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48432 results found
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#CallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
47801JA2AJAJA21971SO HIGH ALL4732977  
47802JA2OZIJA21973SO HIGH ALL472391011  
47803W3FDJW31949SO HIGH ALL465     
47804UT8IVUR2014SO HIGH ALL4641613167.5 
47805W9HCXW91956SO HIGH ALL4641368  
47806JA2EGJA21974SO HIGH ALL4621186  
47807UR2RAXES1970SO HIGH ALL46224615  
47808W0DBNW01951SO HIGH ALL462 1111  
47809OE1AWOE1948SO HIGH ALL462     
47810N9CXW82021SO HIGH ALL4601110101.3 
47811US0VAUR2021SO HIGH ALL4601510101.3 
47812CU2APCU2017SO HIGH ALL4601110101.3  
47813DM2DQNDL1969SO HIGH ALL46013812  
47814VU2LJVU1951SO HIGH ALL460 1010  
47815DA5DVDL1948SO HIGH ALL460     
47816SP3PLDSP2017SO HIGH ALL459218196.3SP3IBM
47817JF1UOWJA12012SO HIGH ALL45920630.8 
47818UA9SHUA91964SO HIGH ALL4591198  
47819UA1PHUA-11962SO HIGH ALL45616613  
47820K8LOW82012SO HIGH ALL450126120.4  
47821YU2RJQYU1976SO HIGH ALL4501555 
47822UP2BJQLY1982SO HIGH ALL4441366 
47823JH0BQXJA01976SO HIGH ALL4431798 
47824W5XDW52018SO HIGH ALL44211891.1 
47825YO5LUYO1966SO HIGH ALL4421089  
47826W4UWSW41964SO HIGH ALL44210710  
47827JA0BOPJA01976SO HIGH ALL4411885 
47828W7PRFW71970SO HIGH ALL441211110  
47829G3XYFG2018SO HIGH ALL (C)4401010101.1 
47830W2KKZW22007SO HIGH ALL4402410121.2 
47831DM2BJBDL1968SO HIGH ALL44024515  
47832OF2BIOOH1967SO HIGH ALL44025614  
47833HB9UDHB1964SO HIGH ALL44012812  
47834OH5TMOH1961SO HIGH ALL44025614  
47835UA3RRUA-31967SO HIGH ALL437141013  
47836SP6AEGSP2011SO HIGH ALL43511780.5 
47837OK1OOOKOM1966SO HIGH ALL4341477  
47838CX1OPCX1961SO HIGH ALL4341977  
47839DL1KWKDL2016SO HIGH ALL432108102.5  
47840UU5ABUR2012SO HIGH ALL4329880.2 
47841UT5BNUR1975SO HIGH ALL432979  
47842W8VDFW81966SO HIGH ALL4321088  
47843CR7CIC91961SO HIGH ALL4321753  
47844I1ERI1949SO HIGH ALL429     
47845W4JUYW41949SO HIGH ALL429     
47846JL1LNCJA12019SO HIGH ALL42511891.3 
47847YO4CSLYO2013SO HIGH ALL425107101.7  
47848WB9ZPK/6W61990SO HIGH ALL4252098 
47849W3EVWW31974SO HIGH ALL425989  
47850PY1AJPY1948SO HIGH ALL425     
47851WA5GVBW51966SO HIGH ALL4231089  
47852RW0LISUA01999SO HIGH ALL420101010 
47853Y61UFDM1983SO HIGH ALL4201468 
47854SM7VYSM1977SO HIGH ALL4201078 
47855SP9CSUSP1973SO HIGH ALL42022714  
47856LA7AALA1954SO HIGH ALL420     
47857W4BCGW42016SO HIGH ALL418119101.0 
47858UB5ESUR1964SO HIGH ALL41812811  
47859W2JBW21948SO HIGH ALL418     
47860JA7LCLJA72016SO HIGH ALL41612761.0  
47861WA0WHTW01991SO HIGH ALL4161079 
47862JA3HCJA31962SO HIGH ALL4161476  
47863N7DWWW72022SO HIGH ALL41411992.5 
47864PD3TRUPA2012SO HIGH ALL414196120.8 
47865SP6EWBSP1978SO HIGH ALL41419711 
47866HH3DMHH1953SO HIGH ALL414     
47867JI5NWQJA52017SO HIGH ALL (C)40810890.4 
47868RW4PPUA-42015SO HIGH ALL408166114.3  
47869SP6AEGSP2008SO HIGH ALL408107100.1 
47870OZ6KSOZ1977SO HIGH ALL40818710 
47871W5MSGW51968SO HIGH ALL408998  
47872EA1FQEA1955SO HIGH ALL40821512  
47873YL2ECYL1990SO HIGH ALL4071374 
47874SM3CERSM1989SO HIGH ALL4071356 
47875IK8SCRI2020SO HIGH ALL4068316426.6  
47876DL8FAJDL2021SO HIGH ALL40011882.5 
47877OY7MLOY1984SO HIGH ALL400979 
47878G4DBWG1974SO HIGH ALL40021614  
47879WN4UHKW41968SO HIGH ALL4002562  
47880OK2BCNOKOM1967SO HIGH ALL40016911  
47881EA5AFEA1949SO HIGH ALL400     
47882DK7AGDL1948SO HIGH ALL400     
47883RW1AIUA-12022SO HIGH ALL399138110.6  
47884OK1FJDOK2010SO HIGH ALL399109100.2 
47885JA1LPVJA12006SO HIGH ALL3991411100.8 
47886W1QMIW11948SO HIGH ALL399     
47887YB7HEYB2021SO HIGH ALL (C)39612562.9 
47888JH6TNHJA62017SO HIGH ALL39614991.8 
47889S53DIJS52009SO HIGH ALL396128100.3 
47890JG1VOTJA11985SO HIGH ALL3961375 
47891JR6LDIJA61985SO HIGH ALL3961099 
47892VK3APNVK1979SO HIGH ALL3961365 
47893UA1DFUA-11969SO HIGH ALL396121012  
47894W6UFJW61958SO HIGH ALL3961166  
47895SM5AFUSM1950SO HIGH ALL396 612  
47896W2LRJW21957SO HIGH ALL391998  
47897JA1ELJA11972SO HIGH ALL3901355  
47898WA3QDHW31972SO HIGH ALL3902696  
47899DM2BDNDL1960SO HIGH ALL39030411  
47900W5OLGW51950SO HIGH ALL390 69  
48432 results found
  Page 479 of 485  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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