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#CallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
4801K4UKW42005SO QRP ALL864171314 
4802EA1TIEA2014SO QRP ALL8582710124.0 
4803IK1YRAI2020SO QRP ALL8412110190.7 
4804EA5EXEA2018SO QRP ALL8402914165.2 
4805IK1DQWI2013SO QRP ALL8401512124.1  
4806K6DBGW62006SO QRP ALL84034221810.0 
4807JM2RUVJA21997SO QRP ALL840151515 
4808SM5DFMSM2018SO QRP ALL (C)8372111161.4 
4809JG1GPYJA12010SO QRP ALL836219100.9 
4810WD5BJTW52005SO QRP ALL832251319 
4811W1MTW42020SO QRP ALL8251711145.3 
4812N0GMW52017SO QRP ALL8252115185.5 
4813DL2PYDL1994SO QRP ALL8255847 
4814IZ1GJKI2012SO QRP ALL819199121.3 
4815BG5OABY2022SO QRP ALL8122514144.1 
4816DL3LQMDL2018SO QRP ALL810289181.4 
4817JH0QYSJA02005SO QRP ALL810191316 
4818SQ3OGZSP2017SO QRP ALL80075133714.2 
4819M0SFRG2009SO QRP ALL783399182.0 
4820OK9ZAMOK2021SO QRP ALL7803312185.4 
4821W4QOW42016SO QRP ALL779178110.7  
4822JJ0SFVJA02018SO QRP ALL7702112102.6 
4823UA0SBQ/PUA02014SO QRP ALL7682415173.9 
4824VE7EKSVE71994SO QRP ALL7682588 
4825BG6QYEBY2012SO QRP ALL7602517211.0 
4826NQ2WW22008SO QRP ALL7542413160.8 
48277X0MT7X2014SO QRP ALL748169132.5 
4828DH5MMDL2019SO QRP ALL (C)744237170.6 
4829JG1BGTJA12022SO QRP ALL741199102.3 
4830EA1SBEA2012SO QRP ALL741141090.3 
4831IZ0ZFKI2020SO QRP ALL (C)7362913197.9 
4832PY2ZQPY2018SO QRP ALL7362811122.7 
4833SM7CZCSM1985SO QRP ALL73620815 
4834KD9B/4W42008SO QRP ALL7291611160.5 
4835IU3EGKI2023SO QRP ALL726209132.5 
4836K3UKW22020SO QRP ALL7253114151.7  
4837JA1POSJA12012SO QRP ALL7252214150.8 
4838JH3LCUJA32023SO QRP ALL722149101.3 
4839VU2MIBVU2021SO QRP ALL7202511193.4 
4840IK7LVEI2013SO QRP ALL7201811132.5 
4841UW3WUUR2013SO QRP ALL720286141.4 
4842DH5STDL2005SO QRP ALL720301020 
4843EA5EXKEA2005SO QRP ALL7201779 
4844VE7EKSVE71991SO QRP ALL7203673 
4845DL2DBGDL2017SO QRP ALL700437283.9  
4846JA1BVAJA12013SO QRP ALL7001413121.8 
4847DK1LCDL2017SO QRP ALL696298161.3 
4848EA9CDEA92014SO QRP ALL6901911191.6 
4849DL6OAADL2023SO QRP ALL676317191.8 
4850N0RUW02009SO QRP ALL6751413140.6 
4851RA9QATUA92020SO QRP ALL672168132.2 
4852K6ZY/7W72016SO QRP ALL (C)666191082.8 
4853JR1USUJA12012SO QRP ALL665191090.5  
4854JS1BXHJA12019SO QRP ALL66016872.1 
4855JG1GPYJA12023SO QRP ALL6511911101.6 
4856KC2KMEW22012SO QRP ALL6511210110.5 
4857PG2WPA2011SO QRP ALL6511110110.1 
4858N8AXAW81995SO QRP ALL651141110 
4859JE1ILPJA12017SO QRP ALL6481813142.7 
4860VE3EURVE32010SO QRP ALL646138110.5 
4861N7CQRW72017SO QRP ALL (C)6441614143.4  
4862PA1BPA2017SO QRP ALL (C)6442810182.5  
4863JE1ILPJA12019SO QRP ALL6301810113.7 
4864AB8DFW82001SO QRP ALL630221421 
4865VA3IIFVE32022SO QRP ALL (C)629177102.2 
4866F4IGGF2022SO QRP ALL621208150.5 
4867N3RCW31983SO QRP ALL62014119 
4868N5KEVW52007SO QRP ALL6163515131.7 
4869KB3WKW31999SO QRP ALL616221616 
4870JA1KEBJA12006SO QRP ALL61518875.2 
4871JJ7PMSJA72023SO QRP ALL612221174.2 
4872K3OQW32005SO QRP ALL608271424 
4873SP9DEMSP2013SO QRP ALL6001312122.7 
4874IK1RAC/1I2004SO QRP ALL600201014 
4875SP9TTTSP2023SO QRP ALL598248154.3 
4876DM3FAMDL2019SO QRP ALL598275182.9 
4877KQ3ZW32018SO QRP ALL5981511152.9 
4878KA4RUR/0W02016SO QRP ALL598159146.0 
4879BG3RRJBY2020SO QRP ALL59229883.7 
4880UB3DDAUA-32015SO QRP ALL (C)588238203.1 
4881DM9AYZDL2013SO QRP ALL580168120.4 
4882VU2URVU2016SO QRP ALL5721610121.7 
4883EA7HCBEA2008SO QRP ALL56810022495.2 
4884W1DADW12000SO QRP ALL567201512 
4885KF0HLAW02023SO QRP ALL5601711173.3 
4886AL7MKKL1991SO QRP ALL5602444 
4887SM4KLSM1982SO QRP ALL560181216 
4888YO3FVRYO2016SO QRP ALL552226174.1 
4889PA0INAPA2015SO QRP ALL5511912171.1 
4890PY2ZQPY2017SO QRP ALL5501912134.7 
4891OK1KOK2013SO QRP ALL5501310122.6OK1XOE
4892DD1IWXDL2012SO QRP ALL5443910241.9 
4893WB6HVHW62011SO QRP ALL54419880.9 
4894WA2NYYW22018SO QRP ALL540118101.6 
4895HB9LDOHB1995SO QRP ALL54012810 
4896EA3FHPEA2019SO QRP ALL528208160.7 
4897EA4CUEA2016SO QRP ALL (C)51323541.9 
4898WR4IW42020SO QRP ALL5061611112.9 
4899OK9ZAMOK2019SO QRP ALL506297156.1 
4900DL1KGTDL2019SO QRP ALL504258161.9 
5152 results found
  Page 49 of 52  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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