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#CallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
601M0OSHG2016SA LOW 80M4,7538884110.5 
602BI4SDTBY2020SA LOW 80M4,704217101424.9 
603R6KEEUA-62019SA LOW 80M4,68010583120.8 
604JA2HYDJA22016SA LOW 80M4,63357172423.3 
605JR9GMSJA92016SA LOW 80M4,59851152316.7 
606HA5NHA2022SA LOW 80M4,5901036392.4HA5CQZ
607LZ7DLZ2017SA LOW 80M4,53210763810.0LZ3RN
608HA7MSHA2019SA LOW 80M4,5245911473.0 
609SP6EIYSP2016SA LOW 80M4,440538522.3 
610EA1YGEA2014SA LOW 80M4,399549442.4 
611EU6ROEU2022SA LOW 80M4,3291086333.1  
612JF3GFH/1JA12018SA LOW 80M4,1804317279.1 
613VU3NXIVU2018SA LOW 80M4,0004211296.0 
614OZ1AXGOZ2016SA LOW 80M3,9398763312.2 
615JG1FMLJA12018SA LOW 80M3,9244913238.2 
616JA1SVPJA12015SA LOW 80M3,85054152013.8 
617JP3WELJA32021SA LOW 80M3,81560161923.7JG1EIQ
618JA6GPRJA62018SA LOW 80M3,7803618276.9 
619ON6UFON2013SA LOW 80M3,7449863312.1 
620HA5CQZHA2020SA LOW 80M3,696904383.2 
621PA3DTRPA2017SA LOW 80M3,696909395.3 
622JF3GFHJA32020SA LOW 80M3,57052142011.8 
623DL5NODL2022SA LOW 80M3,555798372.1 
624SM3DSM2010SA LOW 80M3,444607351.7SM3WMU
625RO2XUA-32020SA LOW 80M3,42259124710.5 
626YB2UTXYB2010SA LOW 80M3,4006518322.2 
627KP2DXKP22016SA LOW 80M3,335829207.7KP2BH
628YB1ARYB2013SA LOW 80M3,32139182313.1 
629G4BVYG2018SA LOW 80M3,264547411.0 
630N9KTW92018SA LOW 80M3,2403711296.1 
631JH0MUCJA02019SA LOW 80M3,1923916228.8 
632R9UAGUA92014SA LOW 80M3,108486224.9  
633V31MAV32014SA LOW 80M3,007429223.2 
634WB8BZK/9W92016SA LOW 80M2,9923811238.1 
635JH5FTYJA52014SA LOW 80M2,99241161817.9 
636UT0UMUR2011SA LOW 80M2,9825011312.3 
637YU3AWAYT2020SA LOW 80M2,886944352.7 
638JA9FAIJA92013SA LOW 80M2,8805714165.4 
639DM3FDL2012SA LOW 80M2,808499273.5DH5FS
640LB3RELA2016SA LOW 80M2,784915272.0 
641RO2XUA-32021SA LOW 80M2,5533413247.9 
642CW5WCX2021SA LOW 80M2,4424910125.5CX6VM
643W4CCW42015SA LOW 80M2,3462613213.8 
644HA1WDHA2018SA LOW 80M2,277667261.2 
645JA1SKEJA12012SA LOW 80M2,2724312202.5 
646TA1UTTA12022SA LOW 80M2,146706313.9 
647M0GNBG2020SA LOW 80M2,128725236.5 
648EI9ESEI2010SA LOW 80M2,100547283.4 
649SO5WDSP2017SA LOW 80M2,074616289.5 
650DF1HFDL2019SA LOW 80M2,009367340.8  
651K2BBW22014SA LOW 80M1,9202313173.2 
652BA5HAMBY2012SA LOW 80M1,80290891.8  
653RM5YUA-32017SA LOW 80M1,792309196.2 
654N9LJXW92017SA LOW 80M1,77030102012.6 
655NW6V/7W72015SA LOW 80M1,75140985.6 
656R9CACUA92018SA LOW 80M1,728307171.9 
657SM0BSOSM2014SA LOW 80M1,696495271.9 
658YU0UYT2018SA LOW 80M1,680546240.7 
659JE2CPIJA22014SA LOW 80M1,56034131721.9 
660UT4UFUUR2016SA LOW 80M1,540447285.5 
661DF0PTDL2016SA LOW 80M1,519495261.0DJ4MH 
662TI2CDATI2018SA LOW 80M1,400228203.2 
663UT2ABUR2014SA LOW 80M1,333259227.2 
664W2DXW22013SA LOW 80M1,325217182.3 
665PI4WLDPA2012SA LOW 80M1,204415232.3PA0HTS
666JH9DRL/2JA22015SA LOW 80M1,20030101412.8 
667N9TFW92016SA LOW 80M1,1882610125.5 
668YT0IYT2015SA LOW 80M1,104525182.3 
669SM6IQDSM2015SA LOW 80M1,08831792.0 
670YF8HYVYB2020SA LOW 80M1,05027695.4 
671JN1RQVJA12012SA LOW 80M1,032168160.1 
672W8AKSW82019SA LOW 80M924158141.9 
673F1UVNF2017SA LOW 80M900454212.9 
674NJ0FW02013SA LOW 80M814175171.2 
675JF1RYUJA12018SA LOW 80M760249112.3 
676JR4VEVJA42013SA LOW 80M70418881.3 
677W1MIW12021SA LOW 80M682168140.6 
678DO4DXADL2011SA LOW 80M675255205.3 
679E71AVWE72013SA LOW 80M638344181.8E75MM
680JL3LSFJA32018SA LOW 80M629154133.4 
681IK4RVGI2021SA LOW 80M600234201.6 
682AF8CW82020SA LOW 80M560168124.9 
683RL3AWUA-32018SA LOW 80M546129123.1 
684UA3AAJUA-32015SA LOW 80M532184156.7 
685EA1NEEA2016SA LOW 80M512145111.1 
686IU3MIKI2020SA LOW 80M (R)504208107.9 
687BA2BIBY2016SA LOW 80M49539781.4 
688UT2ABUR2013SA LOW 80M46818111514.2 
689EC7KWEA2020SA LOW 80M450236198.6 
690PA1BKPA2020SA LOW 80M440243170.9 
691OE1XTUOE2018SA LOW 80M440205150.9OE1VMC
692KT0PW72022SA LOW 80M43419868.8 
693LX1EALX2016SA LOW 80M42010691.0  
694OH6XAOH2017SA LOW 80M400286192.2 
695EI3CTBEI2017SA LOW 80M289233142.6 
696CX2CCCX2015SA LOW 80M289147102.7 
697DS2GOOHL2015SA LOW 80M28818752.2 
698K5CAOW62018SA LOW 80M2648471.3 
699RA0WKDUA02018SA LOW 80M24326456.2 
700BI3NTCBY2019SA LOW 80M19615682.8 
739 results found
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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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