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5493 results found
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#CallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
5301G3WPG1955SO HIGH 10M3521644  
5302AX3KSVK1988SO HIGH 10M351958 
5303RB5GMUR1984SO HIGH 10M3501068 
5304UY5LKUR1966SO HIGH 10M35021311  
5305UB5ZELUR1986SO HIGH 10M34522411 
5306YF3FBVYB2019SO HIGH 10M3409896.0 
5307SP6JUSP1958SO HIGH 10M3362831  
5308K7IUW72022SO HIGH 10M3249660.7 
5309W3EH/2W22016SO HIGH 10M32410483.8 
5310PV8AAPY2011SO HIGH 10M32411660.1PV8DX
5311LA1VLLA1979SO HIGH 10M3221559 
5312OH3IF/2OH1972SO HIGH 10M322977  
5313OK2ABUOK2016SO HIGH 10M320204123.9 
5314JA5JGVJA52018SO HIGH 10M31210574.2 
5315G3WPG1956SO HIGH 10M304879  
5316W5BVXW51956SO HIGH 10M3042288  
5317F8NSF1955SO HIGH 10M3002032  
5318SM0MRPSM1985SO HIGH 10M29414310 
5319SM3ASTSM1959SO HIGH 10M28911611  
5320OH0NCOH01957SO HIGH 10M2882439  
5321Y31KKDM1983SO HIGH 10M286867 
5322UP2BSDLY1990SO HIGH 10M2851969 
5323W0IUBW01951SO HIGH 10M282 77  
5324WA0VBWW01973SO HIGH 10M2802077  
5325K8BNRW81958SO HIGH 10M28030923  
5326G3WPG1968SO HIGH 10M2762333  
5327JA1AATJA11986SO HIGH 10M273867 
5328WB2NDRW21975SO HIGH 10M2731058  
5329RA6AMHUA-61981SO HIGH 10M270878 
5330DM2AEBDL1957SO HIGH 10M2701832  
5331W0ARHW01949SO HIGH 10M270     
5332W3AP/7W71991SO HIGH 10M266777 
5333YU2LLYU1985SO HIGH 10M2641748 
5334UA6APUUA-61985SO HIGH 10M260867 
5335DM3YEADM1979SO HIGH 10M2562226 
5336JR6LPJA61979SO HIGH 10M2562241 
5337K5FUVW51978SO HIGH 10M254665 
5338N4LZW42013SO HIGH 10M2529680.5 
5339SP3IBSSP1990SO HIGH 10M2521159 
5340RA3AIFUA-31973SO HIGH 10M252766  
5341OK1CXOKOM1969SO HIGH 10M2521433  
5342JA1BLZJA11960SO HIGH 10M252857  
5343OK3CGPOKOM1974SO HIGH 10M2431179  
5344SP3IBSSP1988SO HIGH 10M2401057 
5345K1IIKW11974SO HIGH 10M240957  
5346DM4YULDM1977SO HIGH 10M238868 
5347EA7FVIEA1986SO HIGH 10M234767 
5348JA0VHIJA01983SO HIGH 10M232977 
5349JA3AYXJA31987SO HIGH 10M231856 
5350JH1OHZJA11987SO HIGH 10M2311065 
5351UR2RCUES1976SO HIGH 10M2311547 
5352K1LWIW11975SO HIGH 10M2311047  
5353W9LWDW91951SO HIGH 10M221 67  
5354LA9TLA1949SO HIGH 10M217     
5355DJ8ESDL2022SO HIGH 10M2166660.3 
5356YB3DXGYB2021SO HIGH 10M21611662.4 
5357JA4AQR/5JA51988SO HIGH 10M216926 
5358EW3LNEU2019SO HIGH 10M210105911.0 
5359JA1GHRJA12020SO HIGH 10M2099560.7 
5360K9UQNW91970SO HIGH 10M208935  
5361DJ5GWDL1967SO HIGH 10M208967  
5362UA3QBGUA-31973SO HIGH 10M2071345  
5363UP2DOLY1968SO HIGH 10M200855  
5364K2YFEW21961SO HIGH 10M2001655  
5365W1PLJW11956SO HIGH 10M2001144  
5366UR2JLES1976SO HIGH 10M1981347 
5367UC2WJEU1968SO HIGH 10M198656  
5368YO5TRYO1967SO HIGH 10M1981045  
5369AD7AFW72015SO HIGH 10M1957670.7 
5370DU1RBDU2021SO HIGH 10M19212662.9  
5371OK1AWOKOM1956SO HIGH 10M191847  
5372SM6CENSM1972SO HIGH 10M187756  
5373VE3VETVE31991SO HIGH 10M180666 
5374RA3LBUA-31986SO HIGH 10M180555 
5375OK3ZWXOKOM1981SO HIGH 10M1801269 
5376JR7BKBJA71990SO HIGH 10M168834 
5377JR1INZ/JD1JD/o1975SO HIGH 10M1681444  
5378OZ3YOZ1975SO HIGH 10M168957  
5379SN2NSP2018SO HIGH 10M165154114.3SP2FVN
5380UR4EYNUR2000SO HIGH 10M1651278 
5381OK1JNOK1999SO HIGH 10M165856 
5382JR7CDLJA71985SO HIGH 10M165656 
5383SM2HZQSM1977SO HIGH 10M162945 
5384JA1AATJA11989SO HIGH 10M160846 
5385VU2JAVU1974SO HIGH 10M160655  
5386DL1YADL1961SO HIGH 10M160935  
5387UA6MAUA-62016SO HIGH 10M15686711.2 
5388SP1GZFSP2009SO HIGH 10M1569580.5 
5389DM3MWGDL1969SO HIGH 10M1521335  
5390VK5TVK2021SO HIGH 10M15012551.3 
5391JL1DBIJA11986SO HIGH 10M144944 
5392SP5GHSP1975SO HIGH 10M144757  
5393K6ICSW61959SO HIGH 10M1441053  
5394UA3VASUA-31980SO HIGH 10M143756 
5395W5LFGW51952SO HIGH 10M143 65  
5396W5ONOW51968SO HIGH 10M140655  
5397SP2UUSP1983SO HIGH 10M135545 
5398UO5OEKER1983SO HIGH 10M132933 
5399UR2RFLES1981SO HIGH 10M132656 
5400LA7VKLA1980SO HIGH 10M132833 
5493 results found
  Page 54 of 55  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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