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#CallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
1501UT1IZZUR2009SA HIGH 80M1,352466201.6UY5IY
1502LZ2FLLZ2018SA HIGH 80M1,326497190.8 
1503JA7MSQJA72021SA HIGH 80M1,2762014152.3 
1504G4EXDG2017SA HIGH 80M1,276249205.5 
1505I7CSBI2018SA HIGH 80M1,2542410231.8 
1506PY5XHPY2019SA HIGH 80M1,25022101512.3 
1507NW8FW81994SA HIGH 80M1,25018916 
1508KM9MW92019SA HIGH 80M1,248218161.0 
1509W7SSTW72006SA HIGH 80M1,2422014130.7 
1510JA7MSQJA72023SA HIGH 80M1,2182313165.5 
1511JR4VEVJA42021SA HIGH 80M1,2002611142.3 
1512LZ5WLZ2018SA HIGH 80M1,150505180.3LZ1KTR 
1513RV9UFUA92006SA HIGH 80M1,127378151.1 
1514KI0FW02016SA HIGH 80M1,113277142.6 
1515IT9IMJIT92012SA HIGH 80M1,073496232.5 
1516IK5TBKI2019SA HIGH 80M1,0661710163.1 
1517NR0TW02016SA HIGH 80M1,060289114.7 
1518JT1BVJT2018SA HIGH 80M1,056229130.6 
1519JF3DRIJA32023SA HIGH 80M1,0342510124.3 
1520RU0SNUA02016SA HIGH 80M1,032199153.7 
1521K7EKDW72019SA HIGH 80M1,0262312153.3 
1522JA2IVKJA22023SA HIGH 80M9862414152.2 
1523K9DURW92018SA HIGH 80M984209151.7 
1524PY2KNKPY2020SA HIGH 80M9802413153.3 
1525JA7MSQJA72022SA HIGH 80M8511611121.2 
1526JA5FBZJA52016SA HIGH 80M8141581410.1 
1527JA2AYHJA22014SA HIGH 80M800209113.9 
1528KB4FBW42020SA HIGH 80M798183162.6 
1529JA3OOKJA32014SA HIGH 80M770179137.3 
1530CE3WWCE2021SA HIGH 80M7501512134.9 
1531JH7MEXJA72011SA HIGH 80M741157120.7 
1532JJ2CJBJA22013SA HIGH 80M7382181014.2 
1533WB2AIVW22017SA HIGH 80M728289193.1 
1534SM7EHUSM2004SA HIGH 80M7141798 
1535WF5KW52019SA HIGH 80M630148131.7 
1536YB0NSIYB2023SA HIGH 80M612138102.0 
1537JA2FSMJA22021SA HIGH 80M595157101.0 
1538JA1IZZJA12003SA HIGH 80M594261215 
1539AA9LCW92016SA HIGH 80M589129101.9  
1540K7DDW72016SA HIGH 80M567148133.1  
1541BA5DXBY2021SA HIGH 80M55055653.6 
1542G4EXDG2018SA HIGH 80M532109102.8 
1543F1UVNF2021SA HIGH 80M528207152.2 
1544JI1HNCJA12016SA HIGH 80M5041614146.3 
1545NP3VKP42019SA HIGH 80M49616792.4 
1546NQ8OW82019SA HIGH 80M49022681.9 
1547VK2KJJVK2018SA HIGH 80M486158101.4 
1548W6NSW62016SA HIGH 80M486151083.2 
1549W6IHG/4W42012SA HIGH 80M46413790.5 
1550JA4GXSJA42016SA HIGH 80M456128110.5 
1551JS6RRRJA62017SA HIGH 80M43212992.1  
1552KX7LW72016SA HIGH 80M43213662.3 
1553WC3OW32015SA HIGH 80M41611790.5 
1554OH8CWOH2021SA HIGH 80M391147101.7 
1555KD6WKYW62016SA HIGH 80M38515651.2 
1556PV8ABCPY2011SA HIGH 80M384126104.9 
1557KK7LW72023SA HIGH 80M37711584.1 
1558AI6II/4W42016SA HIGH 80M364104100.8 
1559JI1HNCJA12015SA HIGH 80M36313651.6 
1560VK3TZVK2015SA HIGH 80M30011662.3 
1561JE2JMVJA22016SA HIGH 80M288127113.0  
1562PY5AKWPY2015SA HIGH 80M28017772.3 
1563W4PJWW42016SA HIGH 80M272116113.8 
1564WM9QW92016SA HIGH 80M2559781.6 
1565YO9RIJYO2015SA HIGH 80M25214590.5 
1566VK3XVK2023SA HIGH 80M2309555.0VK3GK
1567PF6WPA2022SA HIGH 80M2288570.3 
1568RK9DMUA92016SA HIGH 80M2248770.5 
1569PY1NBPY2014SA HIGH 80M2166660.4 
1570VL6KVK2023SA HIGH 80M19617774.0VK6WX
1571SQ8GBGSP2013SA HIGH 80M192153131.8 
15729A9AU9A1999SA HIGH 80M154847 
1573JF1UVJJA12018SA HIGH 80M1355450.9 
1574VK3XVK2021SA HIGH 80M10875415.4VK3GK
1575KC2LSTW22019SA HIGH 80M1045350.7 
1576OH5UXOH2005SA HIGH 80M81545 
1577A65DRA62017SA HIGH 80M776562.1 
1578AC6SLW62019SA HIGH 80M724440.4 
1579AA1OW12016SA HIGH 80M729570.6  
1580KE1JW12017SA HIGH 80M665241.2 
1581W6IHG/4W42013SA HIGH 80M664330.2W6IHG
1582NX0XW02013SA HIGH 80M483330.7 
1583KN9PW92016SA HIGH 80M453230.4 
1584IW0SAFI2014SA HIGH 80M453230.8 
1585JA1TDJA12018SA HIGH 80M363220.2 
1586UA0WUA02015SA HIGH 80M353238.4 
1587NU0CW02019SA HIGH 80M242220.1 
1588JR0QFAJA01995SA HIGH 80M21443 
1589AD7BIW72017SA HIGH 80M1812544.2 
1590VE2GTVE22023SA HIGH 80M164220.1 
15917M4AOEJA12016SA HIGH 80M162220.1 
1592DL7URHDL2022SA HIGH 80M61110.1 
1593RD3AWUA-32022SA HIGH 80M61110.1  
1594OH1XTOH2020SA HIGH 80M61111.3 
1595OZ9XUOZ2019SA HIGH 80M61110.1 
1596RV6ASUUA-62014SA HIGH 80M6111 
1597UN9FBUN2008SA HIGH 80M6111 
1597 results found
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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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