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RankCallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
301UC2LCVEU1984SO QRP 160M52040  wallpaper
302Y21QEDM1989SO QRP 160M51030 14  wallpaper
303OK1DCPOK2017SO QRP 160M50439 17 6.7 wallpaper
304YU1RHYT2017SO QRP 160M50421 17 4.1 wallpaper
305SP6GNJSP2017SO QRP 160M50025 16 3.7  
306SP5NOGSP1995SO QRP 160M50026 17  wallpaper
307KI0GW01990SO QRP 160M49616  wallpaper
308IZ0ORTI2020SO QRP 160M48037 12 5.6 wallpaper
309US1UUUR2020SO QRP 160M46833 14 3.0 wallpaper
310K3TW/4W42011SO QRP 160M46417 11 0.4 wallpaper
311N8XAW82005SO QRP 160M45621  wallpaper
312VE3KZVE32003SO QRP 160M44049  wallpaper
313SP3LWUSP1983SO QRP 160M40740 11  wallpaper
314OK1DOXOKOM1988SO QRP 160M34522 12  wallpaper
315S59GSS52013SO QRP 160M34030 13 9.2 wallpaper
316OK3TLBOKOM1991SO QRP 160M32224 10  wallpaper
317K9JWV/7W72015SO QRP 160M31916 6.4 wallpaper
318OK1DDVOK2003SO QRP 160M31224 10  wallpaper
319OL6BDNOKOM1983SO QRP 160M31224 10  wallpaper
320G4CWHG2003SO QRP 160M30629 15  wallpaper
321OK1DXEOK1993SO QRP 160M30421 14  wallpaper
322OK6DOK2015SO QRP 160M28924 13 4.0OK2TEOwallpaper
323JA4CUUJA42017SO QRP 160M27017 5.0 wallpaper
324W2MFW22004SO QRP 160M25319  wallpaper
325W7DRAW72010SO QRP 160M25013 0.1 wallpaper
326UA9XIMUA91987SO QRP 160M250 wallpaper
327S59GSS52014SO QRP 160M24724 10 6.2 wallpaper
328K4ZLE/8W82012SO QRP 160M24021 0.6 wallpaper
329G0DCKG2001SO QRP 160M23820 14  wallpaper
330Y24ZFDM1986SO QRP 160M23418 11  wallpaper
331N8XAW82006SO QRP 160M22818 10  wallpaper
332OK2PPMOKOM1988SO QRP 160M22417 11  wallpaper
333SP5NOGSP1994SO QRP 160M21615 12  wallpaper
334K1HTJ/0W02011SO QRP 160M21033 1.4 wallpaper
335S59GSS52015SO QRP 160M20418 4.5 wallpaper
336LX1NOLX2017SO QRP 160M (C)19513 12 0.4 wallpaper
337S57KRIS52001SO QRP 160M17615 12  wallpaper
338OL1BVROKOM1989SO QRP 160M17612 12  wallpaper
339M0CEFG2010SO QRP 160M15617 11 0.8 wallpaper
340W7DRAW72011SO QRP 160M15412 0.2 wallpaper
341SP8BVJSP1986SO QRP 160M15320  wallpaper
342W7DRAW72017SO QRP 160M15210 2.1 wallpaper
343IZ1ANKI2016SO QRP 160M15019 13 2.0 wallpaper
344OK5RYOKOM1991SO QRP 160M15022  wallpaper
345SP2DWGSP2000SO QRP 160M14013 11  wallpaper
346VA3WPVVE32010SO QRP 160M13621 1.0 wallpaper
347VO1NAVEO2013SO QRP 160M13010 1.8 wallpaper
348EZ6PAZUA-61980SO QRP 160M12614  wallpaper
349UA3PNNUA-31985SO QRP 160M12021 15  wallpaper
350OK3CVAOKOM1980SO QRP 160M12020  wallpaper
351SP9KJSP2005SO QRP 160M10837 22  wallpaper
352SP5NOGSP1996SO QRP 160M10812  wallpaper
353OK3CVAOKOM1981SO QRP 160M10413  wallpaper
354W6QU/4W62000SO QRP 160M100W8QZAwallpaper
355YU15ARDFYT2005SO QRP 160M99YU1UAwallpaper
356YO2NWWYO2016SO QRP 160M901.0  
357RU3KOUA-32013SO QRP 160M9010 2.2  
358N2AAW22003SO QRP 160M84KR2Qwallpaper
359WO2NW22007SO QRP 160M8020 0.8 wallpaper
360JR6IQIJA61984SO QRP 160M80 wallpaper
361K3BU/2W22008SO QRP 160M7813 0.2 wallpaper
362OK1DCPOK2018SO QRP 160M7211 2.3 wallpaper
363JH1GNUJA12016SO QRP 160M7221.7 wallpaper
364IZ5ILKI2012SO QRP 160M7211 1.0 wallpaper
365PA0WDWPA1989SO QRP 160M72 wallpaper
366W2AMAW22016SO QRP 160M7011 1.5K2MIJwallpaper
367JH1GNUJA12010SO QRP 160M56 wallpaper
368YO6KKKYO1985SO QRP 160M5610  wallpaper
369KI0GW02004SO QRP 160M55 wallpaper
370I0KHPI1994SO QRP 160M54 wallpaper
371W7DRAW72015SO QRP 160M (C)491.6 wallpaper
372DF6DOMDL2021SO QRP 160M4010 4.0 wallpaper
373W7DRAW72013SO QRP 160M360.3 wallpaper
374W8QZA/6W61999SO QRP 160M30 wallpaper
375K2MIJW22013SO QRP 160M242.8 wallpaper
376R9ATUA92012SO QRP 160M24 wallpaper
377OK2ZAWOK2000SO QRP 160M2411  wallpaper
378OK3CAA/POKOM1981SO QRP 160M24 wallpaper
379N3RIKW32009SO QRP 160M160.2 wallpaper
380DL4WDDL2009SO QRP 160M140.3 wallpaper
381JR2EKDJA22019SO QRP 160M123.1 wallpaper
382HK3WHK2017SO QRP 160M120.1 wallpaper
383JR2EKDJA22017SO QRP 160M105.6 wallpaper
384WD0FLJW02000SO QRP 160M1010  wallpaper
385OK3CAAOKOM1978SO QRP 160M9 wallpaper
386IZ1ANKI2018SO QRP 160M80.6 wallpaper
387IO7KI2014SO QRP 160M70.5 wallpaper
3889A6K9A2020SO QRP 160M60.19A3QBwallpaper
389KD2BGMW22016SO QRP 160M (C)6 wallpaper
390JR2EKDJA22016SO QRP 160M44.2 wallpaper
391JF1SMVJA11979SO QRP 160M4 wallpaper
392OH10TAOH2019SO QRP 160M20.1OH1MNwallpaper
393DC2CLDL2014SO QRP 160M (R)0 wallpaper
393 results found
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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
TB-Wires (T): tribander for 10-20m and single-element wire antennas for 40-80m
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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