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1290 results found
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#CallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
1201HB9GNYHB2019SA LOW 40M (R)552206174.0 
1202ON3DION2015SA LOW 40M522254144.4 
1203HS3NBRHS2020SA LOW 40M51020892.1 
1204RA5AVUA-32021SA LOW 40M50715672.7 
12057L4FCNJA12018SA LOW 40M48116851.7 
1206OK7SEOK2022SA LOW 40M475118112.0  
1207JJ2DWLJA22017SA LOW 40M46216650.6  
1208IK7TAII2014SA LOW 40M456274151.0 
1209UA8LUA92022SA LOW 40M42911580.7R9LM 
1210RW6COUA-62023SA LOW 40M42012770.9  
1211JL3DQXJA32018SA LOW 40M40814660.7 
1212NS5SW52022SA LOW 40M40511691.2 
1213LW2DXXLU2018SA LOW 40M399179102.3LU7DW
1214JA3YVIJA32021SA LOW 40M37416652.2 
1215I0/S53TI2015SA LOW 40M368245183.1S53T
1216OM1AVVOM2022SA LOW 40M (R)360165101.8 
1217UR5WTUR2016SA LOW 40M345296175.6  
1218JE6PJPJA62019SA LOW 40M33614663.2 
1219PV8AJPY2018SA LOW 40M330198141.7 
1220YB2ECGYB2016SA LOW 40M30815682.6 
1221IK1EGCI2016SA LOW 40M30012551.9  
1222G3YJQG2021SA LOW 40M272163131.3 
1223KM9MW92021SA LOW 40M2668680.3 
1224BI4LWMBY2023SA LOW 40M2648570.3 
1225K6STW72020SA LOW 40M25618883.7 
1226JA0GSGJA02016SA LOW 40M25013550.5 
1227DL5KUADL2021SA LOW 40M2479493.6 
1228VK4JJVK2021SA LOW 40M23115651.7 
1229DL3ARKDL2016SA LOW 40M2317471.1  
1230JG1APXJA12015SA LOW 40M23113431.9 
1231DJ8BDDL2017SA LOW 40M2108680.6 
1232K7ULSW72016SA LOW 40M21011552.4 
1233NN4RBW42015SA LOW 40M2108461.2 
1234PU7DEFPY2015SA LOW 40M20722111214.6 
1235IU1LARI2020SA LOW 40M (R)19610680.8 
1236KC9CNDW92017SA LOW 40M19612771.4 
1237KB4DEW42018SA LOW 40M19210792.4 
1238WK4AAW42020SA LOW 40M1876560.8 
1239JL6LTBJA62012SA LOW 40M18712651.5 
1240JR6QFVJA62022SA LOW 40M1806551.3 
1241JA3YVIJA32020SA LOW 40M1809542.0 
1242PU4GODPY2018SA LOW 40M1807550.9 
1243K1IGW12016SA LOW 40M1766561.7  
1244LZ1MCLZ2015SA LOW 40M1769560.4 
1245BA5ADBY2021SA LOW 40M1629421.7 
1246PY2ZRPY2015SA LOW 40M1505550.4  
1247HL5YIHL2017SA LOW 40M1437560.7 
1248YD2UWFYB2020SA LOW 40M (R)13212564.2 
1249N9YLZW92016SA LOW 40M1328560.6 
1250UR5KFMUR2018SA LOW 40M125395207.1  
1251BI4VIPBY2021SA LOW 40M12010441.0  
1252N4VZW42013SA LOW 40M1206460.7 
1253JA0GSGJA02014SA LOW 40M1126440.2 
1254NA3CTW32017SA LOW 40M110257154.5  
1255JH8CXWJA82020SA LOW 40M848220.7 
1256IR4PI2020SA LOW 40M815450.2IK4RVG
1257OZ1THCOZ2018SA LOW 40M728481.4 
1258W9KKN/6W62016SA LOW 40M726221.9  
1259OM4AQPOM2023SA LOW 40M707462.3 
1260YE3WILYB2019SA LOW 40M706460.5 
1261KC2PSAW22023SA LOW 40M645442.1 
1262BA4SCPBY2022SA LOW 40M644440.7 
1263LZ2OQ/1LZ2019SA LOW 40M543330.6LZ2OQ
1264PY4WWWPY2019SA LOW 40M545331.4  
1265IU4OMOI2022SA LOW 40M485350.2 
1266F4FLOF2019SA LOW 40M (C)423330.1 
1267JA0GSGJA02015SA LOW 40M404231.1 
1268YB6PENYB2022SA LOW 40M304230.7 
1269JI1RWGJA12017SA LOW 40M303330.1 
1270JM8GJBJA82016SA LOW 40M (R)305320.5 
1271DL7NDDL2022SA LOW 40M (R)244330.1 
1272LZ2OQ/1LZ2021SA LOW 40M242220.1  
1273VE2GTVE22018SA LOW 40M244210.7 
1274DL1NKBDL2016SA LOW 40M215341.0 
1275VE3AJVE32012SA LOW 40M205320.2 
1276DH7CBDL2023SA LOW 40M164130.7 
1277YO2CEQYO2020SA LOW 40M122110.1 
1278JK1YMM/JD1JD/o2017SA LOW 40M1121652.0 
1279RV6ASUUA-62023SA LOW 40M61110.1  
1280DL4FNMDL2019SA LOW 40M61110.1 
1281F4DSKF2019SA LOW 40M61110.1 
1282HK3JJBHK2018SA LOW 40M6111 
1283NR0LW02010SA LOW 40M6111 
1284BI1PWKBY2023SA LOW 40M42110.6 
1285VE2GTVE22017SA LOW 40M41110.4 
1286IW7EDI2023SA LOW 40M21110.1 
1287BG6QYEBY2016SA LOW 40M2111 
1288YD3AHDYB2019SA LOW 40M 2110.1 
1289PY5KCPY2017SA LOW 40M 6460.9 
1290SE3XSM2015SA LOW 40M 111SA3BYC
1290 results found
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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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