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#CallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
1101JH6WHNJA62008SO LOW 10M1,584317110.9 
1102JF6MGCJA62016SO LOW ALL (C)1,5482516205.2 
1103JA6RHHJA61985SO HIGH 20M1,500211317 
1104JH6WDGJA62021SO HIGH 10M1,458368104.2 
1105JA6RILJA62015SO LOW ALL1,4442817214.5 
1106JO6UIAJA61996SO LOW 40M1,392221113 
1107JA6WWJA62001SO HIGH 10M1,372481117 
1108JA6UBKJA61996SO QRP 10M1,33422914 
1109JA6QEMJA61970SO HIGH ALL1,323281110  
1110JA6RILJA62010SO LOW 20M1,3002612141.9 
1111JR6GYYJA62021SO LOW ALL1,2742113132.2 
1112JS6SDQJA62014SO QRP ALL1,2711715165.2 
1113JA6BWHJA61986SO HIGH ALL1,26024129 
1114JI6DMNJA61986SO HIGH 40M1,2453187 
1115JO6EDDJA62005SO LOW 15M1,232221315 
1116JS6RXBJA62007SO LOW 40M1,2241910140.4 
1117JA6CDCJA62021SO HIGH ALL (C)1,2211915182.2 
1118JF6DRRJA61982SO HIGH 15M1,210221012 
1119JA6CDCJA62019SA HIGH ALL1,2002020205.8  
1120JE6PJPJA62017SA LOW ALL1,1882212153.3 
1121JH6SCAJA62018SO LOW ALL (C)1,178221090.8 
1122JE6JZPJA62023SO LOW ALL1,1442213130.7 
1123JL6LTBJA62013SA LOW 15M1,1312312178.4 
1124JR6VRYJA61982SO HIGH 10M1,12022119 
1125JA6TAJA61958SO HIGH 20M1,118211116  
1126JA6IZPJA61968SO HIGH 20M1,104201113  
1127JA6DCJA61975SO HIGH 40M1,0922886  
1128JS6SCCJA62016SA LOW ALL1,0882614185.1 
1129JJ6WYSJA62002SO LOW 10M1,08319811 
1130JA6WWJA62015SA LOW 10M1,0562210125.3 
1131JA6YBRJA61963SO HIGH 20M1,012221012  
1132JA6QDUJA61988SO HIGH 10M1,0082477 
1133JA6GGDJA61983SO HIGH 40M9802477 
1134JH6SCAJA62017SO LOW 15M969198110.9 
1135JG1FGL/6JA62018SO LOW ALL9622711153.3 
1136JI6XJGJA62003SO LOW ALL960211418 
1137JA6YBRJA61964SO HIGH ALL950291312  
1138JA6PNJA61960SO HIGH 10M946161111  
1139JH6NBWJA62022SO LOW 80M946279133.5 
1140JM6EBRJA62023SO LOW ALL912187121.6 
1141JH6SCAJA62020SO LOW 15M (C)8502211140.9 
1142JA6VQAJA62016SA HIGH ALL8401812163.3  
1143JA6YEJA61968SO HIGH 20M840181011  
1144JE6TUPJA62018SO LOW ALL8281611122.9 
1145JO6EDDJA62008SO LOW 160M8053710131.0 
1146JE6TUPJA62021SO LOW ALL78420861.1 
1147JA6BFIJA61979SO HIGH 15M77421810 
1148JA6CDCJA62018SA HIGH ALL770139133.1 
1149JH6SCAJA62021SO LOW 20M (C)7601610101.6 
1150JA6BCVJA61961SO HIGH 40M7142089  
1151JH6WHNJA61986SO HIGH 10M6801589 
1152JH6NBWJA62021SO LOW 80M (C)660219114.2 
1153JA6QHRJA62009SO LOW ALL6501812130.7 
1154JR6CFJA61997SO HIGH ALL61212710 
1155JA6AVTJA62013SO LOW 10M59221792.3 
1156JK6ISKJA62001SO LOW 15M5593076 
1157JH6QFJJA62022SO HIGH 160M54420892.1 
1158JE6JAOJA62015SA HIGH ALL510107101.6 
1159JA6LADJA62002SO QRP 20M50418912 
1160JG6SRLJA62020SO LOW 40M49519651.1 
1161JH6WXFJA62007SO LOW ALL480199111.1 
1162JL6LTBJA62011SO QRP ALL4801510100.7 
1163JH6IAGJA62020SO LOW 10M46820675.5 
1164JL6USDJA62013SO LOW 40M (C)46813661.2 
1165JA6CDCJA62016SO LOW ALL468108101.1 
1166JS6RRRJA62017SA HIGH 80M43212992.1  
1167JA6QDUJA61996SO LOW 15M420481218 
1168JA6VPAJA62016SA LOW ALL418128112.0  
1169JG6QPXJA62008SO QRP 20M418111090.4 
1170JF1VXB/6JA61997SO LOW 10M41420912 
1171JA6AVTJA62019SO LOW ALL41417992.5 
1172JG1FGL/6JA62019SO LOW 20M399138111.1 
1173JH6TNHJA62017SO HIGH ALL39614991.8 
1174JR6LDIJA61985SO HIGH ALL3961099 
1175JA6YGVJA61984SO HIGH 40M3661844 
1176JH6TNHJA62016SO HIGH ALL340131191.3 
1177JE6PJPJA62019SA LOW 40M33614663.2 
1178JA6QDUJA61987SO HIGH 15M3361544 
1179JA6FYMJA61978SO HIGH ALL3361284 
1180JE6TUPJA62015SO LOW 40M32511761.5 
1181JA6GCEJA61987SO HIGH 80M3121776 
1182JG6CDHJA62019SO HIGH ALL30613993.1 
1183JG1FGL/6JA62022SO LOW 20M270145102.5 
1184JR6LPJA61979SO HIGH 10M2562241 
1185JS6RTJJA62018SA LOW 10M2529571.5 
1186JE6TUPJA62023SO LOW 15M25212541.3 
1187JR6DMJA62016SO HIGH ALL2317470.9  
1188JR6CFJA62008SO LOW 160M225945 
1189JA6AVXJA61983SO HIGH ALL216666 
1190JA6GPRJA62019SO LOW 80M2107460.9 
1191JK6JAB/6JA62020SO QRP ALL (C)2079541.8 
1192JA6CDCJA62022SO LOW 10M1926660.2 
1193JL6LTBJA62012SA LOW 40M18712651.5 
1194JA6PCHJA62012SO HIGH 80M1829680.5  
1195JR6QFVJA62022SA LOW 40M1806551.3 
1196JA6AKVJA61960SO HIGH 40M180753  
1197JA6GPRJA62020SO LOW 160M1707552.9 
1198JA6FGCJA62010SO LOW 40M1687770.2 
1199JG1FGL/6JA62020SO LOW 20M16210452.2  
1200JR6CFJA61974SO HIGH ALL152744  
1251 results found
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Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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