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#CallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
4001JA1AATJA12006SO LOW 40M251957 
4002VK3BAPVK2023SO LOW 40M (R)24212653.1 
4003JL1NIEJA12021SO LOW 40M24016320.8 
4004K3YNYW32018SO LOW 40M (C)2407570.8 
4005JO1PGGJA12017SO LOW 40M24016322.0  
4006YO8RIJYO2009SO LOW 40M24011690.5 
4007JG3EHDJA32005SO LOW 40M2401044 
4008JI2GZCJA22011SO LOW 40M23814430.5 
4009IK8UNDI2002SO LOW 40M23814410 
4010CE1ATCE2015SO LOW 40M23411672.2 
4011JH4FUFJA42022SO LOW 40M (C)2309550.3 
4012WA7BMEW72007SO LOW 40M228757 
4013JF7FHYJA72012SO LOW 40M22511542.3 
40149M2HUS9M22022SO LOW 40M22412792.1 
4015JG3EHDJA32010SO LOW 40M22016320.9 
4016BD4LBBY2020SO LOW 40M21610661.7 
4017NJ8JW42018SO LOW 40M2168570.3  
4018JP7DHE/1JA72016SO LOW 40M (C)2168571.0 
4019AA8BVW82020SO LOW 40M2108681.2 
4020CO2VECM2020SO LOW 40M21013342.2 
4021IU0LSQI2020SO LOW 40M21011461.7 
4022OK1ZDJOK2019SO LOW 40M210143122.3 
4023JA8GTOJA81999SO LOW 40M209747 
4024NQ4KW42017SO LOW 40M208116101.7 
4025DK0IUDL2005SO LOW 40M195767DJ6TK
4026DJ8BDDL2018SO LOW 40M1926661.0 
4027JF1OPOJA12015SO LOW 40M1907640.7 
4028JA2LWAJA22017SO LOW 40M1897450.7 
4029JA3FZIJA31992SO LOW 40M189934 
4030JA0DVEJA02019SO LOW 40M18218760.8 
4031JA3WHOJA32015SO LOW 40M (C)1827771.0 
4032YC2DWLYB2017SO LOW 40M1806460.6 
4033JA4BEVJA42016SO LOW 40M18015663.9 
4034JP7GRUJA72017SO LOW 40M1766650.6 
4035RA3MARUA-32009SO LOW 40M176154121.0 
4036JA1UOAJA12019SO LOW 40M1709550.7 
4037JF3ROHJA32022SO LOW 40M1687442.1 
4038HB9ESOHB2021SO LOW 40M168133111.1 
4039TA4CSTA2017SO LOW 40M1687260.2 
4040RD3AJBUA-32014SO LOW 40M1688571.7 
4041JA6FGCJA62010SO LOW 40M1687770.2 
4042DF6JFDL2019SO LOW 40M16515291.5 
4043JA1BFNJA11993SO LOW 40M1651169 
4044JF1KWI/7JA72020SO LOW 40M (C)16111431.9 
4045IT9JGXIT92017SO LOW 40M1608370.6 
4046HB9TSUHB2020SO LOW 40M15613481.3 
4047JF1GZZJA12022SO LOW 40M (C)1548561.1 
4048KZ5OMW62018SO LOW 40M1546560.3 
4049JP7DHE/1JA12017SO LOW 40M1546651.4 
4050RA9JBUA92011SO LOW 40M1548560.2 
4051JA1ISAJA12014SO LOW 40M15311450.9 
4052W7RIPW72009SO LOW 40M15326540.9 
4053JP7DHEJA72013SO LOW 40M1529441.7 
4054OH2PVOH2004SO LOW 40M152868 
4055JE4GJVJA41999SO LOW 40M150933 
4056JA5PEEJA51996SO LOW 40M150666 
4057TI2WMPTI2008SO LOW 40M1447440.3 
4058SP6FJSP2005SO LOW 40M144757 
4059JA0GZJA01992SO LOW 40M144833 
4060UA0SBQUA02008SO LOW 40M1406550.1 
4061JR0BATJA01992SO LOW 40M136744 
4062JJ1KMFJA12018SO LOW 40M (R)13511322.5 
4063JA2MOGJA22017SO LOW 40M1359322.0 
40649M2NAL9M22016SO LOW 40M1357452.3 
4065EA3NTEA2010SO LOW 40M1358454.7 
4066JK1VGNJA12022SO LOW 40M1337430.6 
4067OE1VMCOE2023SO LOW 40M1329481.0 
4068YC1DOLYB2008SO LOW 40M1327560.4 
4069JE0WCQJA02020SO LOW 40M (C)13010321.4 
4070JR4VEVJA42011SO LOW 40M1305550.2 
4071BH1FCCBY2018SO LOW 40M1268451.9 
4072JA1MNJJA12014SO LOW 40M (C)126309125.2 
4073EA3IGREA2020SO LOW 40M (R)12111291.5 
4074KC5DCTW52019SO LOW 40M1217650.7 
4075OM0CSOM2018SO LOW 40M1217470.6 
4076YG3ASGYB2023SO LOW 40M (C)1206551.6 
4077IZ0ZFKI2017SO LOW 40M12010461.4 
4078YO3GWYO2008SO LOW 40M12012370.7 
4079JG3EHDJA32007SO LOW 40M12010310.4 
4080N3GEW32005SO LOW 40M1201046 
4081JE1KDMJA11994SO LOW 40M114733 
40828J1SOUMU/1JA12021SO LOW 40M1108321.0 
4083JA5CUXJA52021SO LOW 40M1086330.6 
4084KD3HNW32020SO LOW 40M (C)1088360.8 
4085JH8CLC/7JA72012SO LOW 40M1086420.1 
4086RN3DKEUA-32009SO LOW 40M10810390.3 
4087K6KQVW62019SO LOW 40M1057430.7 
4088YD1KOXYB2017SO LOW 40M1055341.3 
4089ON6VOXON2015SO LOW 40M105135102.6 
4090KW4FABW42022SO LOW 40M1047350.8 
4091BG1PDPBY2008SO LOW 40M10415440.3 
4092VE1ASEVE12021SO LOW 40M1005551.0 
4093JH9BWCJA92019SO LOW 40M1009221.2 
4094SN5TSP2006SO LOW 40M100215174.4SQ5NBE
4095NG1Q/7W72004SO LOW 40M100421113 
4096IK3ORDI2002SO LOW 40M10027519 
4097JA1AATJA12002SO LOW 40M10021716 
4098M5ALGG2002SO LOW 40M10011410 
4099PY5XTPY2002SO LOW 40M1001821949 
4100RW4VAUA-42001SO LOW 40M1001279 
4242 results found
  Page 41 of 43  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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