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#CallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
4001N3GEW32005SO LOW 40M1201046 
4002JE1KDMJA11994SO LOW 40M114733 
40038J1SOUMU/1JA12021SO LOW 40M1108321.0 
4004JA5CUXJA52021SO LOW 40M1086330.6 
4005KD3HNW32020SO LOW 40M (C)1088360.8 
4006JH8CLC/7JA72012SO LOW 40M1086420.1 
4007RN3DKEUA-32009SO LOW 40M10810390.3 
4008K6KQVW62019SO LOW 40M1057430.7 
4009YD1KOXYB2017SO LOW 40M1055341.3 
4010ON6VOXON2015SO LOW 40M105135102.6 
4011KW4FABW42022SO LOW 40M1047350.8 
4012BG1PDPBY2008SO LOW 40M10415440.3 
4013VE1ASEVE12021SO LOW 40M1005551.0 
4014JH9BWCJA92019SO LOW 40M1009221.2 
4015SN5TSP2006SO LOW 40M100215174.4SQ5NBE
4016NG1Q/7W72004SO LOW 40M100421113 
4017IK3ORDI2002SO LOW 40M10027519 
4018JA1AATJA12002SO LOW 40M10021716 
4019M5ALGG2002SO LOW 40M10011410 
4020PY5XTPY2002SO LOW 40M1001821949 
4021RW4VAUA-42001SO LOW 40M1001279 
4022HL1TKFHL2021SO LOW 40M9910451.6  
4023JA3ZMLJA31999SO LOW 40M98943 
4024JS2ALK/0JA02019SO LOW 40M905550.6 
4025OZ4VWOZ2013SO LOW 40M905330.3  
4026RV3DHCUA-32010SO LOW 40M905450.2 
4027JE8KGH/7JA72010SO LOW 40M817450.2 
4028HA8KMHA2022SO LOW 40M (R)806460.8 
4029UY5BTUR2019SO LOW 40M726662.0 
4030JE2IAOJA21996SO LOW 40M72622 
4031W0OTVW02016SO LOW 40M704340.6  
4032JA0GZJA02009SO LOW 40M708550.6 
40339V1HY9V2021SO LOW 40M (C)667240.5 
4034BD7JJQBY2022SO LOW 40M (R)604330.8 
4035VE2NCGVE22016SO LOW 40M (R)607321.7 
4036YD0AWYB2022SO LOW 40M564341.6 
4037JF1OPOJA12016SO LOW 40M564340.1 
4038EA5PLEA2022SO LOW 40M557472.2 
4039W8FWYW82021SO LOW 40M5432334.0 
4040JG3EHDJA32019SO LOW 40M (C)546211.1 
4041RW4HZUA-42018SO LOW 40M543330.1 
4042BH1BOQBY2017SO LOW 40M547330.6 
4043YC9SWQYB2017SO LOW 40M (C)544330.4 
40447K1DPEJA12014SO LOW 40M548210.7 
4045SP2MHCSP2009SO LOW 40M543330.1 
4046JG3EHDJA32018SO LOW 40M (C)525220.8 
4047JH1RDUJA12013SO LOW 40M (C)527222.0 
4048JR3XEXJA32015SO LOW 40M494340.4 
4049K6AUSW12022SO LOW 40M4816571.3 
4050K2MVW22020SO LOW 40M (C)483330.6 
4051LB5DILA2020SO LOW 40M (C)4822392.6 
4052WA7BMEW72013SO LOW 40M487330.7 
4053N9IHW92007SO LOW 40M4825331.0 
4054LZ2OQVLZ2014SO LOW 40M455231.1 
4055OK5SWLOK2019SO LOW 40M4412380.4OK2SWD
4056K0CMHW02019SO LOW 40M429330.4 
4057JE7PNNJA72020SO LOW 40M404220.2 
4058EA5DLPEA2017SO LOW 40M405350.7 
4059JF2WXSJA22009SO LOW 40M404220.1 
4060PU1LOGPY1991SO LOW 40M40832 
4061JO3XCKJA32018SO LOW 40M366331.4 
40629M4CHM9M22017SO LOW 40M365220.29M2NAL
4063K0EVW02017SO LOW 40M363330.1 
4064PU5KGBPY2017SO LOW 40M363330.4 
4065YB1MBAYB2013SO LOW 40M364220.5 
4066JA9KUGJA91994SO LOW 40M35434 
4067BA4SCPBY2011SO LOW 40M326220.1 
4068WB9FMCW92021SO LOW 40M309230.7 
4069DK7YGLDL2020SO LOW 40M306331.4 
4070TC4ATA2016SO LOW 40M304231.0TA4CS
4071AJ4GLW42010SO LOW 40M305320.1GARY
4072JA6PCHJA62010SO LOW 40M30333 
4073RN4AADUA-42009SO LOW 40M307370.4 
4074JN1OKVJA12020SO LOW 40M283220.3 
4075JQ1PCTJA12019SO LOW 40M (C)283220.3 
4076SV8RSXSV2018SO LOW 40M (R)288682.9 
4077NU4MW42018SO LOW 40M273120.1 
40787N4CLIJA12010SO LOW 40M273210.2 
4079JA6UKYJA62021SO LOW 40M (C)242220.1 
4080K4FWW42020SO LOW 40M242220.2 
4081KM6VXOW62020SO LOW 40M245330.2 
4082R7GAUA-62019SO LOW 40M (C)242220.9 
4083RU9UEUA92019SO LOW 40M242220.1 
4084RW4HZUA-42019SO LOW 40M242220.1 
4085SA7AOISM2014SO LOW 40M244330.8 
4086SM6BWQSM2012SO LOW 40M24222  
4087SP7EXJSP2010SO LOW 40M24222 
4088RK0AWQUA02009SO LOW 40M24222 
4089JJ1PTIJA12007SO LOW 40M244110.2 
4090SP6FIBSP2003SO LOW 40M23333 
40919M2TDX9M22018SO LOW 40M (R)228562.7 
4092AK4CJW42019SO LOW 40M202220.1  
4093N4FYW42010SO LOW 40M202221.2 
4094W6PAPW62005SO LOW 40M19411 
4095TA2LTA2020SO LOW 40M (C)182120.4 
4096SV1RUXSV2016SO LOW 40M183332.4 
4097JH8CLC/7JA72014SO LOW 40M182210.1 
4098N7TMSW72013SO LOW 40M (R)1811541.8 
4099SP0CFFSP2011SO LOW 40M18212 
4100BA5ABBY2021SO LOW 40M162220.1 
4157 results found
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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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