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#CallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
3901W8NNCW82019SO LOW 40M442187101.2 
3902JF2FOXJA22016SO LOW 40M44210891.2  
3903JE3EVIJA32019SO LOW 40M437178113.4 
3904KB5EDRW52018SO LOW 40M432168102.8 
3905R5DFUA-32020SO LOW 40M42915471.2  
3906BG1TPTBY2018SO LOW 40M42523982.8 
3907SP9LWHSP2004SO LOW 40M42513611 
3908BD7RVEBY2013SO LOW 40M (R)420158122.2  
3909UN0CUN2021SO LOW 40M41610790.9 
3910JG1UQDJA12011SO LOW 40M41422541.1 
3911OH3RMOH2006SO LOW 40M414175130.2 
3912EI3CTBEI2019SO LOW 40M (C)408205121.8 
3913W0BFW72017SO LOW 40M (C)40614863.6  
3914JJ0UTRJA02019SO LOW 40M (R)40026644.4 
3915K5VG/4W42004SO LOW 40M400979 
3916UA6ATGUA-62018SO LOW 40M396195131.1 
3917LZ2JOWLZ2015SO LOW 40M39625666.2  
3918JH1AILJA12009SO LOW 40M3961654 
3919K2SIW22015SO LOW 40M39010491.7 
3920F5ICXF1998SO LOW 40M3902655 
3921JJ3QXWJA31998SO LOW 40M3901355 
3922I5CDFI2017SO LOW 40M (C)38715541.2  
3923JO3XCKJA32019SO LOW 40M38513651.8 
3924JI2GZCJA22012SO LOW 40M38414660.4 
3925OK5SWLOK2018SO LOW 40M380205141.5OK2SWD
3926DF7DRDL2016SO LOW 40M380205141.0 
39277K2GMFJA11995SO LOW 40M3801564 
3928KS2AW22019SO LOW 40M (C)378137112.8 
3929SN9ISP2017SO LOW 40M377249204.3 
39307K1IIIJA12020SO LOW 40M37526322.3 
3931PY3ZZRPY2018SO LOW 40M37511781.1 
3932JA1BXVJA12002SO LOW 40M3741489 
3933W3ASWW32018SO LOW 40M (C)368106100.2 
3934KI7NW72018SO LOW 40M36410670.4 
3935CT1GFQCT2015SO LOW 40M360186120.9 
3936JF2FIUJA22014SO LOW 40M36014750.7 
3937UA2FGYUA22009SO LOW 40M360224141.0 
3938ZP6SKYZP2018SO LOW 40M35715893.4 
3939YD2ELTYB2020SO LOW 40M35286182616.8 
3940JH2LMHJA22017SO LOW 40M35212651.5 
3941IV3TQEI2011SO LOW 40M35210790.3 
3942JA1HOMJA12014SO LOW 40M35111760.5 
39433Z3AFSSP1995SO LOW 40M3451869 
3944MM0DHQGM2008SO LOW 40M340184161.1 
3945JQ3BVCJA32022SO LOW 40M (Y)33615770.8 
3946JA5XPDJA52011SO LOW 40M3368770.2 
3947JG2CNSJA22009SO LOW 40M33614880.7 
3948JG1VMKJA12021SO LOW 40M (Y)33014651.8 
3949W9QLW92018SO LOW 40M33010470.5 
3950JE6TUPJA62015SO LOW 40M32511761.5 
39517N2CQSJA12018SO LOW 40M32412544.4 
3952LA6YIALA2017SO LOW 40M323174131.1 
3953SP8HPWSP2009SO LOW 40M32312890.5 
3954UB0AEXUA02014SO LOW 40M32211680.2 
3955G3XUDG2016SO LOW 40M320146100.9  
3956IX1CKNI2012SO LOW 40M320126100.7  
3957E73MJE72010SO LOW 40M320204120.6 
3958JI2VLMJA22009SO LOW 40M31914650.8 
3959JA2AUEJA22013SO LOW 40M31221675.1 
3960JF2LTHJA21996SO LOW 40M3121166 
3961JA1ANGJA12010SO LOW 40M31013640.4 
3962JA2SCLJA22016SO LOW 40M3088681.1  
3963F8DYDF2018SO LOW 40M306244131.4 
3964ZZ3ZPY1998SO LOW 40M3043188 
3965HL1TKFHL2019SO LOW 40M30016872.0 
3966JR2SQUJA22008SO LOW 40M30013640.4 
3967W3ASWW32016SO LOW 40M29910581.4  
3968JN1WXWJA12020SO LOW 40M29711540.5 
3969JA0RQVJA02016SO LOW 40M29713540.7  
3970JG3DORJA32002SO LOW 40M2971156 
3971VE7CFAVE71993SO LOW 40M2971754 
3972JA1POSJA11992SO LOW 40M2971354 
3973YD3CERYB2020SO LOW 40M (R)294178133.8 
3974JH2IRH/1JA12010SO LOW 40M29414770.4 
3975F5OCLF2023SO LOW 40M288185110.8 
3976N2TJSW22020SO LOW 40M28811480.5 
3977JH1NXUJA11994SO LOW 40M288866 
3978G1EIQG2019SO LOW 40M286203101.7JG1EIQ 
3979SM3AGOSM2006SO LOW 40M2859691.4 
3980KP4JFRKP42023SO LOW 40M28013593.1 
3981I3NEII2017SO LOW 40M280184100.4 
3982JH0ROS/1JA02016SO LOW 40M28016555.1 
3983KH6/K7AOKH62005SO LOW 40M2791544 
3984JP3ASWJA32016SO LOW 40M27513651.4  
3985JG3EHDJA32009SO LOW 40M27313430.9 
3986SP9DGOSP1995SO LOW 40M2731158 
3987EA1AAPEA2020SO LOW 40M272155111.6 
3988JH1RDAJA12016SO LOW 40M27010360.5 
3989LZ3DPLZ2016SO LOW 40M270117111.0  
3990KP4JRSKP42011SO LOW 40M2709780.2 
3991YO7LHR/PYO1996SO LOW 40M27018411 
3992NJ9QW92018SO LOW 40M (C)266104101.3 
3993JF2LTHJA21991SO LOW 40M2661277 
3994YV1/EA4FITYV2023SO LOW 40M26410470.9 
3995JE2XBS/3JA32002SO LOW 40M2601067 
3996WA2VQVW21994SO LOW 40M26010310 
3997ZS4JANZS2006SO LOW 40M25319472.0 
3998K6KQVW62021SO LOW 40M (C)25211660.5 
3999PY1ESPY2017SO LOW 40M2527771.2 
4000AF8CW82001SO LOW 40M25219612 
4242 results found
  Page 40 of 43  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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