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RankCallYearCtyCategoryScoreQSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
1001JA1IZZ2013JA1SA HIGH 160M150 1.6 
1002SM4OTI2018SMSA HIGH 160M144 1.0 
1003JH1APK2018JA1SA HIGH 160M143 10 1.2 
1004VE3BR2016VE3SA HIGH 160M143 10 2.4 
1005PV8DX2017PYSA HIGH 160M121 10 4.8 
1006W2TE2019W2SA HIGH 160M115 30 14 6.4  
1007HB0TW2014HB0SA HIGH 160M112 18 10 1.0 
1008K4ZRJ2017W4SA HIGH 160M96 10 1.7  
1009SM6RXZ2016SMSA HIGH 160M88 0.4 
1010KG9Z/82011W8SA HIGH 160M88  
1011JH8DBJ2018JA8SA HIGH 160M72 0.8 
1012KA4RRU2017W4SA HIGH 160M55 0.2 
1013VK2CCC2019VKSA HIGH 160M45 14 2.9  
1014K5VIP/42015W4SA HIGH 160M40  
1015RD3K2016UA-3SA HIGH 160M36 0.9 
1016JK2TTP2015JA2SA HIGH 160M36  
1017R3LA2018UA-3SA HIGH 160M24 0.9 
1018YO7HKR2017YOSA HIGH 160M22 0.4  
1019OM2ZZ2016OMSA HIGH 160M20 1.2  
1020OH3WD2017OHSA HIGH 160M18 1.1 
1021EW2DZ2019EUSA HIGH 160M0.1  
1022K4ZRJ2018W4SA HIGH 160M 
1023RT2D2014UA-3SA HIGH 160M 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and/or are not eligible for awards.

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