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485 results found
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#CallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
401LZ1IFLZ1984SO QRP 80M87058510 
402SP9NSVSP1985SO QRP 80M84063411 
403DF9ZVDL2013SO QRP 80M825365200.9 
404Y22XFDM1988SO QRP 80M81940417 
405JA1KFXJA11986SO QRP 80M81727910 
406JH1APZJA12023SO QRP 80M81026874.1 
407HB9QAHB1995SO QRP 80M80629620 
408Y25PDDM1989SO QRP 80M77739417 
409HB3YLEHB2019SO QRP 80M775305201.2 
410HA9RAHA1997SO QRP 80M76042415 
411JA7EMHJA72002SO QRP 80M756431117 
412R3WWUA-32017SO QRP 80M750255252.7 
413Y23OHDM1985SO QRP 80M70338316 
414EC7ATEA2019SO QRP 80M693157141.9 
415F8DHEF2021SO QRP 80M682294181.9 
416Y22ANDM1989SO QRP 80M66031418 
417JA1OVDJA12016SO QRP 80M627158111.8  
418YT1TYT1997SO QRP 80M62424521YU1UA
419DF3SMDL2016SO QRP 80M620462183.2 
4207K1CPTJA12005SO QRP 80M6122189 
421OK3KXXOKOM1980SO QRP 80M60839412 
422OK1KYTOKOM1990SO QRP 80M60030416 
423VA3WPVVE32012SO QRP 80M50051322.4 
424UT5UUVUR2018SO QRP 80M476255121.3 
425Y23QHDM1983SO QRP 80M47526415 
426SQ8GKWSP2006SO QRP 80M440214160.4 
427SP9MDYSP1989SO QRP 80M43530312 
428IT9RJEIT92021SO QRP 80M432274144.6 
429BI4MUHBY2021SO QRP 80M420646412.0 
4304N4DXZYU1990SO QRP 80M42032410 
431G3ICHG1986SO QRP 80M42017515 
432BA4WIBY2012SO QRP 80M41835561.3 
433Y24HGDM1986SO QRP 80M39228311 
434JM1OZP/2JA22002SO QRP 80M3911389 
435Y23OHDM1988SO QRP 80M37822414 
4369A3DF9A2018SO QRP 80M374205120.5 
437VK2CCCVK2022SO QRP 80M (C)36430675.4 
438OK3TPROKOM1989SO QRP 80M3642949 
439ON4ANEON2017SO QRP 80M360224142.3  
440Y26EHDM1985SO QRP 80M34523213 
441Y27HHDM1980SO QRP 80M34221414 
442YO5TAYO1981SO QRP 80M3303138 
443ES4MMES2020SO QRP 80M320272142.2 
444W8QZA/6W61996SO QRP 80M2941077 
445YO3FLQ/BUYO1990SO QRP 80M2882539 
446JM1OZP/0JA02003SO QRP 80M2851678 
447F6EPOF2021SO QRP 80M280245151.2 
448HA9RAHA1998SO QRP 80M26621313 
449OK1MNVOKOM1979SO QRP 80M24015313 
450JE1SCJJA12005SO QRP 80M224868 
451JA1GZKJA12019SO QRP 80M (C)22112672.9 
452S57LWGS52001SO QRP 80M22117310 
453SP9DGOSP2018SO QRP 80M208144123.7 
454JH1APZJA12022SO QRP 80M20012553.1 
455VA3JFFVE31996SO QRP 80M2002622 
456PU2USLPY2019SO QRP 80M19210661.7 
457Y21BCDM1983SO QRP 80M18215211 
4585Q8AOZ2007SO QRP 80M176143130.5OZ8A
459JA5NSRJA52023SO QRP 80M16811440.9 
460SP4ADZSP2023SO QRP 80M168134100.2 
461Y23JFDM1985SO QRP 80M1651629 
4624I1EAYDU2020SO QRP 80M (R)15622675.7 
463UA9SHJUA91980SO QRP 80M152835 
464N7NVW71985SO QRP 80M112844 
465DO3SHDL2008SO QRP 80M102204131.1 
466OH5CWOH2022SO QRP 80M10010370.3 
467JA6GCEJA61992SO QRP 80M100655 
468OK1OFAOKOM1983SO QRP 80M961326 
469ES1QDES2016SO QRP 80M9010360.5 
470VK2CCCVK2008SO QRP 80M909450.2 
471JE1RZRJA12012SO QRP 80M728120.5  
472PA3AFFPA1985SO QRP 80M72836 
473N3SY/2W22016SO QRP 80M6016332.5 
474RN9AAUA92007SO QRP 80M5433320.0 
475JK3ZQJJA31996SO QRP 80M49643JG1EIQ
476OH2BECOH2002SO QRP 80M42625 
477IK7TAII2012SO QRP 80M204140.1 
478KQ2RPW22023SO QRP 80M182120.1 
479VR2EHVR2012SO QRP 80M1810240.4 
480UR4LYNUR2019SO QRP 80M153230.6  
481JH4UYBJA41987SO QRP 80M12323 
482UA0SNRUA01984SO QRP 80M8322 
483DM1LANDL2018SO QRP 80M2111 
484UB4IIQ/UA6LUA-42023SO QRP 80M (C)    0.1  
485YB0OHGYB2023SO QRP 80M 1110.1 
485 results found
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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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