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4184 results found
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#CallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
3901WA8VVUW81968SO HIGH ALL1,100161114  
3902W8CRW82007SO LOW ALL1,0891814131.2 
3903W8MSCW82018SA LOW ALL1,08169131011.6 
3904K8RJWW82014SO QRP ALL1,080249152.2 
3905K8HTMW81959SO HIGH 10M1,053201314  
3906K4FW/8W81994SO HIGH ALL1,053832155 
3907WD8KACW81978SO HIGH ALL1,03515815 
3908W8KPLW81975SO HIGH 10M1,03220915  
3909AF8CW82006SO LOW ALL1,0264126315.0 
3910W8AJWW81956SO HIGH 10M1,025221312  
3911K8PYDW81976SO HIGH ALL1,025151114 
3912K8ALMW82020SA HIGH ALL1,0201912183.5 
3913K8MNGW81986SO HIGH 10M1,00819714 
3914K1PBW/8W81968SO HIGH 160M1,00827711  
3915KG9ZW82018SA HIGH 160M1,000258123.0 
3916W8PMW81951SO HIGH ALL990 1416  
3917W8DLZW81955SO HIGH 15M98916815  
3918KD8DEUW82020SA LOW ALL9861713161.6 
3919WB8ORVW81996SO LOW 40M96917712 
3920W8TRNW81963SO HIGH ALL968171012  
3921WA8LXJW81981SO HIGH 160M9602988 
3922W8VEW82008SO QRP ALL9603117151.3 
3923K8FZYW82012SO LOW 20M9572313161.5 
3924WN8IOTW81972SO HIGH 15M94020812  
3925W8AKSW82019SA LOW 80M924158141.9 
3926WB8SDAW82018SO LOW ALL9243612166.8 
3927K8DRTW82012SO QRP 40M9204313272.6 
3928WZ8TW82016SO LOW ALL9122410142.7  
3929K8YQWW81969SO HIGH 10M880151012  
3930KD8RQEW82016SA HIGH ALL8751312132.9  
3931W8KCW81952SO HIGH 15M875 1114  
3932W8CLHW81949SO HIGH 20M874     
3933W8AKSW82015SO QRP 40M864216181.6 
3934KG9Z/8W82016SA LOW 160M850395124.4 
3935N8AGUW81979SO HIGH 20M83615913 
3936AB8FJW82013SO QRP 15M (C)817186131.3 
3937KB8WW82017SA LOW ALL8141311111.8  
3938W8PNW81994SO HIGH 40M814141012 
3939N8NXW82017SO LOW ALL8103014162.2 
3940NV5MW82019SO LOW ALL805219143.4 
3941AD8PW81978SO HIGH 10M7841888 
3942W7JI/8W82013SO LOW ALL7794112295.0 
3943N9CX/8W82008SO HIGH ALL775208170.7 
3944K8BTHW81981SO HIGH 160M7742499 
3945WA8QJKW81969SO HIGH 40M75615912  
3946WA8YEEW81973SO HIGH 10M72613913  
3947K8ALMW82021SA HIGH ALL722165141.7 
3948K8TSW82016SA LOW ALL7201612124.1  
3949AB8FJW82009SO QRP 15M720175110.3 
3950K8MJZW82017SO LOW ALL7041510120.4 
3951W8AQW81954SO HIGH 80M680     
3952KA8HJGW81982SO HIGH ALL660201111 
3953AB8FJW82016SO QRP 15M (C)660157133.0 
3954N8AXAW81995SO QRP ALL651141110 
3955W8BDOW81957SO HIGH 10M64815711  
3956AA8KYW82020SO LOW ALL6481410142.4 
3957N8DPDW81984SO HIGH 40M64014610 
3958NQ8OW82018SA HIGH ALL630206121.4  
3959W8HAW81949SO HIGH 20M630     
3960AB8DFW82001SO QRP ALL630221421 
3961WA8YZBW82020SO LOW ALL624100131114.2 
3962KD8RBW82002SO LOW ALL624561236 
3963K8YUW82018SA HIGH 40M61617771.1 
3964NO8CW82010SO LOW 160M61130671.2 
3965K8NMGW81965SO HIGH 40M60812811  
3966K8RRW82022SO LOW ALL5981412110.9 
3967KG8CWW82022SA LOW ALL5941310120.9 
3968AA8PW82016SO LOW 10M570177121.6 
3969AF8CW82020SA LOW 80M560168124.9 
3970KF8JWW82000SO QRP 40M55228618 
3971K1DBM/8W82016SO LOW ALL (R)551118112.3 
3972KD8VMMW82022SA HIGH ALL546138132.7 
3973K8ALMW82016SO HIGH ALL5461210112.3  
3974W8YHEW81948SO HIGH ALL546     
3975WA8ZGCW81969SO HIGH ALL540101010  
3976N8NBW82017SA HIGH 160M528249152.7 
3977W8IBXW81960SO HIGH 80M5183868  
3978KG9ZW82017SA HIGH 160M51218883.9 
3979W8PNW81989SO HIGH ALL5121288 
3980N8NXW82020SO LOW ALL494119101.1 
3981N8AXAW81987SO QRP ALL49312710 
3982NQ8OW82019SA HIGH 80M49022681.9 
3983K8OYGW81974SO HIGH ALL4801578  
3984K8TSW82020SA HIGH 160M46529694.3 
3985N9CXW82021SO HIGH ALL4601110101.3 
3986AD8EVW82021SO LOW ALL (R)4562213112.7 
3987N8XAW82005SO QRP 160M4562177 
3988K8LOW82012SO HIGH ALL450126120.4  
3989W8NNCW82019SO LOW 40M442187101.2 
3990W8COW82014SA LOW 160M43214882.5 
3991W8VDFW81966SO HIGH ALL4321088  
3992NV5MW82017SA LOW ALL4162015173.5 
3993K8DOW82021SO HIGH 40M4162210162.3 
3994K8UQAW81975SO HIGH 40M39918813  
3995WD8BAHW82009SO QRP 40M39254771.9 
3996WA8WVW82008SO HIGH 160M39010690.5 
3997AB8SFW82022SO LOW ALL380119112.1 
3998WD8DKJW81978SO HIGH 10M3781377 
3999KG9Z/8W82010SO LOW 160M37818770.5 
4000K8CPAW82010SA LOW ALL375255100.9 
4184 results found
  Page 40 of 42  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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