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Jun 18

The final rules for the 2016 CQ WW DX Contest SSB/CW are now available.  The only changes were due to CQ magazine’s change in policy regarding paper certificates.

View this file to see all changes.  cqww_rules_2016_changes

The translation of the CQ WW rules into 15 languages has been completed.  Thanks to the following contesters for their help with the translations:

German DK9VZ
Spanish EA4KD
French F6BEE
Russian VE3IAE
Japanese JK3GAD
Arabic KF5EYY
Chinese BD4WM
Portuguese PY2WS
Italian IK2QEI
Bulgarian LZ2CJ
Romanian YO3JR
Slovenian S50A
Polish SP5UAF
Turkish TA5FA
Greek SV1DPI
SSB Signal Quality
Doug Zwiebel, KR2Q, Named Director of CQ World Wide DX Contest

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