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#CallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
4501TA4PRTA2018SO LOW 20M1266250.4 
4502JH1CFVJA12022SO LOW 20M (C)1205350.5 
4503JE1GZBJA12020SO LOW 20M1206550.4 
4504JA1AVI/1JA12019SO LOW 20M12012320.7 
4505W5QLFW52017SO LOW 20M1206550.7 
4506YO7BGBYO2009SO LOW 20M1207350.2 
4507EA4WDEA2006SO LOW 20M11715671.9 
4508JF7VVLJA71999SO LOW 20M117858 
4509JR5YBH/5JA52008SO LOW 20M114191091.4 
4510EA3FHPEA2007SO LOW 20M11010470.5 
4511W7JMMW72021SO LOW 20M10821541.6 
4512SM6VSM2009SO LOW 20M1088330.3SM6VAO
4513JL6USDJA62021SO LOW 20M (C)1055430.2 
4514JE3EVIJA32023SO LOW 20M1048760.3 
4515KK6TVW62019SO LOW 20M1046440.5  
4516UT5ZYUR2006SO LOW 20M100139113.5 
4517AF8CW82005SO LOW 20M10013510 
4518JI1FDFJA12005SO LOW 20M100191619 
4519PA1KWPA2005SO LOW 20M10019712 
4520PY3CGXPY2004SO LOW 20M1001378 
4521EA8AJWEA82003SO LOW 20M100731121 
4522XE1LXE2003SO LOW 20M1001272658 
4523DL5RCWDL2002SO LOW 20M10041725 
4524DL7BCDL2023SO LOW 20M997270.7 
4525LZ7VMLZ2021SO LOW 20M (C)997472.3 
4526JO1JKHJA12018SO LOW 20M999542.3 
4527JA3DAYJA32021SO LOW 20M9612530.7 
4528YC1ELPYB2017SO LOW 20M964440.4 
4529BH1FXNBY2016SO LOW 20M9617531.8 
4530KM7NW72016SO LOW 20M964440.1 
4531JA3HPDJA31997SO LOW 20M96633 
4532YU1SZYT2008SO LOW 20M924217291.5 
4533K4DQPW42021SO LOW 20M905450.3 
4534VA7FMRVE72017SO LOW 20M9014542.1 
4535IK4XCLI2016SO LOW 20M888380.2  
4536RV1ZTUA-12016SO LOW 20M885441.2 
4537YO4TLYO2015SO LOW 20M888470.2 
45389M8DEN9M62020SO LOW 20M846330.4 
4539KH6/AH2YKH62018SO LOW 20M847221.2 
4540JJ0OAPJA02014SO LOW 20M844341.2 
4541ON4LGON2009SO LOW 20M84457212.5 
4542IZ5OVPI2012SO LOW 20M8112210.8  
45434S7NI4S2004SO LOW 20M81545 
4544SP9HXASP1996SO LOW 20M80444 
4545VP8DOI/MMMM2016SO LOW 20M755320.6 
4546JJ1BJUJA12023SO LOW 20M725441.3 
4547M0KNGG2022SO LOW 20M726450.1 
4548DL9ZWGDL2019SO LOW 20M726450.5  
4549UA1AUWUA-12019SO LOW 20M (C)725350.5  
4550KA2AEYW22018SO LOW 20M7211541.2 
4551UA3LGUA-32017SO LOW 20M724240.1 
4552N7ZUFW72016SO LOW 20M (C)724330.1 
4553LA7TOLA2009SO LOW 20M7211210.7 
4554CT1AGFCT2015SO LOW 20M704340.3 
4555N9EDLW92023SO LOW 20M645440.4 
4556JR7ASOJA72018SO LOW 20M644440.8 
4557WB3CIIW32016SO LOW 20M634341.0 
4558BH4XDZBY2020SO LOW 20M6010330.7 
4559IW3SOQI2017SO LOW 20M6018484.0 
4560YO8THRYO2022SO LOW 20M (Y)565350.1 
4561SM6NJKSM2021SO LOW 20M567260.8 
4562SM4GRPSM2020SO LOW 20M568351.6 
4563KL2ZZKL2015SO LOW 20M555231.5 
4564PY3ZZRPY2023SO LOW 20M546452.3  
4565SM6CWPSM2022SO LOW 20M543330.9 
4566LZ1RNLZ2010SO LOW 20M543330.1 
4567RX3AUUA-32007SO LOW 20M543330.1 
4568VU2TOVU2018SO LOW 20M (C)495340.3 
4569PD1RPPA2015SO LOW 20M495340.2 
4570UA4SBZUA-42003SO LOW 20M491034 
4571W1NNW82023SO LOW 20M484220.1 
4572JF0GDSJA02015SO LOW 20M484440.4 
4573PD0NMFPA2013SO LOW 20M484220.2 
4574EA7BFEA2019SO LOW 20M423330.2 
45754S7NI4S2005SO LOW 20M42333 
4576JR4ISKJA42003SO LOW 20M42333 
4577JA1POSJA11993SO LOW 20M42333 
4578BG2KAJBY2020SO LOW 20M4010220.8 
4579JH9BWCJA92015SO LOW 20M405440.6  
4580HP1XZQHP1995SO LOW 20M40832 
4581W7KBW72020SO LOW 20M364220.8 
4582RK6ATQUA-62018SO LOW 20M365220.2 
4583YO7AWZYO2011SO LOW 20M363220.1 
4584KC7CWW72023SO LOW 20M (C)358430.8 
4585OK1AUPOK2019SO LOW 20M353320.1 
4586AL3HKL2008SO LOW 20M35332 
4587BD4IJBY2012SO LOW 20M325440.1 
4588BV3UNBV2021SO LOW 20M304230.5 
4589AI6ZVW62019SO LOW 20M305331.4 
4590JO1JKHJA12019SO LOW 20M305331.2 
4591LZ1YELZ1993SO LOW 20M30423 
4592UB4FFBUA-42022SO LOW 20M287341.1  
4593JG3EHDJA32020SO LOW 20M (C)283220.6 
4594K8ANMW72019SO LOW 20M286430.3 
4595JN4THOJA42018SO LOW 20M273120.2 
4596N2ALE/6W61994SO LOW 20M25323 
4597BG6AHDBY2018SO LOW 20M246221.3 
4598VK6RTVK2018SO LOW 20M (C)24222VK6SMK
4599JH9BWCJA92016SO LOW 20M24222 
4600UA6ARTUA-62014SO LOW 20M242220.1 
4648 results found
  Page 46 of 47  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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