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#CallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
16Y1A6Y2001SO QRP 10M724,1542,5083097K2KW
2LU7EELU1999SO QRP 10M431,0601,14433107 
3UP6FUN2000SO QRP 10M291,00078735115UN7FZ
4K3OOW32013SO QRP 10M260,0226042912222.9 
5LU7HZLU2012SO QRP 10M257,103914287122.5 
6JR3RWBJA32000SO QRP 10M248,8386873599 
7N6MUW62000SO QRP 10M242,06857934112 
8WO4OW42000SO QRP 10M241,91464332106 
9KR2QW22013SO QRP 10M232,4405513111824.5 
10JR3RWBJA31999SO QRP 10M206,3366073593 
11HA8KWHA2011SO QRP 10M196,0005003412618.1 
12S54AAS52001SO QRP 10M193,58160734123 
13KX9X/1W12012SO QRP 10M191,019563269714.0 
14JR3RWBJA32001SO QRP 10M187,0005603392 
15CX7COCX1990SO QRP 10M178,3644553290 
16CX2AQCX2003SO QRP 10M175,5006052484 
17JG2MLIJA22000SO QRP 10M173,6215693386 
18EA5GXEA2002SO QRP 10M170,55052931119 
19W5VGXW51989SO QRP 10M168,4755043085 
20EU1AAEU2011SO QRP 10M164,6885223111017.4 
21G4EDGG2000SO QRP 10M161,4605273199 
22SP5DDJSP2001SO QRP 10M160,83850933104 
23JR3RWBJA31989SO QRP 10M159,5655802770 
24LZ2RSLZ2014SO QRP 10M157,380567339619.9 
25CX7COCX1988SO QRP 10M153,8255003174 
26W5GAIW52011SO QRP 10M153,3004023110912.6 
27UL7ACIUN1989SO QRP 10M151,9025442869 
28VA3EUVE32000SO QRP 10M150,0604832795 
29NA4CWW42000SO QRP 10M149,4084562888 
30ZS6DXZS2014SO QRP 10M145,500438309530.0 
31K3SWZW32000SO QRP 10M145,14840929102 
32KR2QW22012SO QRP 10M137,8753872510014.0 
33JG2MLIJA22002SO QRP 10M137,7095083275 
344F3AALDU1992SO QRP 10M136,2346212450 
35VE5UFVE52002SO QRP 10M134,3306262675 
36VY2OXVEY2014SO QRP 10M133,7513642710419.1 
37KG5UW51989SO QRP 10M132,5953953184 
38OH7FFOH1999SO QRP 10M130,8005912782 
39UR5IRMUR2000SO QRP 10M125,8405052893 
40YO8WWYO2002SO QRP 10M125,70458035117 
41JR3RWBJA32002SO QRP 10M123,0504503275 
42RA9SOUA92001SO QRP 10M122,7294342483 
43OK2PYAOK2000SO QRP 10M122,1154993174 
44SP4GFGSP2001SO QRP 10M120,88841634112 
45HA7UGHA2003SO QRP 10M119,2503693392 
46EA2CAREA2000SO QRP 10M118,5214622889 
47GM3YEHGM2013SO QRP 10M116,085448258417.7 
48LZ2RSLZ2013SO QRP 10M113,870418328617.5 
494F3AALDU1991SO QRP 10M112,2685582444 
50VE3SMAVE31999SO QRP 10M111,8703862588 
51UN7CNUN2002SO QRP 10M111,0664082582 
52BV3FGBV2023SO QRP 10M110,192623277022.9 
539A2EY9A2000SO QRP 10M109,0884382983 
54CT1ETECT2001SO QRP 10M108,2954472596 
55CT1ETECT2002SO QRP 10M107,6425082285 
56UA9ABUA92011SO QRP 10M104,4813442790 
57YT7TYYT2003SO QRP 10M104,3023573190 
58G0TDXG1998SO QRP 10M104,3004582575 
59N6MUW61990SO QRP 10M104,1183272982 
60OK1FHLOK2001SO QRP 10M103,5784152894 
61NW2KW22011SO QRP 10M102,544354238113.7 
624F3OMDU2022SO QRP 10M101,181434266125.2 
63W5GAIW52012SO QRP 10M100,674337289113.3 
64JQ1NGTJA12014SO QRP 10M100,214454296019.6 
65ES1WSTES2011SO QRP 10M99,480396279316.0WS4T
66SP5DDJSP2014SO QRP 10M97,580347348522.1 
67JE1WBAJA11989SO QRP 10M95,7603532768 
68I1BAYI2001SO QRP 10M92,85245033106 
69JA1EFJA11981SO QRP 10M92,5834042556 
70RA3DXUA-31990SO QRP 10M91,7192603495 
71JR3RWBJA32003SO QRP 10M90,3313423370 
72KG9XW92002SO QRP 10M90,22026828102 
73RV3QXUA-32001SO QRP 10M89,6704202993 
74W5VGXW51980SO QRP 10M88,5363712460 
75W5GAIW52023SO QRP 10M (C)88,500294318713.6 
76G3LHJG2011SO QRP 10M87,550368257811.2 
77JR3RWBJA31991SO QRP 10M87,4143203270 
78W9XTW92001SO QRP 10M87,2852822689 
79K7EDW71999SO QRP 10M85,7832803079WA0RJY
80SP5AGUSP2000SO QRP 10M83,7717883187 
81SP5DDJSP2003SO QRP 10M83,7333053380 
82JA2KVBJA22001SO QRP 10M83,4362983270 
83JA9XBWJA92002SO QRP 10M83,0303213263 
84EW5PEU2000SO QRP 10M82,9213882675EW6DX
85WD9IICW91990SO QRP 10M82,2512432988 
86SP5DDJSP2011SO QRP 10M82,00530932739.6 
87EW6DXEU1999SO QRP 10M81,9252962885 
88JA1MCUJA11981SO QRP 10M81,7003702551 
89LZ2RSLZ2012SO QRP 10M81,536324328011.3 
90UQ2GTFYL1989SO QRP 10M81,4734652984 
91W9JUVW91998SO QRP 10M81,0602692580 
92YO5AIRYO2011SO QRP 10M80,443367287515.7 
93ES1CWES2002SO QRP 10M80,3523162995 
94RB5WVUR1990SO QRP 10M80,0402763586 
95NQ7MW71990SO QRP 10M79,8912802873 
96UL7ACIUN1988SO QRP 10M79,6954311647 
97IK5RUNI2011SO QRP 10M79,390207361349.1 
98LY5GLY2023SO QRP 10M79,326313278620.3 
99UA9YCUA91999SO QRP 10M77,1753162679 
100JO1CRAJA11988SO QRP 10M76,0762953457 
765 results found
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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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