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#CallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
4001W8JGU/8W81952SO HIGH ALL1,216 1418  
4002KW8MW81991SO HIGH ALL1,211411841 
4003W8METW82007SO HIGH ALL1,2041812160.6 
4004K8AKCW82021SO LOW ALL1,2004415155.4 
4005W8IQW81986SO QRP 40M1,20025915 
4006K8RXBW82023SO LOW ALL (C)1,196197161.6 
4007AC8PLW82019SO LOW ALL1,1882111162.0 
4008KC8LTLW82001SO QRP ALL1,178221318 
4009N8HRZW82022SA LOW ALL1,1761910143.1 
4010W8EEZW81956SO HIGH 15M1,175301312  
4011WB8IIIW82021SA HIGH ALL1,1701713172.8 
4012KA8SYVW82009SO QRP ALL1,1702817220.5 
4013N8NXW82015SO LOW ALL1,1602718223.0 
4014W8MMCW81949SO HIGH ALL1,155     
4015W8EHW82019SA LOW ALL1,1501711140.9 
4016W8KIAW81961SO HIGH 80M1,150201213  
4017N8OHW82021SA LOW ALL1,144197151.6  
4018W8DAEW81954SO HIGH ALL1,120     
4019WA8VVUW81968SO HIGH ALL1,100161114  
4020W8CRW82007SO LOW ALL1,0891814131.2 
4021W8MSCW82018SA LOW ALL1,08169131011.6 
4022K8RJWW82014SO QRP ALL1,080249152.2 
4023K8HTMW81959SO HIGH 10M1,053201314  
4024K4FW/8W81994SO HIGH ALL1,053832155 
4025WD8KACW81978SO HIGH ALL1,03515815 
4026W8KPLW81975SO HIGH 10M1,03220915  
4027AF8CW82006SO LOW ALL1,0264126315.0 
4028W8AJWW81956SO HIGH 10M1,025221312  
4029K8PYDW81976SO HIGH ALL1,025151114 
4030K8ALMW82020SA HIGH ALL1,0201912183.5 
4031K8MNGW81986SO HIGH 10M1,00819714 
4032K1PBW/8W81968SO HIGH 160M1,00827711  
4033KG9ZW82018SA HIGH 160M1,000258123.0 
4034K8TWW82023SA HIGH ALL9991710172.8 
4035W8PMW81951SO HIGH ALL990 1416  
4036W8DLZW81955SO HIGH 15M98916815  
4037KD8DEUW82020SA LOW ALL9861713161.6 
4038WB8ORVW81996SO LOW 40M96917712 
4039W8TRNW81963SO HIGH ALL968171012  
4040WA8LXJW81981SO HIGH 160M9602988 
4041W8VEW82008SO QRP ALL9603117151.3 
4042K8FZYW82012SO LOW 20M9572313161.5 
4043WN8IOTW81972SO HIGH 15M94020812  
4044W8AKSW82019SA LOW 80M924158141.9 
4045WB8SDAW82018SO LOW ALL9243612166.8 
4046K8DRTW82012SO QRP 40M9204313272.6 
4047WZ8TW82016SO LOW ALL9122410142.7  
4048K8YQWW81969SO HIGH 10M880151012  
4049KD8RQEW82016SA HIGH ALL8751312132.9  
4050W8KCW81952SO HIGH 15M875 1114  
4051W8CLHW81949SO HIGH 20M874     
4052W8AKSW82015SO QRP 40M864216181.6 
4053KG9Z/8W82016SA LOW 160M850395124.4 
4054N8AGUW81979SO HIGH 20M83615913 
4055AB8FJW82013SO QRP 15M (C)817186131.3 
4056KB8WW82017SA LOW ALL8141311111.8  
4057W8PNW81994SO HIGH 40M814141012 
4058N8NXW82017SO LOW ALL8103014162.2 
4059NV5MW82019SO LOW ALL805219143.4 
4060AD8PW81978SO HIGH 10M7841888 
4061W7JI/8W82013SO LOW ALL7794112295.0 
4062N9CX/8W82008SO HIGH ALL775208170.7 
4063K8BTHW81981SO HIGH 160M7742499 
4064WA8QJKW81969SO HIGH 40M75615912  
4065WA8YEEW81973SO HIGH 10M72613913  
4066K8ALMW82021SA HIGH ALL722165141.7 
4067K8TSW82016SA LOW ALL7201612124.1  
4068AB8FJW82009SO QRP 15M720175110.3 
4069K8MJZW82017SO LOW ALL7041510120.4 
4070KF8MZW82023SO HIGH ALL6901311120.6 
4071W8AQW81954SO HIGH 80M680     
4072KA8HJGW81982SO HIGH ALL660201111 
4073AB8FJW82016SO QRP 15M (C)660157133.0 
4074N8AXAW81995SO QRP ALL651141110 
4075W8BDOW81957SO HIGH 10M64815711  
4076AA8KYW82020SO LOW ALL6481410142.4 
4077N8DPDW81984SO HIGH 40M64014610 
4078NQ8OW82018SA HIGH ALL630206121.4  
4079W8HAW81949SO HIGH 20M630     
4080AB8DFW82001SO QRP ALL630221421 
4081WA8YZBW82020SO LOW ALL624100131114.2 
4082KD8RBW82002SO LOW ALL624561236 
4083K8YUW82018SA HIGH 40M61617771.1 
4084NO8CW82010SO LOW 160M61130671.2 
4085K8NMGW81965SO HIGH 40M60812811  
4086K8RRW82022SO LOW ALL5981412110.9 
4087KG8CWW82022SA LOW ALL5941310120.9 
4088AA8PW82016SO LOW 10M570177121.6 
4089AF8CW82020SA LOW 80M560168124.9 
4090KF8JWW82000SO QRP 40M55228618 
4091K1DBM/8W82016SO LOW ALL (R)551118112.3 
4092KD8VMMW82022SA HIGH ALL546138132.7 
4093K8ALMW82016SO HIGH ALL5461210112.3  
4094W8YHEW81948SO HIGH ALL546     
4095WA8ZGCW81969SO HIGH ALL540101010  
4096N8NBW82017SA HIGH 160M528249152.7 
4097W8IBXW81960SO HIGH 80M5183868  
4098KG9ZW82017SA HIGH 160M51218883.9 
4099W8PNW81989SO HIGH ALL5121288 
4100N8NXW82020SO LOW ALL494119101.1 
4310 results found
  Page 41 of 44  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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