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RankCallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
7301JE3SGEJA31984SO HIGH 15M51719  wallpaper
7302JA5BZLJA51966SO HIGH 15M51311 10   
7303K6KOW62005SO HIGH 15M51212 10  wallpaper
7304UO5OGQER1983SO HIGH 15M51218 12  wallpaper
7305W4GCBW41955SO HIGH 15M51215   
7306JI2LCEJA21986SO HIGH 15M51014  wallpaper
7307K7UWTW71971SO HIGH 15M51020   
7308WA4DOU/4W41965SO HIGH 15M51013 10   
7309OK1ANSOKOM1977SO HIGH 15M50717  wallpaper
7310SP9LASSP1993SO HIGH 15M504 wallpaper
73113E1DXHP2001SO HIGH 15M49737 DL5XXwallpaper
7312W6NLOW61952SO HIGH 15M496    
7313WX4YZCW41965SO HIGH 15M49515   
7314JA1XPUJA11990SO HIGH 15M49412 11  wallpaper
7315JE3UERJA31976SO HIGH 15M48612 10  wallpaper
7316ON4CEON1971SO HIGH 15M48015 10   
7317JA1UVRJA11965SO HIGH 15M48015   
7318W2BVEW21957SO HIGH 15M48010   
7319JE3EVCJA31974SO HIGH 15M46814   
7320JA1AATJA11977SO HIGH 15M46229  wallpaper
7321OK1ASQOKOM1976SO HIGH 15M45912  wallpaper
7322TF3KMTF1975SO HIGH 15M44820 11   
7323JA7ORJA71962SO HIGH 15M44218   
7324JS1DCZ/7JA71989SO HIGH 15M43511  wallpaper
7325SP6PWRSP1966SO HIGH 15M43413   
7326PA3CALPA2009SO HIGH 15M4320.3 wallpaper
7327OH3WDOH1985SO HIGH 15M432 wallpaper
7328SM7AKFSM1957SO HIGH 15M432  
7329SM6VYSM1955SO HIGH 15M43214 12   
7330JF9QCKJA92020SO HIGH 15M42014 11.3 wallpaper
7331JA3ETDJA32005SO HIGH 15M42042 15 27  wallpaper
7332EC8ASYEA81989SO HIGH 15M42012 10 11  wallpaper
7333JE2SSXJA21985SO HIGH 15M42010  wallpaper
7334OK1JVTOKOM1976SO HIGH 15M42014  wallpaper
7335UW3EGUA-31969SO HIGH 15M42016 10   
7336JA5AGJA51955SO HIGH 15M42020   
7337JA4AQRJA41962SO HIGH 15M41815   
7338DM2AMGDL1962SO HIGH 15M41610   
7339WA0OTVW02000SO HIGH 15M41021 11  wallpaper
7340SP2PCXSP1971SO HIGH 15M40717   
7341OZ6ZSOZ1974SO HIGH 15M396  
7342OH2BHZOH1967SO HIGH 15M39623 14   
7343HA5BIHA1966SO HIGH 15M39624   
7344W9LJRW91955SO HIGH 15M39611   
7345RN1CXUA-12002SO HIGH 15M39010  wallpaper
7346SP6CXCSP1970SO HIGH 15M38414   
7347OH2BFSOH1983SO HIGH 15M37821  wallpaper
7348SM5HHSM1955SO HIGH 15M37814   
7349YU1PJYU1991SO HIGH 15M37513  wallpaper
7350VE2AKFVE21956SO HIGH 15M37426   
7351W4NYFW41958SO HIGH 15M368  
7352PY4TOPY1990SO HIGH 15M36410  wallpaper
7353WD9BCGW91977SO HIGH 15M364 wallpaper
7354OH2VZOH1967SO HIGH 15M36410   
7355OH2YLOH1985SO HIGH 15M36337 11 22  wallpaper
7356OK1MSOOKOM1987SO HIGH 15M36010  wallpaper
7357YO9HIYO1967SO HIGH 15M36020 10   
7358JA0NCEJA01976SO HIGH 15M35011  wallpaper
7359W3FTGW31969SO HIGH 15M34810   
7360JH7RKTJA71978SO HIGH 15M34510  wallpaper
7361JA5AZJJA51965SO HIGH 15M34012 10 10   
7362UW0IKRA01963SO HIGH 15M34091 10 10   
7363OH3NYOH1954SO HIGH 15M340        
7364W2PZIW21954SO HIGH 15M338        
7365JA6QDUJA61987SO HIGH 15M33615  wallpaper
7366SM7BUESM1963SO HIGH 15M33610   
7367JA1HJEJA11962SO HIGH 15M33016   
7368K5AVAW51958SO HIGH 15M33013   
7369OH2YHOH1958SO HIGH 15M32884 16 28   
7370W4QARW41960SO HIGH 15M325  
7371W9HCXW91955SO HIGH 15M322  
7372KN1VSCW11962SO HIGH 15M31523   
7373S59EIJS52009SO HIGH 15M31211 0.3 wallpaper
7374UA6HANUA-61976SO HIGH 15M31210  wallpaper
7375OH6JWOH1974SO HIGH 15M31216   
7376SP7AODSP1964SO HIGH 15M312  
7377KP4JRSKP42012SO HIGH 15M30811 0.6 wallpaper
7378JH0XUPJA01984SO HIGH 15M30810  wallpaper
7379OH5PAOH1984SO HIGH 15M308 wallpaper
7380K9IWSW91962SO HIGH 15M308  
7381ZS6BJZS1954SO HIGH 15M306        
7382UA3UAAUA-31976SO HIGH 15M30411  wallpaper
7383K9ALPW91957SO HIGH 15M30410   
7384YO4ATWYO1985SO HIGH 15M30011  wallpaper
7385JH1CQVJA11984SO HIGH 15M29711  wallpaper
7386JA0HCJA01961SO HIGH 15M29711   
7387KN5LMJW51957SO HIGH 15M28913   
7388PY2GWFPY1976SO HIGH 15M28810  wallpaper
7389W6ZPHW61954SO HIGH 15M288        
7390OK2SMOOKOM1975SO HIGH 15M28510   
7391YO5AIRYO1976SO HIGH 15M28010  wallpaper
7392JA3FPKJA31967SO HIGH 15M28016   
7393JH0IFIJA01979SO HIGH 15M27911  wallpaper
7394K4EKQW41979SO HIGH 15M27610  wallpaper
7395LA9MLA1974SO HIGH 15M27322   
7396W2HBEW21983SO HIGH 15M27010  wallpaper
7397JA3AVOJA31970SO HIGH 15M270  
7398JA1CJJA11954SO HIGH 15M270        
7399WA0IFJW01964SO HIGH 15M266  
7400W9GIHW91956SO HIGH 15M266  
7532 results found
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