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5594 results found
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#CallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
5501VE2ILVE21960SO HIGH 10M1301055  
5502W8KOIW81971SO HIGH 10M128644  
5503UF6FIF4L1982SO HIGH 10M1261124 
5504JA1AATJA11959SO HIGH 10M126742  
5505JH1ADRJA11987SO HIGH 10M120646 
5506FG0IKK/FSFS1984SO HIGH 10M1202021 
5507G2BWG1952SO HIGH 10M120 35  
5508JA1DCLJA11980SO HIGH 10M117545 
5509YO2IYYO1967SO HIGH 10M117845  
5510JA7OWDJA72006SO HIGH 10M1129881.1 
5511N6OUW61986SO HIGH 10M112644 
5512VE2AEJ/3VE31985SO HIGH 10M112843 
5513JA1HGYJA11964SO HIGH 10M110755  
5514W9QQGW91963SO HIGH 10M110965  
5515OH5OUOH1955SO HIGH 10M1081227  
5516JA1AIUJA11959SO HIGH 10M105534  
5517SP3SLUSP2019SO HIGH 10M10010460.8  
5518UA6AKUA-62023SO HIGH 10M9910470.2  
5519SM6BBXSM1979SO HIGH 10M993339 
5520SP5DDJSP1976SO HIGH 10M99736 
5521RB5IOVUR1975SO HIGH 10M99845  
5522UB5EDMUR1980SO HIGH 10M96444 
5523OK1MEOKOM1949SO HIGH 10M96     
5524UA9URUA92009SO HIGH 10M90545 
5525UB5GBDUR1976SO HIGH 10M90545 
5526ZS1OZS1968SO HIGH 10M901021  
5527F3IIF1955SO HIGH 10M90623  
5528ZS9ZZS2017SO HIGH 10M847250.3 
5529LA5KOLA1972SO HIGH 10M84833  
5530YB3MMYB2023SO HIGH 10M804440.2 
5531UT0EOUR2008SO HIGH 10M808350.5 
5532W0JZXW01950SO HIGH 10M80 44  
5533JR1AHHJA11982SO HIGH 10M75532 
5534UA4CMUA-41979SO HIGH 10M752512 
5535JA1ELJA11959SO HIGH 10M75632  
5536DL9OLDL1958SO HIGH 10M75555  
5537NN4RRW42014SO HIGH 10M724240.1 
5538UR2RKBES1980SO HIGH 10M72535 
5539OK2ABUOKOM1971SO HIGH 10M72622  
5540VK3ABAVK1951SO HIGH 10M72 22  
5541YO6DDFYO1985SO HIGH 10M70434 
5542YO6AKNYO1973SO HIGH 10M63534  
5543OH2BHUOH1969SO HIGH 10M60646  
5544JA4ATVJA42011SO HIGH 10M56744 
5545DM2DEK/ADM1974SO HIGH 10M543303  
5546BD7IXGBY2008SO HIGH 10M5216220.5 
5547JI3BFGJA31985SO HIGH 10M49434 
5548DM2FFLDM1977SO HIGH 10M49434 
5549W9YYGW91968SO HIGH 10M49443  
5550WA6DBCW61962SO HIGH 10M45323  
5551VA3SPNVE32002SO HIGH 10M4413913 
5552JA3XOGJA32017SO HIGH 10M423330.4  
5553F6GOXF2011SO HIGH 10M424340.1 
5554PY1FXPY2011SO HIGH 10M42333 
5555OH2RDOH1969SO HIGH 10M42333  
5556W2NHHW21950SO HIGH 10M42 33  
5557UA6AKUA-62019SO HIGH 10M4014352.0 
5558OK2SPSOKOM1977SO HIGH 10M36322 
5559JA1AATJA11960SO HIGH 10M36421  
5560RA0SERUA01976SO HIGH 10M32622 
5561XZ1NXZ1996SO HIGH 10M30423K7ZV
5562OK2QXOKOM1985SO HIGH 10M30323 
5563G3WPG1951SO HIGH 10M30 33  
5564JA1ITJA11988SO HIGH 10M25555 
5565RV9AZUA92005SO HIGH 10M24222 
5566SM5DUTSM1984SO HIGH 10M24333 
5567DM2AYKDM1974SO HIGH 10M24222  
5568DM2CEK/DM4NFMDM1974SO HIGH 10M24222  
5569SP2UUSP1969SO HIGH 10M24222  
5570W4EEOW41949SO HIGH 10M24     
5571W6MUQW61949SO HIGH 10M24     
5572SP5GHSP1976SO HIGH 10M20323 
5573OK1ZMOKOM1949SO HIGH 10M20     
5574OH1XAOH1970SO HIGH 10M18212  
5575W4EEOW41956SO HIGH 10M18311  
5576K2TBWW21958SO HIGH 10M17444  
5577UA3RMNUA-31985SO HIGH 10M16222 
5578SM5UHSM1950SO HIGH 10M16 22  
5579K8HTMW81961SO HIGH 10M15432  
5580JH0OXSJA02020SO HIGH 10M122114.7 
5581JF3TMHJA31984SO HIGH 10M12222 
5582UA9CDUUA91973SO HIGH 10M12222  
5583RA6AFBUA-62005SO HIGH 10M10522 
5584UN3GXUN2009SO HIGH 10M82220.1 
5585SM5CLESM2006SO HIGH 10M61110.1 
55865W1JD5W1991SO HIGH 10M6111 
5587RB5IOVUR1981SO HIGH 10M6111 
5588OH5YXOH1979SO HIGH 10M6111 
5589UI8ADOUK1976SO HIGH 10M6312 
5590WA9GYZW91964SO HIGH 10M6111  
5591W2KZEW21951SO HIGH 10M6 11  
5592YE3WILYB2020SO HIGH 10M21110.9 
5593RA5BIUA-32022SO HIGH 10M 4230.3  
5594N7PTPW71990SO HIGH 10M 111 
5594 results found
  Page 56 of 56  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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