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#CallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
201OK2BQZOKOM1991SO QRP 80M9,744230636 
202SP4TBMSP1997SO QRP 80M9,741170843 
203OK8EYJOK2014SO QRP 80M9,63519874015.6 
204UB5WDUUR1982SO QRP 80M9,5892021033 
205RB5GDUR1984SO QRP 80M9,555174841 
206UP2BPNLY1985SO QRP 80M9,196203830 
207RA3XARUA-32003SO QRP 80M9,152171943 
208UB5AALUR1980SO QRP 80M9,061172932 
209YT2PFRYT2016SO QRP 80M (C)9,02420674111.9 
210OK1FKDOKOM1991SO QRP 80M8,730197540 
211UT5UUVUR2023SO QRP 80M (C)8,64019463912.6 
212S57SUS52006SO QRP 80M8,4761668447.4 
213OM4APDOM2005SO QRP 80M8,415202738 
214R2FIUA22018SO QRP 80M8,40420173713.8 
215N8ETW82015SO QRP 80M8,37081123311.5  
216Y25XADM1984SO QRP 80M8,272171740 
217MW0IDXGW2010SO QRP 80M8,1621399445.2 
218OK2KRTOK1998SO QRP 80M8,160193535 
219UX0ZXUR1996SO QRP 80M8,064155939 
220UT7DUUR2015SO QRP 80M8,0551908373.5 
221G3YHFG2022SO QRP 80M (C)7,9901558399.5 
222ES0NWES1996SO QRP 80M7,958166739 
223EE3CEA2012SO QRP 80M7,95014710407.4EA3CKX
224HA8LKBHA1985SO QRP 80M7,884207630 
225JA6GCEJA62008SO QRP 80M7,8207216302.7 
226SM3CCTSM2002SO QRP 80M7,790197536 
227OH1RXOH2022SO QRP 80M (C)7,69613410425.6 
228SP9GKMSP1985SO QRP 80M7,650220529 
229HA8IQHA1988SO QRP 80M7,6111601231 
230LZ1FWLZ1994SO QRP 80M7,4701441035 
231OK1GSBOK2016SO QRP 80M7,34816663811.2 
232UA4SMMUA-41995SO QRP 80M7,320158832 
233KI0G/5W52013SO QRP 80M7,25066153510.5 
234N7IRW72006SO QRP 80M7,20068162918.8 
235G5YCG2005SO QRP 80M7,182951152 
236LY1DILY2000SO QRP 80M7,040215535 
237DM0YDL2022SO QRP 80M (C)7,0081477412.4DH8BQA
238UR2CWES1980SO QRP 80M6,930133933 
239SP8UFYSP1994SO QRP 80M6,864138939 
240GM4UBJGM2009SO QRP 80M6,8111437427.8 
241SQ5LNUSP2014SO QRP 80M6,8081588385.4 
242SQ7FPDSP2016SO QRP 80M6,7201916292.0 
243HG6VHA2007SO QRP 80M6,6961398546.8HA6VA
244SP9KGMSP1987SO QRP 80M6,630193529 
245SP9GKMSP1986SO QRP 80M6,630184628 
246YO3CBZYO2014SO QRP 80M6,6241228384.5 
247VY2MGY/3VE32000SO QRP 80M6,389148915 
248YO5CYHYO1984SO QRP 80M6,200197625 
249KH6SQKH62001SO QRP 80M6,174991110W8QZA
250SM5OUUSM2011SO QRP 80M6,0801596346.7 
251SP9GKMSP1984SO QRP 80M6,072175627 
252Y28ANDM1988SO QRP 80M6,048130735 
253OK1MYAOKOM1991SO QRP 80M6,006174534 
254IZ5OVPI2017SO QRP 80M5,9851337386.2 
255RN3ANTUA-32009SO QRP 80M5,9801117392.2 
256UT5DJUR2014SO QRP 80M5,8501226394.8 
257UB5VEEUR1983SO QRP 80M5,848162727 
258YO8RIXYO2023SO QRP 80M5,7811228396.3 
259SP9GKMSP1988SO QRP 80M5,775160530 
260DK5QNDL2014SO QRP 80M5,7341158397.9 
261OK1DSIOKOM1987SO QRP 80M5,544171528 
262OK2SMOOKOM1987SO QRP 80M5,544168528 
263OK3YDXOKOM1986SO QRP 80M5,538138633 
264YO4BEXYO1984SO QRP 80M5,472161626 
265OK1DNROKOM1986SO QRP 80M5,434139632 
266AA2UW21988SO QRP 80M5,412521229 
267SV2AOKSV2017SO QRP 80M (C)5,4001468379.0 
268Y27EODM1980SO QRP 80M5,400146630 
269JM1NKTJA12009SO QRP 80M5,3387214203.3 
270SQ5LNUSP2015SO QRP 80M5,2441566326.6  
271UT1WWUR2022SO QRP 80M5,2361078363.2 
272AA2UW21987SO QRP 80M5,207521130 
273OK2PAWOKOM1985SO QRP 80M5,125144530 
274Y24KGDM1984SO QRP 80M5,074108835 
275UT1AMUR2019SO QRP 80M5,0401366347.0 
276UX0ZABUR2018SO QRP 80M4,860949364.4 
277JA3GNJA32009SO QRP 80M4,6996317202.8 
278HZ1BWHZ2017SO QRP 80M4,681544271.0 
279Y25XADM1985SO QRP 80M4,680110733 
280IW1BCOI2017SO QRP 80M4,67415253320.5 
281W1TWW12014SO QRP 80M4,6445712316.6 
282UT5UQVUR1993SO QRP 80M4,620104742 
283IZ1DGGI2007SO QRP 80M4,5921296358.2 
284JH1GNUJA12020SO QRP 80M4,5886314239.2 
285HA7JQKHA2019SO QRP 80M4,5601088322.2 
286HB9FSVHB2023SO QRP 80M (C)4,4771325325.6 
287OM4APDOM2004SO QRP 80M4,305133530 
288AA2UW21986SO QRP 80M4,257441132 
289JH1GNUJA12018SO QRP 80M4,2125414227.9 
290UA3TWUA-32013SO QRP 80M4,134936336.0 
291YC2OKYB1997SO QRP 80M4,130431124 
2922E0AOKG1996SO QRP 80M4,104106632 
293Y26WMDM1985SO QRP 80M4,068109630 
294Y23TIDM1986SO QRP 80M4,059124429 
295OK8EYJOK2013SO QRP 80M4,032975377.8 
296JH1GNUJA12012SO QRP 80M4,0325714222.5  
297UT5UQVUR1998SO QRP 80M3,99593839 
298OK2PHHOKOM1991SO QRP 80M3,922109433 
299UY2IFUR2021SO QRP 80M3,895917342.4 
300JF2MBFJA22008SO QRP 80M3,8866013162.3 
485 results found
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Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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