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RankCallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
1K3LRW32014MULTI-MULTI37,486,26012,858 215 840 48.0K3LR K3UA G4TSH N2NC W2RQ N3SD KL9A ...wallpaper
2K3LRW32013MULTI-MULTI33,910,84811,742 209 833 48.0K3LR K3UA G4TSH N2NC W2RQ N9RV N3SD ...wallpaper
3W3LPLW32014MULTI-MULTI33,814,90012,034 211 819 48.0K1DQV NI1N K3AJ N3KS K3KU W3LPL K3MM ...wallpaper
4K3LRW32011MULTI-MULTI33,165,18411,492 207 842 48.0K3LR K3UA K5OT N2NC W5OV N3SD M0DXR ...wallpaper
5W3LPLW32011MULTI-MULTI32,676,52811,228 211 857 48.0W3LPL K1DQV K3KU K3MM K3RA K3RV W3UR ...wallpaper
6W3LPLW32013MULTI-MULTI32,270,97611,434 203 825 48.0W3LPL K1DQV NI1N K3IT K3KU K3MM N3OC ...wallpaper
7WE3CW32014MULTI-MULTI31,039,33311,039 207 806 48.0W8FJ WA3LRO KQ3F W3FV NN3Q KF3B WE3C ...wallpaper
8K3LRW32012MULTI-MULTI30,132,80010,985 203 815 48.0K3LR K3UA G4TSH N2NC K5GN W2RQ N3SD ...wallpaper
9W3LPLW32015MULTI-MULTI29,317,78210,814 204 793 48.0W3LPL K1DQV NI1N K2YWE K3AJ K3KU K3MM ...wallpaper
10W3LPLW32012MULTI-MULTI29,026,10110,601 203 824 48.0W3LPL K1HTV NI1N K3KU K3MM N3OC KE3Q ...wallpaper
11K3LRW32015MULTI-MULTI26,314,8489,662 205 803 48.0K3LR K3UA G4TSH N2NC W2RQ N3SD KL9A ...wallpaper
12WE3CW32013MULTI-MULTI26,304,3609,467 201 795 48.0WE3C NN3Q KQ3F K3CT K3TEJ W3FV N3RD ...wallpaper
13W3LPLW32010MULTI-MULTI25,682,3529,585 201 788 48.0W3LPL K1DQV NI1N NY3A W3KX K3MM N3OC ...wallpaper
14K3LRW32010MULTI-MULTI25,621,0249,212 202 816 48.0K3LR K3UA DL6LAU N3SD N2NC M0DXR KL9A ...wallpaper
15WE3CW32015MULTI-MULTI24,854,6709,754 193 749 48.0N3RD W3FV W3EA W8FJ N3DXX NN3Q K9RS ...wallpaper
16WE3CW32011MULTI-MULTI24,729,4149,007 203 788 47.8WE3C W3FV KQ3F NN3Q K3CT K3TEJwallpaper
17W3LPLW32000MULTI-MULTI24,093,1559,496 197 768 W3LPL K1HTV W2GG ND3A ND3F K3KU AI3M ...wallpaper
18W3LPLW31999MULTI-MULTI23,539,9019,101 211 772 W3LPL W2GG ND3A K3LP AI3M K3MM N3OC ...wallpaper
19K3LRW31999MULTI-MULTI23,379,7148,997 211 752 K3LR W3GH W2RQ AA4NC W4PA NI3S K3UA ...wallpaper
20K3LRW32021MULTI-MULTI21,666,4869,750 191 643 48.0K3LR DL1QQ K4RO K3UA N2NC W2RQ N3SD ...wallpaper
21W3LPLW31998MULTI-MULTI21,271,4958,303 202 763 W3LPL K1HTV W2GG K2YWE ND3F AA3KX ...wallpaper
22K3LRW32000MULTI-MULTI21,160,2678,477 200 741 K3LR K3UA N3RA W3GH K9VV K6CT N5ZO ...wallpaper
23N3RSW32011MULTI-TWO21,015,6667,886 198 756 47.8K3WI NA3D N3RD N3RS WA3LRO W8FJwallpaper
24K3LRW31998MULTI-MULTI20,897,5698,101 197 762 K3LR W2YQ K3UA K8GL N2NC N2AA K3EST ...wallpaper
25K3LRW32003MULTI-MULTI19,848,0158,216 202 707 K3LR K3UA K8GL K0RF N2NC K3EST W0UA ...wallpaper
26W3LPLW32003MULTI-MULTI18,887,7788,364 195 692 W3LPL K1HTV ND3F K3KU AI3M K3MM N3OC ...wallpaper
27K3LRW32018MULTI-MULTI18,415,2108,305 172 658 48.0K3LR K3UA G4TSH W2RQ N2NC N3SD K5GN ...wallpaper
28W3LPLW32018MULTI-MULTI18,122,2328,251 172 652 48.0W3LPL NI1N W2GG K3AJ K3KU K3MM N3OC ...wallpaper
29K3LRW32006MULTI-MULTI18,075,7127,159 194 750 48.0K3LR K3UA K8CX N2NC KL9A N6MJ N2NL ...wallpaper
30W3LPLW32019MULTI-MULTI17,895,0178,061 178 679 48.0NI1N KL2A K3AJ N3HEE W3LPL K3MM N3OC ...wallpaper
31N3RSW32012MULTI-TWO17,569,5007,230 184 700 48.0N3RS N3RD W8FJ WA3LRO NA3D NG7M W3FVwallpaper
32W3LPLW32006MULTI-MULTI17,526,7807,274 190 740 48.0W3LPL K1HTV NI1N ND3A K3EST K3KU AI3M ...wallpaper
33K3LRW32009MULTI-MULTI17,488,4087,633 184 705 48.0K3LR K3UA K8CX N2NC N9RV M0DXR G0MTN ...wallpaper
34W3LPLW32009MULTI-MULTI17,328,5457,617 185 686 48.0W3LPL K1DQV K1HTV NI1N ND3A WX3B N3KS ...wallpaper
35W3LPLW32017MULTI-MULTI17,248,6237,851 171 672 48.0W3LPL NI1N K2YWE K3AJ K3CT K3IT K3KU ...wallpaper
36W3LPLW32002MULTI-MULTI17,219,0157,264 189 740 W3LPL K1HTV W2GG ND3A ND3F K3KU AI3M ...wallpaper
37N3RSW32010MULTI-TWO17,152,4656,790 186 719 47.8N2SR N3RD NA3D K3WI W8FJ N3RSwallpaper
38W3LPLW31990MULTI-MULTI17,108,2806,858 188 680 W3LPL WB2EKK ND3A W3EKT WB3FIB WB3JRU ...wallpaper
39K3LRW32017MULTI-MULTI17,099,1457,689 176 679 48.0K3LR K3UA G4TSH W2RQ N2NC N3SD K5GN ...wallpaper
40WE3CW32010MULTI-TWO16,806,3106,782 187 708 47.2W3FV NN3Q KQ3F K3MD KF3B WE3Cwallpaper
41K3LRW32019MULTI-MULTI16,727,5767,351 183 689 48.0G4TSH K1TO K3LR K3UA K4RO M0DXR N2NC ...wallpaper
42W3LPLW31992MULTI-MULTI16,702,3726,220 195 737 W3LPL K1DQV KA1GD ND3A N3GB K3NA KF3P ...wallpaper
43N3RSW32000MULTI-MULTI16,509,8157,342 179 674 N3RS N3ED N2SR W8FJ K3WU W7CTwallpaper
44W3LPLW31989MULTI-MULTI16,221,2596,866 190 619 W3LPL K3RA K3ZZ KA1GD KD9J KF3P KT3Y ...wallpaper
45K3LRW32001MULTI-MULTI15,789,0746,661 191 687 K3LR W9ZRX K9ZO VA3RU K9VV VE3EJ ...wallpaper
46W3LPLW32001MULTI-MULTI15,686,5956,965 196 691 W3LPL K1HTV W2GG WF3J K3KU AI3M K3MM ...wallpaper
47K3LRW31997MULTI-MULTI15,430,9126,504 199 697 K3LR N3RA K8GL K3UA K3EST N9RV N2AA ...wallpaper
48W3LPLW31993MULTI-MULTI15,338,4246,157 187 701 W3LPL WB2EKK WR3E W3EKT N3GB AI3M ...wallpaper
49K3LRW32004MULTI-MULTI15,170,9446,222 198 730 K3LR K3UA K0RF N2NC K3EST W0UA N5RZ ...wallpaper
50W3LPLW32004MULTI-MULTI15,067,0086,687 190 712 W3LPL N2YO ND3A WX3B K3KU K3MM K3NA ...wallpaper
51W3LPLW31997MULTI-MULTI14,586,0386,545 189 677 W3LPL NB1B K1HTV K2YWE ND3F AI3M ...wallpaper
52W3LPLW32016MULTI-MULTI14,235,2166,653 179 673 48.0W3LPL K1DQV NI1N K2YWE K3AJ K3IT K3MM ...wallpaper
53W3LPLW32021MULTI-ONE HIGH14,233,6806,372 184 611 48.0W3LPL NI1N K3MM N3OC K3RA W3UR NN3W ...wallpaper
54K3LRW32008MULTI-MULTI14,167,0626,595 174 645 48.0K3LR K3UA K8CX N2NC KL9A W3TX VE3NE ...wallpaper
55W3LPLW31996MULTI-MULTI13,941,1745,872 185 689 W3LPL K1HTV K2YWE AI3M K3MQH K3NA ...wallpaper
56W3LPLW32007MULTI-MULTI13,939,1916,322 175 698 47.6W3LPL K1HTV NI1N N2YO ND3A WX3B N3KS ...wallpaper
57WE3CW32009MULTI-TWO13,859,3746,148 174 644 47.5WE3C W3FV KQ3F NN3Q W8FJ K3TUFwallpaper
58K3LRW32005MULTI-MULTI13,842,2506,131 174 676 K3LR K3UA K8CX N2NC KL9A N3RA N2NL ...wallpaper
59W3LPLW32005MULTI-MULTI13,790,7846,137 175 693 W3LPL K1HTV NI1N ND3A K3EST N3KM K3LP ...wallpaper
60K3LRW32007MULTI-MULTI13,247,6245,782 179 705 47.4K3LR K3UA K8CX N2NC M0DXR N6MJ KL9A ...wallpaper
61W3LPLW32008MULTI-MULTI13,084,8066,330 167 631 48.0W3LPL K1DQV NI1N ND3A K3KU K3MM K3RA ...wallpaper
62K3LRW32016MULTI-MULTI13,061,9306,082 182 672 48.0K3LR K3UA NO3M N2NC VE3RA N3SD N2IC ...wallpaper
63W3PPW31999MULTI-MULTI12,968,4646,023 185 663 W3PP N6ZO AA1K NW3Y WB4FDT N3HUV KT4P ...wallpaper
64K3LRW31993MULTI-MULTI12,919,7285,101 191 701 K3LR WR3G W3YQ W5ONL NI8L NA8V K8CXwallpaper
65W3LPLW31988MULTI-MULTI12,804,1545,387 194 624 W3LPL AI3M K3RA KA1GD KF3P N8II ND3A ...wallpaper
66WE3CW32016MULTI-MULTI12,760,2006,181 176 658 48.0WA3LRO W8FJ K9RS W2ID N3RD NY3B K3PP ...wallpaper
67W3LPLW32020MULTI-ONE HIGH12,616,0485,884 180 598 48.0W3LPL K3MM K3RA KD4D KL2A N3OC NN3W ...wallpaper
68W3LPLW31995MULTI-MULTI12,439,9055,603 176 631 WR3E ND3F KZ3H AI3M K3MQH K3NA KF3P ...wallpaper
69K3LRW31996MULTI-MULTI12,317,3745,411 184 671 K3LR N3RA W3YQ K3UA K3EST N9RV KB3AFT ...wallpaper
70W3EAW32012MULTI-MULTI11,928,0875,212 177 660 44.4W3EA K3TEJ K3CTwallpaper
71K3LRW31995MULTI-MULTI11,908,8995,281 176 631 K3LR WR3G W3YQ K3UA KC3MR WA8YVR ...wallpaper
72N3RSW31997MULTI-MULTI11,837,3365,562 177 635 N3RS N3RD AA1K N3ED N2SRwallpaper
73W3PPW32000MULTI-MULTI11,737,6035,747 176 635 W3PP AA1K N6ZO K3FT NW3Y WB4FDT N3HUV ...wallpaper
74W3LPLW31991MULTI-MULTI11,286,6064,593 186 663 W3LPL K1DQV KA1GD WB2EKK ND3A W3EKT ...wallpaper
75N3RSW31996MULTI-MULTI11,182,5995,020 170 637 N3RS WA3LRO W3UM N3ED N3RD N2SRwallpaper
76N3RSW32007MULTI-TWO10,871,3285,139 164 642 47.6N2SR N3RD N3ED N3NA N3RS WA3LRO W2UP ...wallpaper
77K3CRW32014SO HIGH ALL10,871,0285,252 174 549 48.0LZ4AXwallpaper
78K3WWW32014SA HIGH ALL10,827,2084,704 177 649 46.4 wallpaper
79WE3CW32008MULTI-TWO10,750,1575,183 162 595 45.3WE3C W3FV NN3Q KQ3F KF3Bwallpaper
80W3PPW31998MULTI-MULTI10,682,0075,401 174 639 W3PP AA1K KE3ZR KS3F KW3Z NW3Y NX3Awallpaper
81K3WWW32011SA HIGH ALL10,367,5954,610 171 634 46.7 wallpaper
82N3RSW32005MULTI-MULTI10,312,2344,862 163 619 N3NA N3ED K3IPK W8FJ N3RSwallpaper
83W3LPLW31987MULTI-MULTI10,289,1444,778 188 569 W3LPL AI3M G4KFT K3RA KE9A KT3Y N8II ...wallpaper
84N3RSW32006MULTI-TWO10,184,1304,673 176 634 48.0N3RS N3NA N3ED K3IPK W8FJwallpaper
85K3CRW32011SO HIGH ALL10,039,9014,815 170 563 46.2LZ4AXwallpaper
86N3RSW32014SA HIGH ALL10,023,9504,032 191 675 37.9 wallpaper
87K3WWW32013SA HIGH ALL9,997,2544,486 170 624 46.3 wallpaper
88K3CRW32013SO HIGH ALL9,925,0044,760 167 560 48.0LZ4AXwallpaper
89N3RSW32004MULTI-TWO9,921,1864,878 175 626 N3RD N3ED N3RS N2SR W8FJ WA3LROwallpaper
90K3CRW32012SO HIGH ALL9,875,5654,609 171 578 46.6LZ4AXwallpaper
91K3WWW32015SA HIGH ALL9,751,5404,473 172 610 48.0 wallpaper
92W3LPLW31994MULTI-MULTI9,699,8444,196 181 666 W3LPL WR3E W3EKT AI3M KE3Q KF3P K3RA ...wallpaper
93N3RSW31998MULTI-ONE HIGH9,681,8804,222 183 677 N3RS N2SR N3ED N3RDwallpaper
94W3LPLW31981MULTI-MULTI9,628,0264,704 164 535 W3LPL AI3M K3DI K3RA K3EST WD4AXM ...wallpaper
95N3RSW32008MULTI-MULTI9,409,1044,843 157 565 48.0N3RS N3ED N3NA K3IPK W8FJwallpaper
96WE3CW32007MULTI-TWO9,374,8864,558 152 610 43.6WE3C NN3Q W3FV KF3Bwallpaper
97N3RSW32002MULTI-TWO9,291,5374,377 174 663 N3ED N2SR W8FJ K3WU N3RSwallpaper
98KY3NW31993MULTI-MULTI9,268,3523,959 176 648 KY3N WB3FIZ WB3HAZ WB3LFZ W3BGN W8FJ ...wallpaper
99N3ADW32003MULTI-TWO8,983,9554,960 170 575 N3AD K3ZV N3RG K3MDwallpaper
100W3BGNW32011MULTI-ONE HIGH8,976,7863,762 183 678 45.2W3BGN K2TWwallpaper
6183 results found
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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
TB-Wires (T): tribander for 10-20m and single-element wire antennas for 40-80m
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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