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#CallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
4401VU2JOSVU2018SO LOW 20M (C)32018791.6 
4402LA6PBLA2020SO LOW 20M315197142.1 
4403BG2JRUBY2014SO LOW 20M31512780.9 
4404OI1LVROH1996SO LOW 20M3151169 
4405K5ICWW52019SO LOW 20M3129671.0 
4406UA9QCP/3UA-32006SO LOW 20M3089590.8 
4407VU2JOSVU2019SO LOW 20M (C)306118101.6 
4408UA0WZUA02017SO LOW 20M (C)304148114.0 
4409IK5OJBI2013SO LOW 20M30117431.4 
4410JE1GZBJA12023SO LOW 20M30013750.9 
4411IZ2FNII2015SO LOW 20M300215155.0 
4412JG1FGLJA11996SO LOW 20M300878 
4413N8GUW42018SO LOW 20M29925761.2 
4414EA3EYDEA2009SO LOW 20M29711450.5 
4415DL5LWMDL2020SO LOW 20M289176111.5  
4416NZ1DW42019SO LOW 20M28910890.4 
4417YO8PUFYO2022SO LOW 20M (Y)288184120.2 
4418AA7IHW72020SO LOW 20M28821543.7 
4419IW9HLMIT92007SO LOW 20M2868670.2 
4420LZ5GMLZ2021SO LOW 20M280185151.2 
4421F3JP/PF2016SO LOW 20M280129113.2  
44227L2ICSJA11998SO LOW 20M2791336 
4423JG3EHDJA32021SO LOW 20M (C)2739581.5 
4424N9TOW92019SO LOW 20M272127101.1 
4425JG1FGL/6JA62022SO LOW 20M270145102.5 
4426W9KHHW92019SO LOW 20M (C)27010691.0 
4427YB7MPYB2022SO LOW 20M26410561.4 
4428HB9BNKHB2017SO LOW 20M26417471.5 
4429RV9WBUA92016SO LOW 20M2648480.9  
4430SP9ZSP2016SO LOW 20M (C)26410570.6 
4431JO1JKHJA12015SO LOW 20M26410661.0 
4432N1VVVW12018SO LOW 20M (C)2559780.6 
4433LZ2JOWLZ2016SO LOW 20M255196113.9 
4434W8NNCW82020SO LOW 20M25210661.2 
4435BG8TFNBY2017SO LOW 20M25219570.9 
4436JA1VVHJA12016SO LOW 20M25214540.5 
4437EZ8CWEZ2004SO LOW 20M251857 
4438SP5SZESP2022SO LOW 20M (R)240254124.0 
4439JN3ONXJA32019SO LOW 20M (C)240208161.9 
4440JP3AWAJA32019SO LOW 20M (C)24010571.3 
4441K3YEO/4W42016SO LOW 20M (C)240288167.0 
4442IZ1UKGI2016SO LOW 20M23813681.3 
4443JN1BBOJA12010SO LOW 20M2387770.1 
4444UA3DFRUA-32007SO LOW 20M238184101.1 
4445JN3ONXJA32017SO LOW 20M23412581.3  
4446TF8HPTF2015SO LOW 20M234156120.6 
4447KC4UCTW42020SO LOW 20M (C)23120651.1 
4448UK8AKKUK2008SO LOW 20M2319560.1 
4449V31YNV32018SO LOW 20M22811661.7DJ4KW
4450JH1WHAJA12020SO LOW 20M22515321.2 
4451VU3NXIVU2014SO LOW 20M2247771.9 
4452N9HDE/0W02013SO LOW 20M2249680.3 
4453IZ8DWHI2006SO LOW 20M22410590.2 
4454IW3SOQI2018SO LOW 20M22123583.0 
4455BD7KGQBY2017SO LOW 20M22119761.8 
4456NC4RTW42017SO LOW 20M2219580.8  
4457K7AVW72007SO LOW 20M22011650.3 
4458JI7OED/7JA72019SO LOW 20M2168661.5 
4459JN1ECLJA12022SO LOW 20M2097471.2 
4460N0MJW32017SO LOW 20M (C)2098470.6 
4461JA4CESJA42017SO LOW 20M1982511114.8 
44627N2JNNJA12009SO LOW 20M1958761.1 
4463SP9EMVSP1994SO LOW 20M192826 
4464N1WRKW12018SO LOW 20M1907461.2 
4465RW1MUA-12023SO LOW 20M1899450.8  
4466DD9WLDL2018SO LOW 20M18913433.3 
4467VY1XYVE82020SO LOW 20M18615420.8 
4468JE1GZBJA12022SO LOW 20M18014550.7 
4469N6DVSW62022SO LOW 20M (C)1808551.0 
4470F8AVO/MF2015SO LOW 20M180143121.4 
4471RA9XVUA92009SO LOW 20M18011390.3 
4472N4QX/1W12008SO LOW 20M18011660.5 
4473JO1JKHJA12016SO LOW 20M17610560.5 
4474SM0FPRSM2012SO LOW 20M1769440.3 
4475LU6UALLU2020SO LOW 20M1688661.8 
4476W3FAW32020SO LOW 20M1689260.6 
4477NJ9QW92016SO LOW 20M (C)1689772.0  
4478K7OVMW72016SO LOW 20M16511230.6  
4479JG1FGL/6JA62020SO LOW 20M16210452.2  
4480UN9LABUN2017SO LOW 20M1629360.5 
4481JL7UWQJA72021SO LOW 20M1608551.0 
4482EA1WNEA2010SO LOW 20M1505550.3 
4483SN9KSP2007SO LOW 20M14511320.6SP9MDY
4484DL5LWMDL2022SO LOW 20M14412481.4 
4485OH3HSOH2021SO LOW 20M1449360.9 
4486YB9GDPYB2020SO LOW 20M1447441.4 
4487JI1SHQJA12016SO LOW 20M (C)1446440.3  
4488JA4BEVJA42018SO LOW 20M14311671.2 
4489JA0GZJA02013SO LOW 20M14012551.4  
4490JE1WBAJA12020SO LOW 20M1355450.5 
4491W4SCPW42021SO LOW 20M1329651.0WA0LJM
4492YB1BAYB2019SO LOW 20M132198146.8 
4493RW9LLUA92018SO LOW 20M13210650.4 
4494DK5KKDL2017SO LOW 20M (R)13211480.7 
4495JM6NJUJA61999SO LOW 20M132833 
4496JA1POSJA11994SO LOW 20M132656 
4497DK2CWDL2021SO LOW 20M (R)13012672.9 
4498JJ3AXLJA32011SO LOW 20M1305550.2 
4499PR7GYPY2003SO LOW 20M1301992045 
4500JA1AVI/1JA12021SO LOW 20M1269331.6 
4648 results found
  Page 45 of 47  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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