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#CallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
5001F5IYJF1998SO QRP ALL2552178 
5002EB2FWDEA2007SO QRP ALL2537450.4 
5003UN6QUNUN2023SO QRP ALL (C)252176122.7 
5004UZ1RMUR2016SO QRP ALL252194101.4 
5005JH0KFIJA02022SO QRP ALL2477670.8 
5006OZ8AOZ2009SO QRP ALL24210560.3 
5007JA5DQHJA51987SO QRP ALL242111111 
5008D4LD42023SO QRP ALL2401010100.8IK2NCJ
5009WX4RMW42012SO QRP ALL2401212120.3 
5010JF1PEQJA12021SO QRP ALL2389771.2 
5011BG5OABY2020SO QRP ALL23816893.8 
5012OK1DMPOK1995SO QRP ALL234867 
5013OM7JNOM2007SO QRP ALL232309201.7 
5014KA3TTTW32023SO QRP ALL2318560.8 
5015BG3RRJBY2023SO QRP ALL22410881.1 
5016VE3EDXVE32016SO QRP ALL2249681.0  
5017PE2KPPA2008SO QRP ALL224166100.5 
5018UA2FFDUA21983SO QRP ALL2241677 
5019N6NULW62010SO QRP ALL221767 
5020OK1DZDOKOM1989SO QRP ALL221876 
5021JA1HIIJA12007SO QRP ALL2168660.3 
5022TA1TMYTA12021SO QRP ALL (R)210125101.3 
5023YO4CXDYO1989SO QRP ALL21015510 
5024SP3LPRSP1980SO QRP ALL21015410 
5025IZ2QGJI2019SO QRP ALL2088672.3 
5026KB8NUF/3W32010SO QRP ALL2088880.4 
5027JK6JAB/6JA62020SO QRP ALL (C)2079541.8 
5028EA2DVREA2019SO QRP ALL20711453.3 
5029WA2CLP/1W12021SO QRP ALL20421983.6WA2CLP/1 
5030OE3VETOE2018SO QRP ALL20411572.4 
5031DM3DADL2009SO QRP ALL204155120.7 
5032SP1EKSP2004SO QRP ALL20414611 
5033IS0/IZ8SARIS2012SO QRP ALL19614680.4 
5034G0OOG/PG2021SO QRP ALL192146102.0 
5035JF1ABZJA12017SO QRP ALL1928660.9 
5036AC2RJW22016SO QRP ALL1922112123.1  
5037KK9JEFW92016SO QRP ALL (C)192136103.1 
5038NU7TW72004SO QRP ALL192966 
5039SM0CHASM1981SO QRP ALL1921634 
5040F5VKVF2016SO QRP ALL1907551.0  
5041OM6TCOM2016SO QRP ALL1806550.8  
5042F5SDDF2010SO QRP ALL18010540.5 
5043M0UATG2017SO QRP ALL1751810157.7 
5044K7DJLW72018SO QRP ALL1698584.5 
5045N0JKW02009SO QRP ALL1687770.3 
5046VK4UTTVK2022SO QRP ALL1606550.8 
50479M2SPN9M22022SO QRP ALL15613660.7 
5048JI4HCEJA42023SO QRP ALL1548561.1 
5049KE0WPAW02019SO QRP ALL (R)1548650.5 
50507N3KVNJA12002SO QRP ALL154877 
5051EA5EXEA2020SO QRP ALL153126112.3 
5052IW3SOQI2016SO QRP ALL150125101.9 
5053WB2ARTW22013SO QRP ALL14412571.6 
5054JG1BGTJA12021SO QRP ALL1408431.4 
5055JP3OUGJA32018SO QRP ALL1408461.5 
5056NE1RDW12007SO QRP ALL1407460.1 
5057DL8BEGDL2020SO QRP ALL13513321.4 
5058KK6GMHW62013SO QRP ALL (R)1327661.1 
5059PU3VRWPY2016SO QRP ALL1309551.6 
5060AA4Q/7W72007SO QRP ALL1304330.1 
5061OL70JNOK2020SO QRP ALL (C)12612452.0 
5062EA1BYAEA2019SO QRP ALL1269681.1  
5063DH0DKDL2014SO QRP ALL12612541.9 
5064JR1USUJA12023SO QRP ALL12111561.2 
5065NV9XW92014SO QRP ALL1196340.5 
5066OE1SSAOE2017SO QRP ALL (C)11713671.5 
5067SM5EFXSM2005SO QRP ALL112868 
5068DG3SBMDL2014SO QRP ALL1106560.3 
5069JR1USUJA12013SO QRP ALL1108461.4 
5070LZ2RMLZ1985SO QRP ALL110647 
5071YB2VMCYB2019SO QRP ALL (C)1087661.8 
5072PU2USKPY2018SO QRP ALL1089661.8 
5073EA3FFEA2010SO QRP ALL1089390.3 
50749A1JSB9A2021SO QRP ALL10517432.19A3BHN
5075V85ANV82016SO QRP ALL1045441.8  
5076AD0BIW02017SO QRP ALL (C)1002813124.3 
5077IZ4WFTI2016SO QRP ALL1006460.4  
5078AB8DFW82005SO QRP ALL10012710 
5079KW4JSW42005SO QRP ALL100773354 
5080K4DXUW42004SO QRP ALL10023911 
5081KE6CCW62003SO QRP ALL10011911 
5082AE4ECW42002SO QRP ALL100251618 
5083VK3JSVK2002SO QRP ALL100302620 
5084K5DIW52001SO QRP ALL100592224 
5085KI0G/5W52001SO QRP ALL1001194970 
5086KA6SGTW62000SO QRP ALL100421314 
5087KD7BODW72000SO QRP ALL100842132 
5088KK7QXW71998SO QRP ALL10048212 
5089JA1PTKJA12023SO QRP ALL999651.9 
5090N8XAW81996SO QRP ALL98868 
5091DJ5QKDL2012SO QRP ALL925712343.1  
5092BG9DYJBY2020SO QRP ALL (R)907551.1 
5093AC2HJW22015SO QRP ALL (C)9011551.0 
5094YD2NIRYB2022SO QRP ALL (C)887441.4 
5095M1KG2016SO QRP ALL886560.3M1KTA
5096NG7ZW72003SO QRP ALL88535 
5097JJ0SFVJA02019SO QRP ALL806550.5 
50989M2DRL9M22017SO QRP ALL805550.6 
5099JE6CHYJA62013SO QRP ALL80444 
5100WB6HVHW62013SO QRP ALL (C)805550.5 
5152 results found
  Page 51 of 52  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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