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10799 results found
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#CallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
10701UT5BHUR1966SO HIGH 20M99747  
10702OH2BCDOH1965SO HIGH 20M99756  
10703JA1AATJA11975SO HIGH 20M96444  
10704SP9FEWSP1972SO HIGH 20M96857  
10705LA3DBLA1954SO HIGH 20M96     
10706SM5LLSM1950SO HIGH 20M96 44  
10707JK1LUYJA11999SO HIGH 20M88544 
10708JE2FJIJA22021SO HIGH 20M844340.5 
10709W4NXEW41966SO HIGH 20M84434  
10710WB6IZFW61965SO HIGH 20M84722  
10711UQ2CCYL1964SO HIGH 20M84434  
10712W4HOS/4W41960SO HIGH 20M84434  
10713W3KQDW31950SO HIGH 20M81 54  
10714JA4YPEJA41984SO HIGH 20M80544 
10715W6WSWW61955SO HIGH 20M80744  
10716W6DLRW61950SO HIGH 20M80 44  
10717JH3BJN/4JA41975SO HIGH 20M77534  
10718WA1LAIW11972SO HIGH 20M77434  
10719W0VFMW01954SO HIGH 20M77     
10720DL1IQDL1954SO HIGH 20M72     
10721SM2VPSM1954SO HIGH 20M72     
10722KC5SBW52018SO HIGH 20M7012552.2 
10723SP3BLGSP1976SO HIGH 20M70522 
10724JA0GZJA01969SO HIGH 20M70643  
10725F2SQF1965SO HIGH 20M70532  
10726KL7AQBKL1952SO HIGH 20M70 23  
10727W4USMW41952SO HIGH 20M66 56  
10728Y92ZLDM1988SO HIGH 20M64835 
10729KC2LSTW22012SO HIGH 20M564440.2 
10730SP9AVZSP1974SO HIGH 20M56625  
10731JH1KEJJA11970SO HIGH 20M56444  
10732W2HAZW21952SO HIGH 20M56 44  
10733WA8ZZZW81968SO HIGH 20M55423  
10734JH2GZYJA22022SO HIGH 20M543330.1 
10735JH1HTKJA11973SO HIGH 20M54833  
10736DF0NTDL1987SO HIGH 20M52522 
10737OH3SEOH1954SO HIGH 20M49     
10738UL7TAYUN1983SO HIGH 20M48422 
10739OK3CGTOKOM1971SO HIGH 20M48824  
10740DM2AOEDL1963SO HIGH 20M48444  
10741DJ2HIDL1954SO HIGH 20M48     
10742AA4ZZW42000SO HIGH 20M4615815 
10743A65BBA62020SO HIGH 20M453230.4 
10744WI6XW62020SO HIGH 20M (C)455230.4 
10745PA0UVPA1974SO HIGH 20M45521  
10746W0DAD/1W11974SO HIGH 20M45323  
10747OH2RDOH1964SO HIGH 20M45545  
10748OX3UDOX1952SO HIGH 20M45 65  
10749UA3SCHUA-31985SO HIGH 20M42333 
10750OH2DNOH1971SO HIGH 20M42333  
10751OZ8KBOZ1960SO HIGH 20M42333  
10752SM5PWSM1952SO HIGH 20M42 33  
10753OH6OVOH1949SO HIGH 20M42     
10754EA3EHEEA2000SO HIGH 20M40921228 
10755W2PAUW21954SO HIGH 20M40     
10756W2CVWW21954SO HIGH 20M36     
10757W0EWFW01949SO HIGH 20M36     
10758OK2BBQOKOM1967SO HIGH 20M35723  
10759JR3STCJA31974SO HIGH 20M30333  
10760PA0RZLPA1954SO HIGH 20M30     
10761VK3KSVK1950SO HIGH 20M30 33  
10762HW0ZZF1973SO HIGH 20M28713  
10763W4HKJW41955SO HIGH 20M28322  
10764LA3VLA1949SO HIGH 20M27     
10765OH5PGOH1961SO HIGH 20M25523  
10766UN7PLUN2011SO HIGH 20M24222 
10767IW1GGNI2007SO HIGH 20M24222 
10768OH2NIKOH2007SO HIGH 20M24222 
10769JA1DCLJA11988SO HIGH 20M24222 
10770W7KZKW71985SO HIGH 20M24411 
10771JA4AQRJA41963SO HIGH 20M24222  
10772W3YHRW31961SO HIGH 20M24222  
10773W6WNXW61954SO HIGH 20M24     
10774SM5NUSM1949SO HIGH 20M24     
10775SM6BCPSM1952SO HIGH 20M20 23  
10776LU6QILU2014SO HIGH 20M182120.1 
10777M1BG2020SO HIGH 20M (C)162220.1 
10778W7AYYW72005SO HIGH 20M16820  
10779Y49ZLDM1983SO HIGH 20M16222 
10780DL7AUDL1952SO HIGH 20M15 23  
10781YB3BXYB2015SO HIGH 20M (C)122110.3 
10782OH3ACOH1986SO HIGH 20M12222 
10783G3CSG1952SO HIGH 20M12 11  
10784JH3YCJ/3JA31976SO HIGH 20M10222 
10785JH1HTKJA11974SO HIGH 20M10511  
10786VE2AEWVE21956SO HIGH 20M9321  
10787DH1PALDL2017SO HIGH 20M6111 
10788JA4BXUJA42017SO HIGH 20M6111 
10789JK1WSHJA12017SO HIGH 20M6111 
10790JK1LUYJA12015SO HIGH 20M6111 
10791JA4BXUJA42013SO HIGH 20M6111 
10792WB9AYWW92012SO HIGH 20M6111 
10793CT1ZCCT1990SO HIGH 20M6111 
10794KA4KMHW41982SO HIGH 20M6111 
10795PA0UPA1975SO HIGH 20M6212  
10796K6TETW62020SO HIGH 20M41110.1 
10797K2OEGW21956SO HIGH 20M4211  
10798PA0AMCPA1957SO HIGH 20M3212  
10799SM2DYWSM1974SO HIGH 20M 111  
10799 results found
  Page 108 of 108  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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