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#CallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
4901AA4SDW42009SO QRP ALL504127110.4 
4902AL7OIKL1992SO QRP ALL5041599 
4903BI4JCMBY2017SO QRP ALL (R)5003110106.0 
4904RA0JEPUA02007SO QRP ALL500229110.6 
4905JG2CNS/3JA32008SO QRP ALL49613790.6 
4906WB0BW01988SO QRP ALL4931198 
4907N8AXAW81987SO QRP ALL49312710 
4908UA0QGQUA01990SO QRP ALL4904086 
4909JH2DFJJA22021SO QRP ALL (C)4865320348.9 
4910DJ0MYDL2012SO QRP ALL486137110.2 
4911ON6NAON2018SO QRP ALL48325431.2 
4912DF9GHDL2012SO QRP ALL483199140.8 
4913JL6LTBJA62011SO QRP ALL4801510100.7 
4914JF1ABZJA12011SO QRP ALL47615980.9 
4915E20NTSHS2002SO QRP ALL476161216 
4916N8NNW42017SO QRP ALL475118110.7  
4917ON5IA/PON2023SO QRP ALL468294144.6 
4918VA7ADVE72015SO QRP ALL46831755.5 
4919PY6FXPY2022SO QRP ALL46511781.0 
4920RV3GMUA-32010SO QRP ALL460188150.7 
4921JA1BVAJA12008SO QRP ALL456119100.5 
4922W2JEKW21986SO QRP ALL4501269 
4923W2JEKW21981SO QRP ALL45014711 
4924WA2NYYW22021SO QRP ALL44811590.4 
4925IS0/IZ8SARIS2014SO QRP ALL (C)437199141.5 
4926SP5FKWSP2019SO QRP ALL432218162.3 
4927UZ0XWAUA01991SO QRP ALL432411415 
4928KK7CW71984SO QRP ALL4322275 
4929AF9JW92021SO QRP ALL425107100.7 
4930YB2CTEYB2023SO QRP ALL (C)4202410114.2 
4931JG1BGTJA12014SO QRP ALL42010781.2 
4932JA1POSJA12009SO QRP ALL4201710110.2 
4933ON4ANEON2007SO QRP ALL420436292.0ON4ANE
4934PA1WPA2004SO QRP ALL42024516 
49354N4DXZYU1990SO QRP ALL42032410 
4936UA6ATGUA-62002SO QRP ALL41619511 
4937W4/LZ3SMW42001SO QRP ALL41411810 
4938WB9MIIW92001SO QRP ALL414181112 
4939ON4ANEON2016SO QRP ALL408283144.2 
4940N4ELM/5W52015SO QRP ALL4081811132.2  
4941YB6EIYB2013SO QRP ALL408127101.8 
4942DK5RYDL1981SO QRP ALL4081853 
4943VE6NSVE62018SO QRP ALL40512962.0 
4944JE1ILPJA12016SO QRP ALL40013881.1 
4945AC2N/4W42008SO QRP ALL4001210100.1 
4946JF1ABZJA12010SO QRP ALL3991211101.0 
4947UA1CEGUA-12019SO QRP ALL396235132.2 
4948WA2NYYW22017SO QRP ALL396158101.8 
4949N3SY/2W22014SO QRP ALL3962412215.0 
4950SQ2EEQSP2017SO QRP ALL390276202.1 
4951GM0JHEGM2017SO QRP ALL384227175.2 
4952KB3WKW31991SO QRP ALL381141213 
4953UT2HCUR2022SO QRP ALL3801310102.3 
4954IK2WQHI2017SO QRP ALL380226132.3 
4955WD3PW32000SO QRP ALL38012811 
4956PY2QIPY2021SO QRP ALL37811992.2 
4957YO8DHDYO2021SO QRP ALL37818681.1 
4958JG1BGTJA12012SO QRP ALL378118100.4 
4959KI4FWW42009SO QRP ALL37812770.5 
4960UA0SBQUA02000SO QRP ALL3782499 
4961VE9BWKVE92016SO QRP ALL37020550.9 
4962AF9JW92018SO QRP ALL36811881.5 
4963DL2JRMDL1996SO QRP ALL3641667 
4964VA3IIFVE32021SO QRP ALL360169114.6 
4965IT9CELIT92014SO QRP ALL3602110141.4 
4966W4TLGW42003SO QRP ALL360151014 
4967N8BBW82016SO QRP ALL357117100.3 
4968EA3FHPEA2015SO QRP ALL352146100.7 
4969DL2MREDL2010SO QRP ALL345219140.5 
4970W0EBW02008SO QRP ALL340141280.4 
4971DL2TMDL2007SO QRP ALL3368770.1 
4972Y49ZLDL1991SO QRP ALL336868 
4973N9EEEW92022SO QRP ALL330179134.3 
4974YO3AISYO1987SO QRP ALL330878 
4975W7ARF/4W42008SO QRP ALL3259670.4 
4976VE1AGZVE11986SO QRP ALL3253232 
4977Y25SADM1987SO QRP ALL32319314 
4978W2JEKW21982SO QRP ALL320121010 
4979VR2VRCVR2020SO QRP ALL3121910166.1 
4980SM3LDPSM2019SO QRP ALL312179151.7 
4981RY2SUA-32012SO QRP ALL3062313211.0 
4982DF1GRADL2021SO QRP ALL304147121.4  
4983SP9MA/PSP2019SO QRP ALL304138111.6 
4984RV6LFNUA-62007SO QRP ALL300175151.0 
4985UR2RDJES1985SO QRP ALL30016416 
4986JG1WRNJA11982SO QRP ALL294977 
4987F8DEGF2016SO QRP ALL289155121.0  
4988JH0KFIJA02021SO QRP ALL2888660.1 
4989WA4ZOF/KH6KH62014SO QRP ALL288111082.9 
4990JE1ILPJA12018SO QRP ALL28612561.9 
4991KE4RGW42016SO QRP ALL2862011114.2 
4992AC9XKW92022SO QRP ALL280158124.5 
4993US0YAUR2009SO QRP ALL2737670.3 
4994DL0VLTDL1996SO QRP ALL273767 
4995KN0WW72019SO QRP ALL (C)27211973.6 
4996JF1ABZJA12016SO QRP ALL2729880.8  
4997Y24HGDM1985SO QRP ALL2701969 
4998W2JEKW21980SO QRP ALL2701078 
4999G0CMQG2021SO QRP ALL260237193.8 
5000K3HXW32015SO QRP ALL25538875.6 
5152 results found
  Page 50 of 52  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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