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#CallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
501VE2BLXVE21989SO QRP ALL15,470962639 
502VE2GHIVE22015SO LOW ALL15,36014027338.1  
503VE2QYVE22020SO LOW ALL14,82314525368.5 
504VE2YAVE21955SO HIGH ALL14,364917643  
505VE2HLSVE22008SO LOW 20M14,13610314433.6 
506VE2LXVE22007SO LOW ALL13,87114836618.7 
507VD2MAQVE21992SO LOW ALL13,8001771921 
508VE2QYVE22009SO LOW ALL13,28816920247.1 
509VE2FFEVE21987SO HIGH ALL13,248752643 
5103B2AWVE21967SO HIGH ALL12,9881931915  
511VE2QVVE22018SO LOW ALL (C)12,8528822415.3 
512VA2ANVE22020SO LOW 80M12,44123610198.8 
513VE2VIAVE22019SO LOW ALL12,33110019409.1 
514VA2SKVE22018SA LOW ALL11,46198235015.8 
515VE2WAVE21952SO HIGH ALL11,400 2946  
516VE2ABOVE21997SO QRP ALL11,3681031831 
517VE2GHIVE22018SO LOW ALL11,280110253511.6 
518VE2ABOVE21992SO QRP ALL11,240812435 
519VE2BKVE21959SO HIGH ALL11,005552645  
520VE2ESUVE22019SA HIGH ALL10,3257422373.6 
521VE2VIAVE22015SO LOW ALL10,098109163511.4 
522VE2AWWVE22014SO LOW 80M9,76559164710.3 
523VE2VABVE22021SO LOW ALL9,5408823374.8  
524VE2SGVE22022SA HIGH 10M9,4867215362.1 
525VE2VIAVE22017SO HIGH ALL9,462136213613.4 
526VE2FFEVE21986SO HIGH ALL9,291702136 
527VE2BVVVE22022SO LOW ALL9,2116624373.3 
528VE2QVVE22014SO LOW ALL8,8165518403.4 
529VE2KOTVE22016SO QRP ALL8,8008220308.2 
530VE2ZDRVE22022SA LOW ALL8,73093182710.4 
531VE2CJZVE21996SO HIGH ALL8,6101001626 
532VE2ESUVE22020SA HIGH ALL8,5256621343.2 
533VE2QVVE22016SO LOW ALL8,2328520294.5 
534VE2ZTVE22021SO LOW ALL8,1599413289.3 
535VE2DRVE21955SO HIGH 15M8,02493826  
536VE2VIAVE22020SO LOW ALL7,980114123012.0 
537VE2DSKVE22003SO LOW ALL7,980762337 
538VE2BQLVE21973SO HIGH 20M7,884841224  
539VE2BLXVE21990SO QRP ALL7,728522729 
540VE2DSKVE22004SO LOW ALL7,695812433 
541VE2BVVE21950SO HIGH 20M7,584 1731  
543VE2IRVE22018SO LOW 80M7,392749352.2 
544VE2DWLVE21997SO LOW ALL7,3781261714 
545VE2DCVE22011SO HIGH ALL7,0505218321.7 
546VE2FTUVE21982SO HIGH ALL6,876891818 
547PT7BL/VE3VE22017SA LOW ALL6,8047321336.9PT7BL
548VE2JRVE22012SO LOW ALL6,6968128443.9 
549VA2LCVE22016SO LOW ALL6,5654925407.6  
550VE2APHVE21955SO HIGH 20M6,435681728  
551VE2OVVE22023SA HIGH ALL6,3484826437.5 
552VE2WAVE21984SO HIGH ALL6,050572629 
553VE2BLXVE21995SO QRP ALL5,957751720 
554VE2IRVE22017SO LOW 80M (C)5,9407511252.7 
555VE2BVVE21951SO HIGH ALL5,661 2229  
556VE2BKVE21949SO HIGH ALL5,450     
557VE2BLXVE21993SO QRP ALL4,849942524 
558VE2WAVE21981SO HIGH 20M4,810501423 
559VE2FUVE22006SO QRP ALL4,7706921245.5 
560VE2FJRVE21982SO HIGH ALL4,690661916 
561VE2CSSVE21963MULTI-ONE4,675881114VE2BQT VE2AZQ 
562VE2VIAVE22023SO LOW ALL4,6114823305.7 
563VE2SBVE22002SO LOW 20M4,408821424 
564VA2YZXVE22022SA LOW ALL4,3503220305.5 
565VE2KOTVE22010SO QRP ALL4,1764713232.0 
566VA2NWVE22023SO QRP ALL (C)4,1606915177.1 
567VE3ZF/2VE22020SO LOW 15M (C)4,1304913229.7 
568VE2FFEVE22008SO LOW ALL3,9774217241.3 
569VE2JDRVE21994SO LOW 20M3,937561120 
570VE2WAVE21950SO HIGH 20M3,876 1325  
571VE2ZDRVE21996SO HIGH ALL3,842581618 
572VE2LGVE22006SO LOW ALL3,8428314204.8 
573VA2YZXVE22021SO LOW ALL (R)3,6085318233.9 
574VE2OWLVE22001SO LOW ALL3,53640826 
575VE2CKVE21952SO HIGH 20M3,159 1227  
576VE2YUVE21955SO HIGH 20M2,964351425  
577VE2QAUVE22010SO LOW ALL2,8426420293.2 
578VE2ABOVE21990SO QRP ALL2,750651015 
579VE2NCGVE22019SO LOW 15M (C)2,7063911226.9 
580VE2AFCVE21961SO HIGH 15M2,65247917  
581VE2UQVE21964SO HIGH 160M2,62610267  
582VE2OJVE22004MULTI-ONE2,56013646VE3OP VE3ZY
583VE2APHVE21956SO HIGH 10M2,520341216  
584VE2ABOVE21991SO QRP ALL2,370381515 
585VE2NCGVE22018SA LOW 15M (R)2,3313912259.3 
586VE2DCVE22009SO LOW ALL2,2783618161.1 
587VE2UQVE21965SO HIGH 160M2,2758367  
588VE2AWWVE22017SO LOW 160M2,048428249.9 
589VE2JRVE22013SO HIGH ALL1,9983818192.2 
590VE2GGYVE22010SO LOW ALL1,9955110111.8 
591VE2OWLVE22003SO LOW 15M1,97228925 
592VE2WAVE21951SO HIGH 20M1,891 1516  
593VE2DUNVE21978SO HIGH ALL1,56228616 
594VE2UQVE21963SO HIGH 160M1,5217954  
595VE2CKVE21951SO HIGH 20M1,518 1419  
596VE2/YO3NDVE22019SO LOW 40M1,4723610133.3 
597VE2DVIVE21985SO HIGH 160M1,45647610 
598VE2JRVE22015SO HIGH ALL1,288389193.2 
599VE2SKAVE21997SO LOW 40M1,1904077 
600VE2GHIVE22008SO LOW ALL1,12512425506.7 
653 results found
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Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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