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Jul 16

As the new CQWW Contest Director, my first formal act is to suspend the position of Director.

With concurrence from CQ management, I am implementing a new leadership structure.  Specifically, I am creating a triumvirate.  For those not familiar with the term, you can consider this to be three (3) “co-directors.”

New to the committee as an appointed member of the triumvirate is Scott Robbins, W4PA.

Returning to the committee and also an appointed member of the triumvirate is Bob Naumann, W5OV.

We will all share the various tasks of “Director” and we all will provide backup or contingency coverage for each other for most, if not all, aspects of CQWW Committee leadership.  We are all equals.

I am really excited about the new leadership structure, and especially by the fact that together, we represent a broad range of ages. I am in my 60s, Bob is in his 50s and Scott is in his 40s.

Please give a warm welcome to Scott, W4PA, and to Bob, W5OV.

Doug, KR2Q


Meet the new members of the CQWW triumvirate

Scott Robbins, W4PA

First licensed 1982 at age 12, Scott’s first experience with contesting was making 600 QSOs in the 1982 CW SS contest.  His first win was operating ARRL DX CW M/2 at W2REH in 1986.  He started seriously doing single op contesting in the mid-1990s after many years of multi-ops.  Scott won the ARRL DX CW SOABHP from the W/VE side in 2002, 2004 and 2007.  You may remember him winning the ARRL DX CW SOABHP as 8P9PA in 2006 and in the CQWW CW SOABHP from NT1Y in 2003.   He was a USA competitor at WRTC-2010 and a referee at WRTC-2014.   He is now active in CQWW contests annually as PJ4Q, operating M/S or M/2, Field Day style from rental holiday QTHs.

Robbins has been employed in the business side of ham radio his entire adult life.  Starting with Ham Radio Outlet in Atlanta in 1994-95, then hired by Ten-Tec in 1995, he took over the Product Manager position there for Amateur Radio in 1997.  In 2009, he left Ten-Tec and bought the Vibroplex Company.  He has since added the ownership of INRAD, Bencher, and W7FG Vintage Manuals along with distributing Spiderbeam, YouKits, and Easy-Rotor-Control products in the USA.

Scott lives in Knoxville, Tennessee, is married, and has a 16-year-old daughter from a previous marriage.

He is an avid amateur musician and has been playing bass guitar in local rock bands for more than 30 years.


Robert Naumann, W5OV

First licensed as WN2OVE in 1973, and hooked by the contest bug on Field Day, 1973.

Bob has participated in many domestic contests including CD Parties, Sweepstakes, and some DX contests until 1979 when I invited him to K2GL (N2AA) for the 1979 CQWW SSB contest.  This began many years of multi-multi contesting from K2GL(N2AA), W2PV, W2YV, W1AW, NF2L, K5NA, N2RM, AA5NT, K5MR, NR5M, K8AZ et al, and most recently for several years at K3LR.  He also has done VHF contests from WA2SNA and K3UA.

From the DX side, Bob has contested from V26B, V26O, V25A, V26DX, 4U1UN, PJ4G. He is a DXCC Honor Roll member.

He was a WRTC 1996 (San Francisco) competitor with team mate K3MM.

Bob is a returning member of the CQWWCC, where he has already served for 20 years.

Other callsigns he has held include WA2OVE, KR2J, N5NJ, V26O, V26RN, and now W5OV.

Bob is member of the ARRL (Life Member), the Radio Club of America, QCWA, and several local clubs (PCARS, NCC, NTCC, DFWCG, FRC, YCCC).

Bob started his professional amateur radio career at Radio Shack and Heathkit in the late ’70s.  He then went on to IT infrastructure management / enterprise consulting, and relational database architecture for many years, after which he returned to amateur radio as a career.  Bob was Operations Manager at Array Solutions for nine years, and is now Sales Manager at DX Engineering in Tallmadge, Ohio.

While at university, he was appointed as a representative on the Ethics Review Board reviewing cases of plagiarism on a regular basis [sounds like log checking to me! – KR2Q]

Bob’s other hobbies include long-distance motorcycle riding (2009 BMW K1300GT), bass guitar, digital photography and freshwater fishing.


In closing this CQWW leadership restructuring announcement, I would like to express my sincere thanks to Randy, K5ZD for his excellent work as CQWW Contest Committee Director.  He has really implemented and accomplished some amazingly great feats, not the least of which is getting the entire CQWW results for all years on line and in a searchable database (personally, I love this feature).  It is not necessary to state that he leaves behind really big shoes to fill.  Luckily, Randy is remaining as a member of the CQWW Contest Committee.  For all you’ve done, a big Thank You Randy!

Doug, KR2Q

Jul 7

There is often a lot of discussion about the top scores in the CQ WW Contest.  You know, the ones that operate 40+ hours. But, how many of those are there? The tables below include all entrants in the SOAB categories (Assisted, Unassisted, HP, LP, QRP), for 2015.

On SSB, ~90% operate less than 30 hours.
On CW, ~90% operate less than 35 hours.

How to read Operating Hours:
“10” = 10 or less hours
“20” = 20 or less hours, but more than 10.
“48” = 48 or less hours, but more than 47.


Operating hours # SOAB entrants % SOAB cum %
10 1923 40.5% 40.52%
15 893 18.8% 59.33%
20 683 14.4% 73.73%
25 512 10.8% 84.51%
30 292 6.2% 90.67%
35 197 4.2% 94.82%
40 122 2.6% 97.39%
41 16 0.3% 97.72%
42 25 0.5% 98.25%
43 14 0.3% 98.55%
44 24 0.5% 99.05%
45 15 0.3% 99.37%
46 9 0.2% 99.56%
47 4 0.1% 99.64%
48 17 0.4% 100.00%
Total 4746



Operating hours # SOAB entrants % SOAB cum %
10 1424 30.9% 30.9%
15 810 17.6% 48.5%
20 651 14.1% 62.7%
25 579 12.6% 75.3%
30 434 9.4% 84.7%
35 288 6.3% 91.0%
40 177 3.8% 94.8%
41 32 0.7% 95.5%
42 36 0.8% 96.3%
43 27 0.6% 96.9%
44 42 0.9% 97.8%
45 33 0.7% 98.5%
46 25 0.5% 99.0%
47 12 0.3% 99.3%
48 32 0.7% 100.0%
Total 4602


Data compiled by Doug KR2Q.

Jul 1

Doug Zwiebel, KR2Q, Named Director of CQ World Wide DX Contest

(Hicksville, NY) July 1, 2016 – Longtime CQ World Wide DX Contest Committee member Doug Zwiebel, KR2Q, has been named Director of the CQ World Wide DX Contest, CQ magazine Publisher Dick Ross, K2MGA, announced today. Doug succeeds Randy Thompson, K5ZD, who has been CQWW Director for the past four years. The CQWW DX Contest is amateur radio’s most popular contest and may be the world’s largest competitive sporting event in terms of numbers of participants.

Zwiebel is the longest-serving member of the CQWW Contest Committee, having first joined in 1979. He brought the contest into the computer age by writing the first mass log-checking program (using Business BASIC) in 1980, and has devoted thousands of hours of volunteer time to the contest community. Doug was also responsible for suggesting the establishment of the CQ Contest Hall of Fame in 1986.

First licensed in 1966, Zwiebel began contesting a year later and has never stopped. Over the years, he has operated at some of the nation’s top contest superstations, including K2GL (where he was chief 10-meter operator for a decade), K5NA and N2RM. He has operated primarily low power from his home station and holds six CQWW QRP records, more than any other active station. He also holds DXCC Honor Roll #1 and has worked more than 250 DX entities using less than one watt of transmitter power.

Professionally, Zwiebel is a hospital administrator in New York City. He and his wife live in Randolph, New Jersey. They have two adult daughters, both of whom are doctors.

CQ Publisher Dick Ross, K2MGA, said Zwiebel brings a unique perspective to the table. “Doug has operated from some of the world’s top contest superstations as well as single-operator QRP,” Ross noted. “So he understands equally well the perspective of both the ‘big guns’ and the ‘little pistols,’ without whom the contest could not be nearly as successful as it is. I look forward to working closely with Doug.”


Doug KR2Q

Doug KR2Q

Jun 18

The final rules for the 2016 CQ WW DX Contest SSB/CW are now available.  The only changes were due to CQ magazine’s change in policy regarding paper certificates.

View this file to see all changes.  cqww_rules_2016_changes

The translation of the CQ WW rules into 15 languages has been completed.  Thanks to the following contesters for their help with the translations:

German DK9VZ
Spanish EA4KD
French F6BEE
Russian VE3IAE
Japanese JK3GAD
Arabic KF5EYY
Chinese BD4WM
Portuguese PY2WS
Italian IK2QEI
Bulgarian LZ2CJ
Romanian YO3JR
Slovenian S50A
Polish SP5UAF
Turkish TA5FA
Greek SV1DPI

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