005SO LOW 20M100191619 
7393JA1AATJA12002SO LOW 40M10021716 
7394JP1EHCJA12016SO LOW ALL1006460.7 
7395JA1MNJJA12005SO LOW ALL100221413 
7396JR1WYVJA12003SO LOW ALL100341717 
7397JM1NMBJA11982SO QRP 15M1001023 
7398JA1ELJA11962SO HIGH 80M99945  
7399JO1JKHJA12018SO LOW 20M999542.3 
7400JK1ECXJA12022SO QRP 40M (R)9810431.6 
7711 results found
  Page 74 of 78  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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