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#CallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
1101ZL4YYZL2019SA LOW 20M1,9503010207.8 
1102UA4PAQUA-42014SA LOW 20M1,9444911161.9 
1103RA0UAXUA02014SA LOW 20M1,856107111814.6 
1104HK3UAHK2015SA LOW 20M1,8304110205.4  
1105YO9GDNYO2019SA LOW 20M1,80044783.4 
1106BG3FBBY2014SA LOW 20M1,7511028916.0 
1107IU2LTOI2021SA LOW 20M1,740546142.9  
1108YM3KBTA2016SA LOW 20M1,710324152.1TA3DJ
1109JE2VYMJA22022SA LOW 20M1,67424101710.4 
1110W0BFW72019SA LOW 20M1,6502114163.7 
1111RN3DKQUA-32011SA LOW 20M1,6501913170.4 
1112DL1JHWDL2018SA LOW 20M1,6473110172.8 
1113I0/YO7LKWI2015SA LOW 20M1,632437254.7 
1114YE4IJYB2017SA LOW 20M1,5862813134.8 
1115EA8TREA82019SA LOW 20M1,5513914195.2 
1116KB7HDXW72020SA LOW 20M1,4643212124.6 
1117OH2MGAOH2018SA LOW 20M1,449356170.8 
1118HA8TKSHA2018SA LOW 20M1,425218172.8 
1119UA4LKUUA-42021SA LOW 20M1,404356332.5 
1120BH4BINBY2022SA LOW 20M1,3501156129.6 
11218Q7JX8Q2018SA LOW 20M1,325249162.2JR3RIU
1122OE1ABVOE2019SA LOW 20M (R)1,320326141.1 
1123IZ4AKOI2015SA LOW 20M1,3052512173.2 
1124SQ1WOSP2018SA LOW 20M1,300346207.1 
1125WZ8TW72020SA LOW 20M1,2883611177.0 
1126IK0EFRI2018SA LOW 20M1,250288172.0 
1127YO6LAYO2021SA LOW 20M1,1754981713.1 
1128JI1ALPJA12019SA LOW 20M1,1501810151.0 
1129IK4RVGI2022SA LOW 20M1,140229211.6 
1130W6BJBW62018SA LOW 20M1,1222211112.2 
1131OH3KAVOH2019SA LOW 20M1,064346221.5 
1132JA2KCYJA22017SA LOW 20M1,0343111113.8 
1133N3AO/4W42012SA LOW 20M1,032238160.9 
1134HB9GNYHB2020SA LOW 20M990356165.2 
1135UA1ODMUA-12017SA LOW 20M99032653.9 
1136GM4UYZGM2016SA LOW 20M975346191.4 
1137JM2LHBJA22012SA LOW 20M8251812133.6 
1138F6IPTF2017SA LOW 20M814217153.1  
1139UT5UXUR2014SA LOW 20M798169103.4 
1140DK5SPDL2021SA LOW 20M792374205.8 
11419A5KIR9A2015SA LOW 20M770277154.8 
1142BD4QKBY2018SA LOW 20M748327103.1 
1143RA3AL/MUA-32018SA LOW 20M735276150.8 
1144SP8JMASP2018SA LOW 20M72016792.9 
1145M1DSTG2023SA LOW 20M713256172.4 
1146TA5FATA2018SA LOW 20M703158110.5 
1147K8TRW62023SA LOW 20M69023551.3 
1148BH4CACBY2022SA LOW 20M663156111.7  
1149E2THS2018SA LOW 20M64529692.9E21IZC
1150BD7LNIBY2020SA LOW 20M62758562.3  
1151VE3SKXVE32017SA LOW 20M576134121.2  
1152E20WUEHS2018SA LOW 20M57022871.8 
1153SM3EAESM2017SA LOW 20M561207100.6 
1154SP7CXVSP2020SA LOW 20M54630432.3  
1155EA8/IZ2GILEA82018SA LOW 20M520128122.5 
1156LU8VCCLU2023SA LOW 20M48023882.0 
1157K4IDDW42020SA LOW 20M480128120.9  
1158PA3JEMPA2018SA LOW 20M440246141.8 
1159KF5JRAW02017SA LOW 20M437248113.3  
1160WM5F/7W72016SA LOW 20M38516563.6 
1161AF5QW52018SA LOW 20M37810680.6 
1162IK8YFUI2010SA LOW 20M36416683.5 
1163YC1IFRYB2021SA LOW 20M361158112.5 
1164RU0ATUA02016SA LOW 20M357129120.5 
1165UA4LKUUA-42020SA LOW 20M340174161.1 
1166W4JDSW42016SA LOW 20M33610590.9 
1167BH7JFRBY2018SA LOW 20M29433776.5 
1168YB3FTDYB2020SA LOW 20M27911452.2 
1169VK6WXVK2012SA LOW 20M27210890.2 
1170DL6KACDL2018SA LOW 20M27010450.4 
1171YM4KUTA2022SA LOW 20M26410380.3 
1172YO3CVGYO2020SA LOW 20M23811680.9 
1173KA0RENW02020SA LOW 20M22015653.1 
1174WB7QMRW72019SA LOW 20M2169660.3 
1175YB1RUSYB2015SA LOW 20M20912473.8 
1176N7LLW72021SA LOW 20M1878561.4 
1177JR7DUTJA72018SA LOW 20M18012550.7 
1178YB6LDYB2013SA LOW 20M1686660.5 
1179KD2EIMW22017SA LOW 20M1657650.8 
1180PE5BPA2023SA LOW 20M1548471.3 
1181K7YICW72020SA LOW 20M15432656.1 
1182LY5YYLY2018SA LOW 20M (R)150135100.9 
1183BD2TBJBY2022SA LOW 20M13623444.2 
1184W3FAW32018SA LOW 20M1125350.3 
1185M5KVKG2023SA LOW 20M1087570.7 
1186BU2EVBV2021SA LOW 20M848340.3 
1187HB9HMYHB2022SA LOW 20M (R)779290.9 
1188RW1MUA-12021SA LOW 20M726330.3  
1189NW4VW42020SA LOW 20M724330.4 
1190R4HAUA-42022SA LOW 20M546361.1  
1191LA9JDALA2016SA LOW 20M484440.1 
1192RM3FUA-32016SA LOW 20M486260.3  
1193ZZ1CPY2019SA LOW 20M453230.5PY1CC
1194UA0WGUA02017SA LOW 20M453230.8  
1195VK7NETVK2021SA LOW 20M423330.1 
1196IZ3QCHI2020SA LOW 20M3311471.7 
1197KD9OINW92023SA LOW 20M303321.3 
1198YB3IZKYB2017SA LOW 20M283220.4 
1199RX6AOBUA-62018SA LOW 20M242220.7 
1200VU2NFJVU2017SA LOW 20M243330.3  
1218 results found
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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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