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RankCallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
7201JE4HIHJA41989SO HIGH 15M85813 13  wallpaper
7202OH2KUOH1970SO HIGH 15M85825 14   
7203Y55ZFDM1981SO HIGH 15M85532 12  wallpaper
7204HB9DXHB1963SO HIGH 15M85226   
7205W5WWW51977SO HIGH 15M85151  wallpaper
7206JA0DVAJA01968SO HIGH 15M84019 10 10   
7207AC5RW51982SO HIGH 15M83635 10 12  wallpaper
7208WB9NMEW91974SO HIGH 15M83616 12   
7209JH0HONJA01986SO HIGH 15M82818 10  wallpaper
7210JA4BKLJA41977SO HIGH 15M82021 10 10  wallpaper
7211WA1FCNW11974SO HIGH 15M82016 12   
7212OH6UMOH1974SO HIGH 15M81929 15   
7213OH2BROH1964SO HIGH 15M81916 13   
7214SM7TVSM1960SO HIGH 15M81931 14   
7215JA7BIJJA71976SO HIGH 15M81847  wallpaper
7216ZL3EAZL1952SO HIGH 15M816    
7217JT1CDJT2016SO HIGH 15M80367 0.6 wallpaper
7218WN4UCCW41972SO HIGH 15M80021   
7219DL7IPDL1960SO HIGH 15M80024   
7220JL1EJOJA11983SO HIGH 15M79225  wallpaper
7221OZ1CAHOZ1981SO HIGH 15M79215 12 12  wallpaper
7222W4EEOW41962SO HIGH 15M79212 10 12   
7223DL9PJDL1957SO HIGH 15M79027   
7224VE7CRWVE71977SO HIGH 15M78465  wallpaper
7225DM4WKLDL1968SO HIGH 15M78429   
7226UA3CUUA-31969SO HIGH 15M78234 17   
7227WN3BWUW31955SO HIGH 15M78217 11   
7228JA6BFIJA61979SO HIGH 15M77421 10  wallpaper
7229OK1KZOKOM1967SO HIGH 15M76820   
7230SM7CUYSM1988SO HIGH 15M76020 13  wallpaper
7231HI8RPDHI1985SO HIGH 15M76040  wallpaper
7232OH8RAOH1960SO HIGH 15M760  
7233K7CVLW71973SO HIGH 15M75621   
7234UA3GOUA-31969SO HIGH 15M75624 13   
7235SP9BRPSP1988SO HIGH 15M74421 16  wallpaper
7236G3KYFG1959SO HIGH 15M74417 10 14   
7237SP3IBSSP1986SO HIGH 15M74016 11  wallpaper
7238OH1XAOH1971SO HIGH 15M73620 16   
7239WN0AMDW01971SO HIGH 15M73521   
7240SP3AOTSP1987SO HIGH 15M73119  wallpaper
7241SM5FEXSM1974SO HIGH 15M72613 10 12   
7242W5ZWRW51954SO HIGH 15M726        
7243ON4CEON1961SO HIGH 15M72026   
7244K6OXUW61957SO HIGH 15M72014 10 10   
7245UB5EFAUR1986SO HIGH 15M71418 14  wallpaper
7246OK2BSAOKOM1977SO HIGH 15M70525  wallpaper
7247DM2AHMDL1960SO HIGH 15M70517   
7248W5VLFW51956SO HIGH 15M70519   
7249JA1UDIJA11976SO HIGH 15M70216  wallpaper
7250JF7BZYJA71983SO HIGH 15M70020  wallpaper
7251WL7IBE/WN7W71975SO HIGH 15M69720   
7252SP9KJSP1959SO HIGH 15M69014 10 13   
7253OZ5XTOZ1989SO HIGH 15M68419 11  wallpaper
7254JL1ROTJA11986SO HIGH 15M68414 11  wallpaper
7255OH9RJOH1967SO HIGH 15M68030 14   
7256YU3NPYU1965SO HIGH 15M66513 12   
7257SM3MIDSM1989SO HIGH 15M66020  wallpaper
7258JH4MVAJA41976SO HIGH 15M66013 11  wallpaper
7259YO7AQEYO1981SO HIGH 15M65725  wallpaper
7260UO5GRER1976SO HIGH 15M65113 13  wallpaper
7261W4NTEW41966SO HIGH 15M64614 10   
7262JA4BXUJA42012SO HIGH 15M64412 12 11 0.4 wallpaper
7263JA2FVFJA21972SO HIGH 15M64014   
7264OK1MPOKOM1964SO HIGH 15M64013 10 10   
7265W5GIEW51956SO HIGH 15M64014 10 10   
7266XE1PJXE1956SO HIGH 15M64018 11   
7267JA1CJJA11955SO HIGH 15M63030   
7268K4RVW42007SO HIGH 15M62712 12 0.2 wallpaper
7269JA1RLRJA11975SO HIGH 15M62417   
7270OK1AQOOKOM1969SO HIGH 15M62422   
7271DJ4HRDL1962SO HIGH 15M62415   
7272W5EIJW51976SO HIGH 15M62012 11  wallpaper
7273SM7AFKSM1959SO HIGH 15M61618 19   
7274OE1WOOE1981SO HIGH 15M61518  wallpaper
7275JA1BQRJA11957SO HIGH 15M61515   
7276VE5TKVE51954SO HIGH 15M612        
7277WA2BCK/4W41977SO HIGH 15M60813 12  wallpaper
7278OH8RVOH1968SO HIGH 15M60830 10   
7279OK1AAAOKOM1960SO HIGH 15M60816   
7280OH9TDOH1971SO HIGH 15M60020 14   
7281OY2HOY1987SO HIGH 15M59525 10  wallpaper
7282JA3CZAJA31963SO HIGH 15M59516   
7283JA8RIIJA81991SO HIGH 15M58812 11  wallpaper
7284OH6LVOH1971SO HIGH 15M58430 14   
7285OH9QVOH1963SO HIGH 15M57628 14   
7286OK1CXOKOM1966SO HIGH 15M57216   
7287JS1MIGJA11987SO HIGH 15M57020  wallpaper
7288JA0EDJA01968SO HIGH 15M56713 10 11   
7289WA6BVYW61968SO HIGH 15M55916   
7290JH0XUPJA01985SO HIGH 15M54616  wallpaper
7291W0JZXW01952SO HIGH 15M532  10   
7292LA2YTLA1974SO HIGH 15M52719 11   
7293YO6WDYO1967SO HIGH 15M52717 10   
7294OH7NWOH1975SO HIGH 15M52518   
7295JA0IADJA01974SO HIGH 15M52515   
7296SM7EGOSM1970SO HIGH 15M52519   
7297OK2OGOKOM1966SO HIGH 15M52211 10   
7298JF7VVL/3JA31988SO HIGH 15M52012 10 10  wallpaper
7299JE4MKGJA41985SO HIGH 15M52021 12 14  wallpaper
7300UA9HNRA91966SO HIGH 15M52023 13   
7532 results found
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