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#CallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
601WE6EZW52020SO QRP 10M1,1762910113.0 
602IW1BCOI2022SO QRP 10M1,1502811145.6 
603JF3ROHJA32014SO QRP 10M1,1041812122.4 
604LZ1ZHLZ1986SO QRP 10M1,10435815 
605PY2ZQPY2011SO QRP 10M1,1002310101.3 
606JI3CJOJA32015SO QRP 10M1,08826883.4 
607DL/SP4NKJ/MDL2014SO QRP 10M1,078419137.9  
608JH3HYTJA32021SO QRP 10M1,0753212135.6 
609KI0IIW02003SO QRP 10M1,075271213 
610SP9HVVSP2013SO QRP 10M1,0251712133.1 
611JR7OEFJA71989SO QRP 10M1,02020911 
612JJ1OSPJA11983SO QRP 10M1,02020710 
613KJ5TW52022SO QRP 10M1,000239112.2 
614E20YLMHS2012SO QRP 10M9362511150.9 
615YT7AOYT2009SO QRP 10M936286181.1 
616SM7CZCSM1980SO QRP 10M92443319 
617JL3OXR/1JA12015SO QRP 10M (C)918207105.2 
618G5DG2023SO QRP 10M91221791.4M1EYP 
619JA4GNKJA42013SO QRP 10M9122510145.3 
6207K2PBBJA12000SO QRP 10M903171011 
621YU/OU5AYT2021SO QRP 10M88524692.8 
622UA3ABTUA-31987SO QRP 10M82819914 
623JK1NWDJA12022SO QRP 10M (C)82524878.0 
624EA1BPEA2002SO QRP 10M8253478 
625PY2DSNPY2022SO QRP 10M8002110102.7 
626OZ8AOZ2012SO QRP 10M76525690.8 
627JI1AEPJA12023SO QRP 10M756208106.5 
628UB5RBTUR1981SO QRP 10M73823513 
629R2FIUA22021SO QRP 10M6801610103.2 
630UB4ETUR1986SO QRP 10M67228813 
631YO6EXYO2020SO QRP 10M65817681.8 
632JT1BYJT1993SO QRP 10M6403379 
633DK9BMDL2023SO QRP 10M (C)630176120.6 
634N0JKW02023SO QRP 10M (C)627168110.8 
635PA0ATGPA1981SO QRP 10M6272356 
6369A3TY9A2012SO QRP 10M62424671.1 
637UA3DLDUA-32020SO QRP 10M (C)621287163.9 
638RZ0CQUA02013SO QRP 10M60219771.5 
639N0JKW02012SO QRP 10M594128100.5 
640PY3FFPY2021SO QRP 10M5801410101.9 
641JK3ZQJJA32006SO QRP 10M576167111.8JG1EIQ
642OM8JPOM2012SO QRP 10M56014770.3 
643ZS6PTZS1984SO QRP 10M54027911 
644IO7UI2014SO QRP 10M53319670.7IK7GUW
645DO6SRDL2013SO QRP 10M53214771.7 
646KH6KGKH62014SO QRP 10M51616751.0 
647YO5ALIYO2008SO QRP 10M513207120.7 
648F4GTDF2011SO QRP 10M50418680.7 
649DK5NADDL2022SO QRP 10M46511690.9 
650NR7ZW62023SO QRP 10M (C)44813793.5 
651R7TUUA-62017SO QRP 10M4372781117.6 
652OK1LVOK2017SO QRP 10M (C)4162641213.0 
653VU2LYXVU2009SO QRP 10M40812890.4 
654SV2AELSV2003SO QRP 10M4082289 
655JK1VOZJA12015SO QRP 10M40315673.2  
656JR1USUJA12011SO QRP 10M40317760.6 
657VR2YAKVR2014SO QRP 10M400218125.7 
658PY2FRWPY2003SO QRP 10M40013911 
659RA3XXUA-32017SO QRP 10M396158104.2 
660LZ1DOLZ2012SO QRP 10M39010670.5 
661UN9PQUN2014SO QRP 10M (C)3841410145.1 
662PY1FWPY2023SO QRP 10M380229103.5 
663SQ4HRNSP2006SO QRP 10M378175135.0 
664W5GAIW52019SO QRP 10M37414561.2 
665JI3CJOJA32016SO QRP 10M368136101.3 
666YO2AQBYO1987SO QRP 10M3601348 
667PU2LDPPY2019SO QRP 10M33812760.6 
668BD4VLQBY2023SO QRP 10M33619792.3 
669SN5RSP2021SO QRP 10M33612772.1SP5XMU
670UR5ZQVUR2006SO QRP 10M336176103.9 
671LU7VCHLU2020SO QRP 10M32525762.2 
672UP2TBGLY1980SO QRP 10M32011610 
6739A1VV9A2023SO QRP 10M (C)3128670.2 
674IZ8EWDI2015SO QRP 10M (C)30810561.3 
675PY2ELPY2008SO QRP 10M306178100.5 
676UX8IXUR1996SO QRP 10M300969 
677YO8DHDYO2022SO QRP 10M (C)294184102.2 
678VE3NZVE32015SO QRP 10M289116110.9 
679OK1LVOK2016SO QRP 10M276205714.5 
680KA1UEHW11992SO QRP 10M276848 
681JK1VUZJA12021SO QRP 10M (C)26610773.1 
682VK2IA/6VK2012SO QRP 10M2648380.4VK6AA
683RW4NWUA-41993SO QRP 10M26118712 
684N2NLY/4W42012SO QRP 10M26011670.5 
685JK1VOZJA12016SO QRP 10M25013373.9 
686JA4DQXJA42009SO QRP 10M24310540.4 
687WO2NW22008SO QRP 10M24313450.3 
688WB9AYWW92021SO QRP 10M2409482.3 
689WO2NW22009SO QRP 10M24020780.5 
690N4QXW42011SO QRP 10M23111470.4 
691JL3OXR/1JA12008SO QRP 10M2208470.2 
692HS4OFEHS2023SO QRP 10M (C)216148105.4 
693RV3GMUA-32004SO QRP 10M1921157 
694UR5ZQVUR2007SO QRP 10M1828680.1 
695UB5RCAUR1984SO QRP 10M180757 
696UR2TBGES1982SO QRP 10M176656 
697PA3GCHPA2023SO QRP 10M1709461.9 
698DK5NADDL2021SO QRP 10M17011462.5 
699DM5QZDL2022SO QRP 10M1657561.6 
700IW0RFBI2011SO QRP 10M1628450.4 
765 results found
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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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